In what areas India is doing better than China?

  1. I bet, if they decide to jump into cricket, it will take them less than 5 years to be world champ. Not Joking, their Olympic data are no joke.

  2. This is the correct answer. You want proof? FUCK INDIA!! There, I said it. Without having the fear of “disappearing” the next day.

  3. Holy shit...I once considered moving to China cuz I thought as an Indian living in the US and me thinking where do I go if life in the US doesn't work out and Indian airport security personnel treat Indians and NIRs like shit like they're terrorists or something...and on top of that, the Indian population per state and shit quality of services, traffic, pollution, state of healthcare, etc...

  4. Their infrastructure , Public health care, and public schooling are probably some of the best in the world + their use of technology. But again, Human rights. Lived in Beijing for 2 yrs

  5. LGBTQ rights are far better in India. You have full cohabitation rights (basically marriage) and many states provide welfare and anti-discrimination rights. Third gender and transgender have full rights.

  6. In what way did you exactly face human rights issue that affected you personally? Can you elaborate please? And surely, you must have faced xenophobia/racism if you are an Indian ?

  7. Do you mean freedom of expression? In which case i do agree. Does not impact everyday life in any meaningful way but one would be a fool to not agree that it's worse than India when it comes to freedom of expression.

  8. Lol. Hahahaha. I'm literally laughing. Chinese system is much better. It's based on meritocracy so people with more talent and education will decide how the country runs. Just because someone wants to protest doesn't mean their protest has merit or logic behind it. According to me only highly educated people should be allowed to vote. In India most people are allowed to vote which is why caste and religious based politics exist. Illiterate people become the deciding factor of some elections and this is insane. It's much better in China. I wish I was born there but alas.

  9. As for minorities, it is not about Muslims though. It is about Uighurs, the Hui Muslims do not face much problems (not great but on par or better than Indian Muslims). On point about the other issues.

  10. The fact is that India is doing better than China in terms of human rights, freedom of speech and as an overall democracy. This is nothing to be proud of since the bar is very low but we are certainly doing better than them.

  11. India is much better at innovation/creativity. This is never really talked about much. China does a very good job of copying (or even stealing) ideas from elsewhere. India/Indians are very good at coming up with unique solutions to complex problems. No joking. Lots of Indians move elsewhere for innovation/creativity related jobs, but when you look at it Indians are really drivers of innovation. This needs to be encouraged at home. India could really be a global center of excellence/innovation hub - tech, pharma, clean energy, etc.

  12. How is china a dictatorship they operate on democratic centralism which is literally the model followed by all marxist leninist nations. Democracy dosen't mean having multiple parties fml. Also though i may disagree the cpc considers itself a dictatorship of the proletariat. You can argue that chinese are brainwashed or any other bs but the cpc enjoys massive popularity you could look into the Harvard study on that. If you really want to ruffle your liberal feathers there's a book called indian ideology by Perry Anderson who analyses indian history through a marxist lens. Hell I'm pretty sure Franz Fanon and others hated the congress. In fact my issue with china is mainly socialist construction there was reversed.

  13. Been to China, in big cities there is absolutely no competition in the way of life. I went to Beijing expecting a more polluted Delhi, but it’s great. They really took the bad pollution ratings to heart. There was so much greenery, parks, my daughter is severely allergic in India but throughout China she had no problems at all.

  14. I have been to China few times. Never once faced any issues and most of the problems that you see in the media are way overblown. Its not very common for people who had experiences in both India and China, so they often lack perspectives.

  15. Would say not better but what china did in the last decade, is what India is doing now, the aftermath as we see in China in Real Estate, Banking sector. I hope not to see it in India in the next 15-20 years...

  16. Thank you for your wonderful insight and I do believe that the freedom of speech is largely overrated and it doesn’t effect anyone on a daily basis. Not that India is a bastion of free speech and you can be booked for saying anything negative against someone/religion or political party or figure.

  17. exporting aspect of its culture like yoga, mantras, and food. Hindutva does not export very well mind you, because it's more of a nationalist ideology than a humanist ideology.

  18. Impossible due to immigration trends. China is facing a demographic crisis whereas America can always increase immigration to make sure there’s enough labor in the market.

  19. Nope. China is ahead. Lower cost for the exact same product made in China. My father is in plastic moulding since 25 years so I know. We literally buy the manufacturing machines from China.

  20. Spitting pan, even out of luxury cars, toughest job in 5 star hotels is to clean Pan stains left by high networth individuals.

  21. LGBTQ rights here are far better than China. We have full cohabitation rights (marriage rights without the certificate) and many states have anti-discrimination rights and provide welfare. We also have full transgender rights and third gender rights.

  22. Chinese here. IMO it's entertainment&culture business and freedom to move domesticlly. And speech freedom(still better than China).

  23. English language skills and ability to see different perspectives. China is one single ethnic group, Han Chinese, so the Chinese have a harder time seeing perspectives of other people. As opposed to that a school going kid in urban India will know people from Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Gujarat, etc. all speaking different languages, looking different. Also school will not expose them to literature from other countries.

  24. Most of reddit india is athiest so they forget the most important factor for general people that is religious freedom. People are free to practice their religion in india and dont get persecuted for thier believes and practices.(in most cases) In this aspect china have become better than the Mao years but still pretty far behind india considering what happened to tibetians, daoists and chan buddhists.

  25. Exactly , in India most people are not willing to criticize themselves but the fact is that it is the best way to improve . Self criticism is necessary in life. In school our teacher used to say to switch of the light of your room , sit calmly and then think about life.

  26. I completely agree with the impressiveness of government officials' treatment of businesses. I met with a business liaison official from one of the poorest cities in coastal China. He worked in foreign affairs, and knew German, Japanese, and English well, and talked about global affairs at ease. Another guy who works for (basically a government VC) had an engineering degree from the US and built a startup in hologram/AR before joining the government. It partly reflects poorly on state of economy as these people should have better economic opportunity than working bureaucratic jobs. But it also means the government is run pretty well in general.

  27. Honestly, not many areas, but won’t be surprised if we pass them very soon. Again, not a political statement, no matter what party is in the hot seat. We will definitely surpass them within a decade or two. This late progress comes from the part where we started our actual progress way to late than China, which is in the mid to late 90s whereas China has been clocking high singles and even double digit economic growth every year since the 60s while we at that time were in worse conditions than Pakistan. So just keep calm and try to do whatever you can for your country. Jai Hind.

  28. Freedoms and democracy for sure right? I mean we are better than China than that, not the best in the world for sure though

  29. I think on a humanitarian level and the fact people can protest and have their voices heard which comes with being a democracy. Otherwise no one can compete with China at the moment, forget India.

  30. Chines leaders do listen to people, otherwise nothing would work in China. They do it differently, instead of protests they use survey and other tools.

  31. Let me summarize in a short point. How many men in India need to completely assembled & digitally setup a 28 stations (Approx 1000 Sqft) machine for printing tshirts?

  32. China is much more better than india in terms of productivity if you don't believe me just open alibaba Or aliexpress and look

  33. Other than human rights issues as others have stated, I'd say India/Indians are also more innovative and less reliant on Industrial espionage to support their economy. When you look at per capita startup success of Indians abroad, Indians beat out Chinese by a pretty big margin. Indians are extremely resourceful and business minded, the issue though seems to be not enough opportunity in India.

  34. People saying "freedom of speech": exactly what has that achieved in India? Like Lenin said, Democracy is only democracy for the rich. There's no use having the right to vote or the right to free speech if a sizeable portion of your population is starving.

  35. lots of areas - Democracy, human rights, free speech, liberty, minority rights, friendly relationships with other countries, economic freedoms.

  36. None. Would be better to compare to countries with similar levels of development like Africa and get ahead of them first, China is too far ahead.

  37. 60% sure their military is a paper tiger. We're anyways seeing how poor Russia is doing. China engages in a similar if not higher level of posturing as Russia used to.

  38. China is leaps and bounds better than India in each and every department. In my opinion China is the best country for someone to be born in this day and age. For all those complaining about 'fReEdoM oF spEecH', 'frEEdOm tO prOTesT' you should realise that India is so bad precisely because of those. Only highly educated people should be allowed to decide the course of politics of a country. If dumb and illiterate people get to decide that then the country will run on the basis of caste and religion based sentiments. The reason it works in Europe and US is because those people are educated and tolerant. Their politicians have basic humanity. It's not the case in India. We will be much better off with the Chinese system.

  39. LOL I think you’ve never been to China. Posts like these are why the perception warfare is so successful that you’d pitch China as a better (developed, miles ahead) country. Truth is, today’s villages are FAR better and more developed than Chinese will be in 20 years. Mainland China is depravity centre! Food is extremely rationed. Freedom is non existent. Kudos. Apne country ka ghanta kabhi development follow nahi kiya, doosro ki asliyat pata nahi aur aa gaye China is better bolne waale. Go read, explore.

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