Indy 5 unpopular opinion? Unless Indy was standing on a trapdoor, that last scene was ridiculous.

  1. Well this is a series where Indy can hang on to a submarine for miles. Fall out of a plane and survive with a raft, a villain can pull peoples hearts straight out of their chest. And all kinds of magical artifacts, and even aliens. I get what you’re saying, but this is not a series to expect realism from

  2. This is just a ridiculous argument frankly. Indy could fly like Superman and you could use the same lazy hand waving excuse.

  3. I’m not a part of that category. I thought everything looked incredible except that last scene, (while it was funny and a throwback to raiders) it made no sense. And they kept shooting straight as he dropped lol.

  4. I think saying one scene in a trailer seemed weird is not the same as hating on the movie, this stuff seems very touchy about this movie honestly.

  5. As ridiculous as falling out of a plane on a life raft? Or as ridiculous as someone having their heart ripped out and still being alive? It’s a movie. It’s a great moment and just the kind of thing Spielberg would’ve put in an Indy movie.

  6. Personally I agree. I think this sub is a bit over sensitive when it comes to any criticism.

  7. Jesus this sub is so touchy about this movie, the scene was a little weird in the trailer. Doesn't mean he hates the bloody movie already, sheeeeessh.

  8. I’m not hating on the trailer or the movie. I thought the rest of the trailer was incredible. I’m just talking about the very last scene.

  9. All the movies have had those goofy moments but they work because they show sometimes on his adventures with lots at stake he just gets really lucky lol

  10. I agree, I really liked the trailer overall but that scene stood out. But not in a good way. Definitely a bit of a red flag, but I'm still hopeful.

  11. The legend says if in this subreddit you make a tiny negative comment on Indy v they’ll rip you a new one no questions asked, and you’ll get more popular if you trash the originals.

  12. Mac survives a very nasty-looking high-speed head on automobile collision at the beginning of KotCS unscathed (“Boris” didn’t know Indy well enough not to challenge him to a game of chicken). Plot armor is real.

  13. It’s not the logic breaking necessarily, I get Indy has a ton of those. But in that particular said scene, everyone keeps shooting straight long after Indy ducks. They’re like robots… there’s logic breaking, and then there’s scenes like that that make bad guys look like malfunctioning robots.

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