You know something funny

  1. I think this is totally normal. I like really want to read like actual books but I just can’t. Also, since I was a kid. On my phone or computer for sure I like to keep the information coming in constantly and yeah I kinda just end up reading things online or whatever. I also always have my phone on airplane mode just to then sit on my phone unbothered.🫣Lmaoo

  2. I'm the same way, I find that using a mobile device to read is advantageous especially when I am reminded of something or have a question about what I'm reading. I can just open a new window and do side reading to elevate my main focus of the time

  3. I go back to my old favourites, Danny and Halloran are two characters I can read anytime, my 'the shining' book is in half and the cover is all buggered due to me having large gaps in reading diffrent books. It's like they are actually friends of mine, ones that don't include the chaos of reality.

  4. Imo a lot of people expect others to answer their messages or whatever like right after since the technology allows us to do it, but the thing is we do not have to answer immediately. Even though i spend a lot of time on my phone I sometimes put away messages because I don’t feel like answering and come back to them hours later.

  5. I do all my reading on my phone, too, even though I have accumulated lots of good books that intrigue me. I’m always googling whatever crosses my train of thought, plus researching various medical symptoms and conditions so when I see my neurologist, I’ll sound intelligent and educated. I also agree that Reddit is one of the internet’s best kept secrets. I’d never heard of it till an acquaintance on FB suggested I do some research on the subs here. Now, I’m fascinated and impressed with all you Redditors! Who needs FB? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I’m not with people. My phone is down always when I’m with people. It’s usually on my break at work, or I’m at home just reading on my phone. People think I’m talking to other people so I should be able to talk to them. My phone is almost always on airplane mode when I’m reading something.

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