there is so much wrong with this that i don’t know where to begin

  1. In 1992 in my early teens i made more per hour mowing grass than this person who wants to pay a person with a masters degree to watch their kids.

  2. Omg i read $18/hour and thought that’s not nearly enough for how they’re about to treat this person (not to mention the masters degree required)

  3. Doesn't come to $4/hour if you're also feeding the kids and providing "educational material" for them., plus travel costs etc.

  4. Even less, if you consider that you'd have to bring snacks for the kids and books for them to read (and not everyone keeps the books they used when they were very young).

  5. Makes you want to make a science fiction x-ray cannon and secretly blast this couple's gonads to avoid them ripping any more consciousnesses out of the void and forcing them into prison-like bodies to suffer 18+ years under this fiend of a Karenmother.

  6. The educational materials really got me. The rest are all ridiculous but it's almost like saying "We want our kid to be intellectually challenged BUT only when we're not around"

  7. Not their kids, their kiddos!!! I feel like you can't use that word, while making judgment on someone else's education. I am hoping it is actually a nanny position, for a bunch of baby goats. Then it would be completely reasonable.

  8. You forgot 7. Hour arrangements that make it impossible to work a shift at a decent-paying job before or after taking care of the kids.

  9. Basically "we want you to have an advanced degree to educate our kids but we don't keep educational materials in the home."

  10. I’m convinced these babysitting gigs are getting posted by the FBI to weed out pedophiles because those are the only people that would be willing to do this.

  11. To me, this sounds like a hyperbolic parallel to the joke that is the teaching career. The parents are school officials/government, the teacher is the nanny, the kids are the kids. Basically we ask everything from them and give them nothing. No way is it meant to be taken seriously and the fact that people are is even funnier than the original post.

  12. It has this particular seething anger about it that makes me believe it’s real, as bananas as that might be.

  13. i know which city to look for the source but not the specific group. i’ll imgur the comments here if i find the original.

  14. If I had a fucking masters degree and they wanted me to work 10 hours a day with all the extra stipulations I'd be asking for $800 a day minimum.

  15. When I graduated with my master's, the site I was doing my practicum offered us 7.25 an hour to stay on. Needless to say, they closed that center that year because they couldn't find anyone to fill the positions we had worked for free to get our required hours.

  16. Back in my day we worked 16/7 until we got the black lung and died penniless, and forced our women folk to work in the company-town brothel without complaint. Ah yes better times.

  17. That's my thinking as well. They've exaggerated all of the weird, red flag demands a certain type of parent makes when advertising for a service.

  18. Even if you discount the 4x commute times associated with the listing, $18/day is only $4 per stated hour or labor (4.5/d). That violates minimum wage laws in every state. Sure, they could be paying under the table, but there’s no way this is real.

  19. It could be real. I know a woman who demanded many of these things from their kids and the help, including keeping the fridge and cupboards locked during the day time so her daughter wouldn't get fat from snacking. She also hired an undocumented immigrant as a nanny. She fired the nanny because her daughter preferred spending time with the nanny over her for some reason. (Wonder why? /s)

  20. If this is real, there a zero percent chance anyone with a masters is working for 18 dollars a day. They need you for 4.5 hours. That isn't even a legal hourly minimum wage.

  21. I have a bachelors degree in English, but somehow I'm smart enough to know that babysitting kids for $18 a day is a bad deal.

  22. I was thinking that they shouldn’t need someone new each year if they aren’t horrible people. Then i read the rest of it.

  23. A 24yr old with a masters? Lol I think they have better things to do besides babysit your little shit factories

  24. If only was young and starting out. I would definitely pursue a higher level graduate degree so I could earn $18 a day watching their entitled shitty kids.

  25. For $18 per day you’d be lucky to get a meth addict who doesn’t sell your kids to the first human trafficker that comes along

  26. This literally has to be a joke. There's absolutely no way ANYONE would ever take them up on this offer. It's absolutely terrible lmfao. "Here's enough money for a lunch combo and a dollar menu dinner, nevermind that it's probably less than the snacks you're required to bring cost" lmfaoooo

  27. Have your own housing lol. Based on the requirements for this "nanny" position, the person these people want to hire will probably have a better house than them. 😂

  28. 24-28? $18/day? Locked cabinets? I don’t think getting a good nanny is gonna help you be less crazy. Poor kids!

  29. Yea, and I’m pretty sure the babysitter could easily break or pick the cheap fucking locks that the parents more on than they will offer to pay a nanny

  30. But if you play your cards right, you may just earn the right to rent out our extra bedroom from us, for a small fee, and a deposit. And since you won't be commuting anymore, we can discuss lowering your $4.00 an hour income, provided you are going back to school to get your doctorate.

  31. You want your kids intellectually challenged but don’t want educational materials in your home unless your nanny provides them.

  32. What...$18 bucks a day for watching 2 kids for 4.5 split hours AND the 'nanny' must bring the snacks for YOUR kids???? People are nuts...

  33. Wow a masters degree graduate earring $18 a day?! What an opportunity of a lifetime! Plus they also get the awesome privilege of buying snacks on top! Quick sign up before someone else takes it.

  34. So basically "you must come from money or be in a lot of debt from so many wasted years for a degree you couldn't use which brings you to finding work as a babysitter!"

  35. 4.5 hours daily for $18. So they want someone to work less than minimum wage… & with a master’s degree. lol plus you’re to provide the kids with snacks out of your own pocket. 😂🤡

  36. This has got to be a joke, right? Who would write something like this and expect anyone to apply?

  37. $18 a day won’t even cover the cost of food for the kids, let alone workbooks. Then let’s talk about the the costs of commuting, which drives us into negative territory.

  38. That’s not real. There’s just no way someone could write that and be serious. I have to hold on to some shred of hope that it’s just clickbait - otherwise I’m gonna loose my fuckin mind

  39. I wanna know who this person is who thinks having a bachelor’s in English doesn’t make you smart. You gotta know something to get most conventional degrees. (Background I have an Associates and am in my last year of pursuing a bachelors)

  40. McDonald’s up the road from me begins at $16.00 an hour. i’m about 99% certain they don’t require a masters.

  41. This reeks of creepy fetish at best. At worst, this is a serial killer mad that all the sex workers bolt every time they're within a 30 mile radius, but so out of touch they think they'll get a victim.

  42. Even the Thanks is condescending. Shit you not, I could not write something this offensive if my life depended on it. Fuck these assholes

  43. That person must be high lmao those are outrageous demands lol!!!! What a dumbass! Idk if I wanna cry or laugh 🤭🙄🫣😳🫠🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙄

  44. That ain't no nanny they want..they want a fake-ass budget friendly home-school teacher that wastes more money than they get paid while working with them.

  45. $18 a day and that will be spent on the snacks that you provide for the children. Also please bring the expensive materials you used for your masters degree, as we will have our children rote learn them for their future endeavours. Make sure you clean up our entire house and steam all of my cloths daily. Bathroom use is not permitted, do that in your own time!

  46. This is such a weird way to try to find a nanny! I don’t get it, I hope that this is just a bad attempt at a joke or something. My nanny lived with my family, had all her meals with us, my parents bought her a car and paid for her college. She really was a member of our family, I still talk to her like once or twice a week. She was my nanny for 13 years, basically my second mom, and I love her as much as my real parents. Nannies are with your kids a lot, your kids look up to, love, and respect them… take good care of the nannies, they deserve it 💕

  47. ‘we do not keep educational material at home’ Mean we do not want to spend any money on it. Because you know éducation make you think and ultimately you can end as a demon crat or commie. With Parent like these, kids do not need to be ‘intellectually challenged’. Unfortunately they are already !

  48. This is a special kind of crazy right here… $18/day with a Master’s degree?! Goodness gracious! I pay our 18 year old highschool grad babysitter $20/hour for two kids and I feel like I’m getting a deal! How has this family had kids for 5 and 7 years and not realize how to treat a nanny, an actual professional?

  49. $4/hr for almost 5 hours a day, 2 kids, need masters degree and snacks for the kids? Who would do that? This is one where I’d love to see the comments.

  50. Yes ma'am Im so glad for the oppertunity to get up at 6 am to be there at 7 for 1.5 hour work then again 3 to 6 every day. I feel $4 an hour is a generous offer for having a master degree...

  51. You can guarantee there is some dark evil shit in this persons background or perhaps even current life ... this is psychopathic level stuff.

  52. I read that first as $18 hour and thought I could deal with crazy for decent pay. Then realized it was per day.....

  53. My daughter is going to become a teacher. I’ve already told her that I’m going to buy hella school supplies and food for the kids. Some of them won’t eat of the teacher doesn’t feed them. (This is U.S. public schools — MANY children qualify for free or reduced lunches but the parents don’t fill out the forms, for a variety of reasons.)

  54. I am nearly crying laughing at the fact that no one sees the hyperbole here and really thinks someone is offering someone with a masters degree a full day’s work for $18. Even my 4th grader wouldn’t take that deal and would know I was embellishing my point with those numbers. It’s back to school week. This is about teachers.

  55. Uh schools dont supply snacks tho least not all schools and it isn't that common if you look at the world as a whole

  56. If this is really that, and I can see how it could be, the problem isn't that people aren't seeing the hyperbole it's that reality has become so ridiculous that things like this are plausible.

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