Changing Lanes As An Idiot

  1. I'm waiting for the bikers to tell us that it was the cars fault for not looking. That the bike was perfectly legal, and thats why they split lanes and Rev their engines.

  2. Everything about that person's behavior says opies to me. Could be drunk as well, but opies seems more likely given our current situation.

  3. I80 bay bridge toll plaza between Oakland and San Francisco. There are some grade A morons driving that route. The right most lanes are for HOV but given he was already at the toll I cannot imagine why he thought moving over to the HOV lanes would be helpful, either.

  4. This is why I need a dash cam. I'm scared someone will do this and then throw blame at me. I'm actually gonna go look for one rn.

  5. They'd have a very difficult time explaining how their bike was impacted on the right side when the car was in the far left lane.

  6. I drive a motorbike and I'm scared all the time that some chucklenut is going to decide that I'm an obstacle and hit me. I found a dash cam set that is a front and rear mounted pair, but it's nearly $500. It makes me cry because I just don't have the wriggle room in my finances right now. I have to wait a few months and just be as safe as I can in the meantime.

  7. The Bay Area is infested with tech bros who have waaaaay more money than sense. The level of entitled behavior and douchebaggery is astonishing. A lot of them would benefit greatly from a hard punch in the face.

  8. I see this shit daily. Every single day. Not the wreck, but people just deciding they want to change lanes and don't bother looking. Even after me (or someone else hits their horn), they don't bother to stop. They literally don't care and don't intend to look.

  9. “Watch for motorcycles” has always been weird to me. I watch for every vehicle on the road. If he’s on a vehicle that statistically gives him a very small chance of survival if he crashes, he should be doing the extra “look out”.

  10. I bet the motorcyclist blamed the driver of the car. They like to blame anyone and everyone for a wreck... or that's been the case for all the motorcyclists I've hit anyway.

  11. Watch out for cars, they're everywhere and they drive like arseholes. Watch out for cyclists, they're everywhere and they ride like arseholes. Watch out for pedestrians, they're everywhere and they walk like arseholes.

  12. This rider is telling people at the bar how a crazy driver hit him and drivers need to watch out for motorcycles.

  13. You just have to pray not 1 bikey onlooker thinks you’re in the wrong, as soon as one comes to harass you to the rest will follow.

  14. My instructor said "Ride like you're invisible". I must have misheard him as it's clearly "Ride like you're invincible"

  15. Normally any other biker within the same area would be running over. Buuuuut because they all saw how much of a fucktard move that was, they've all just left him .

  16. That’s the San Francisco Bay Bridge, so it truly is a $7 toll. The lane the car is in is the HOV lane (you can see the drivers fastrak transponder in the shot). Those cones have been murdered over time from people trying to illegally merge over to the HOV lane in hopes of avoiding the back-up caused by metering lights in the normal toll lanes.

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