1. Reminds me of when I was jumping from cement pillar to pillar as a teen and I smashed my shin. The pain was blinding, and 10+ years later I still can’t feel anything in that spot.

  2. Hi have a spot on my shin with same thing after doing what this guy did except while setting a stake. And a spot on the top of my index finger where I can’t feel shit because of busting it wide open on a stake and not getting stitches

  3. My kid threw me a surprise breaking ball during a bullpen session last season and I still can't feel anything at that spot on my shin

  4. Did a tib-fib spiral fracture a decade ago, still only takes a small tap on the shin to have me on the floor writhing

  5. An actual example of someone who replies with "Instructions unclear.." trying to DIY a self deep tendon reflex or knee-jerk thingy.

  6. This thing is a lock attached to plastic, he chose a sledgehammer to get into it? I'm in construction, and I've done this with a 28 oz hammer more times than I'd care to admit, but damn man...

  7. Some of us with long hair that stays down are forced to put it up in a bun like fashion at work. Is why I wear a skullcap during the summer

  8. did this shit with a small axe while trying to trim a bush! hurts like fuck but he’ll be fine after a little while

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