Photograph of a street in Macau, with the Grand Lisboa Hotel lurking in the distance. It looks like something from a video game

  1. Or Blade Runner, if it was dark and the streets were lite up with neon signs. There are tons of comparison films.

  2. I immediately think of how many times this has been posted. That's kinda like Inception, seeing it over and over again throughout time.

  3. Oh wow! It's actually really cool and unique and beautiful! From OP's post I expected something out of

  4. I remember having lunch in the food court in the basement of that hotel about 13 years ago. Around 30 prostitutes walked around the perimeter in laps hoping to catch some of the diners’ eye. Macau is a strange mix of China, Portugal and Vegas.

  5. Same experience about 14 years ago. They kept coming up to my white friend. We were just looking for a place to eat.

  6. Just finished half life 2 in anticipation of playing Alyx and that was my first thought, citadel/City 17 vibes

  7. Yeah. You have to climb it, parkour style, casually fighting footsoldiers on your way up. The boss is at the top, wearing a suit with huge cufflinks and smoking a cigar

  8. Theres a Burmese restaurant a couple blocks down from where this photo was taken, they make the best Lo Mein I've ever had in my damn life

  9. I really wanna visit this particular area. Screw the big hotel, you know those streets have some of the best places to eat and drink.

  10. Upon arrival they hire a bunch of porch pirates to steal peoples copies because it wasn’t actually ready

  11. Pretty sad tbh. Bangkok is notorious for this. You'll have tall skyscraping apartments and in between the apartments are poor alleyways of broken-down buildings and broken apartments. Pretty much shanty towns

  12. It took me less than a few minutes to find this street on Google Earth. You can't street view it, but there is a photo with a polluted sky blocking the hotel from view.

  13. Omg, it’s my hometown!! My high school is right next this street so I use to see this view literally everyday.

  14. I’ve been and it’s actually a wild island. Really beautiful place. Almost entirely man made land and they are still expanding it. But yes, there’s literally a line in the sand practically where you turn a corner and suddenly your in the slums. Macau is essentially the Las Vegas of China.

  15. I love pictures like this where something in the background is made to look absolutely gigantic. Like this one:

  16. Macau is weird. One street looks like a 3rd world slum, the next street is super polished and clean. One part old and historic, around the corner it's ultra-modern.

  17. Superhero:It will be hard to find the villains lair it will be well hidden Villains lair: this image

  18. It is, well... sort of. The hotel is not actually that big so there is either some serious perspective shifting or Adobe has been at it again.

  19. Similar to full moon photos, I think there are some telephoto lens shenanigans going on here (which cause the distant object to appear much larger than it would appear to the naked eye). Regardless, the result is really cool.

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