Interesting Concept in some Sephora stores

  1. It’s a cool concept until all the black baskets are gone and I don’t have a choice but to take a red and constantly be like “No, no… I don’t need help. Yes I know I have a red basket…”

  2. That or the Karen decides to intentionally take the wrong basket so she can make a stink in an attempt to get a discount.

  3. Instead of different colors, every basket should have a flashing LED that you can turn on (for assistance), or off as needed. It could be solar rechargeable so the battery doesn't wear out.

  4. The blue basket is if you'd like to hear about our Lord and saviour. The camouflage basket is if you're open to a gay experience in the change room. The off blue-green basket is for a free kit-kat. The off green-blue basket is for a free kick in the groin.

  5. Or a blind person doesn't know which one is which and takes a black basket so they keep getting ignored when they ask for assistance and they don't know why.

  6. I want to see the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry goes to Sephora for holiday shopping and all the black baskets are gone, but he refuses to grab a red one cuz he doesn't want to be helped. So without a basket he's just struggling to carry way too many products, which makes all the sephora employees ask him if he needs help and offer a red basket, yada yada... Larry freaks out drops and breaks a bunch of product, has to pay for it all, and while doing so sees a person with a black basket asking a sales person for help. Cue music: DUH DUH DUH, DA DA DA DA DA DA DA...

  7. I think the concept is that black basket shops and approaches a staff if help is needed while red baskets get followed around by helpful and smiling staff

  8. The worst is when you have wandered a bit looking for something particular and ask for help in desperation, and the employee doesn’t know either but instead of just saying that makes you wander up and down the aisles with them as they look, and you want to leave but feel stuck with them since you’re the one who asked. Happened to me a couple times. Now I never ask.

  9. Also who goes to the store expecting to be helped the entire time they are shopping? People with disabilities I guess? Usually you just need help to find one or two items.

  10. I always end up needing one but I live on an island that doesn't have a Sephora so when I can actually go it usually runs me about 1k.

  11. I'd break the piggybank, get a red basket and require some assistance in a fitting-room..

  12. Every store should have this. The only time I get asked if I need help at a store is when I know what I’m doing. Yet when I’m walking around clearly lost and can’t find what I need I’m treated like a thief.

  13. That's by design. The worker wants you to tell them to fuck off(politely) so they can go on with their day having tried.

  14. Shoe stores. I just wanna look around. Every single god damn employee "do you want any help? Just so you know today we've got a special 10% off. Are you interested in getting a credit card with us?"

  15. I walked into Best Buy to get a TV a few weeks ago. There was a girl there that ambushed me at the door. Wasn't a covid check she was there to ask me about why I was there and wanted to have a salesperson meet me at the TVs. I'm not really all that social. It totally turned my experience negative and I was barely in the door.

  16. Bro I was at best buy looking for a particular headset and I walked around the store about 4 times and couldn't find it, looking for an employee and they're all helping people. Finally I found it out of nowhere.

  17. Every. Fucking. Time. I’m lost and no employees are in sight, when I’m fine and know where everything is I’m never left alone.

  18. I volunteer at a museum, and I guess it's because we're volunteers and not paid, but we just ask the visitors, "Do you want to just walk around, or do you want me to show you around and talk about the exhibits?"

  19. I started going to my local art museum once it reopened earlier this year but they stopped giving tours March 2020. I feel like I’m missing out on cool stuff, it’s so large and always changing!

  20. I was at the NHL HOF a few years ago and a staffer asked if I was lost. I said I was, but that I was completely happy with that fact and didn't need assistance. He laughed and left me alone.

  21. This is the concept behind a Stoplight Party - you wear green if you're single, yellow if "it's complicated", and red if you're in a relationship.

  22. Hell, I wish web sites had this. Enough with the popups and suggestions and intrusive chatboxes already.

  23. The web is gigantic. As soon as I get a popup or a chat box, I just find some other site who will give me the exact same deal without harassing me.

  24. Btw, those chat boxes often lead to a third party service that has no power to do anything to help you

  25. Adam & Eve/other sex stores could use this. I don't care if people ask if I need help but it bothers my boyfriend when they walk up and ask 3 times... Let us shop for sexy stuff alone! Lol

  26. My ex and I both worked at different GameStops, once we went into a sex shop together and one of the employees greeted us with, "oh, it's the GameStop couple!" There were other customers in the store. Do NOT fucking yell that shit when I'm in a sex store DOWN THE STREET FROM MY WORK. Literally 5 min drive from my store. I was livid.

  27. Speaking as someone who's worked sales at a adult boutique for the last three years, I've learned not to ask if people need help (they'll never admit it), but to just go up unprompted as often as possible and start talking about the products they pick up. If I didn't do that, a good 80% of customers would leave with absolutely terrible products.

  28. I had to go in there to see if they sell larger amounts liquid latex for a large mold for a cast of a sculpture I made. So I ask them and the sales guy was like wow that’s a fascinating project do you Need a Model and that’s when I left.

  29. I wish every store had this. I hate being bothered by sales staff. I’m an independent shopper and can find what I need on my own.

  30. Numerous times I’ve shown up to car lots just to look and I’ll get salesmen approaching me every time and I tell them I’m just browsing. When I’ve shown up genuinely ready to buy a car I have to go inside and wait 15 minutes for someone to be available only to pitch me an absurd offer on a truck I wasn’t there to look at.

  31. Used to work for BMW - people would avoid me like the plague. It’s all good though - I would walk by - give them my card - then say “when you want to drive it like you stole it, come get me.” Everyone laughed and I would go back in the a/c and then in 10 min we would go drive the crap out of some bimmers lol

  32. That’s true!! Lots of stores should. With the internet especially, people are used to not having to interact with humans to shop. I’d definitely be more likely to browse a car lot if I knew I wouldn’t be bothered.

  33. Someone’s tell ACE Hardware about this idea so they can stop trying to break the world record for most people to ask me if I need help in 5 minutes.

  34. On the contrary, I love that they always ask in Harbor Freight. Because it's always half-hearted, I can ask for the location of something, they give it to me without ever moving a muscle, and the whole process is over in 10 seconds

  35. What I don't like about Ace is that I can't go in there unless I'm committed to buying something. Sometimes I want to just see what they have and if it's worth the price for me. I feel weird when they ask me what I'm looking for, and they show me, only for me to walk out not buying anything.

  36. had to go so far to find this... the photo makes the signs seem obvious, but if you're just walking around a store looking for a basket you aren't stopping to read all the signage around it

  37. Asking customers if they want help isnt just about the help though. It's partly "hey, there are staff here so don't steal anything".

  38. Where is the colour for "I think I know what I want and I want to shop in peace, but as soon as I start looking it's likely that I'm going to get overwhelmed and not know where to start!"?

  39. I keep seeing the same thing being said all over this post, surely you can take a black basket, and if you need help you just ask lol. Black one just means you don't want someone coming to you unprompted.

  40. Many decades ago, I worked retail at an old-style local hobby shop here in Montreal, that was literally packed with stock from the floor to the rafters. It was only organized in a very general fashion, and it could be really hard to find smaller, more specific items.

  41. I've met humans. They are blindly picking up baskets without even noticing the sign, and then getting angry when their shopping keeps getting interrupted by what they perceive as overly pushy salespeople.

  42. I went to a dispensary that had a similar system. Red basket meant "I know what I want" and green basket meant "please offer me suggestions".

  43. Yo Best Buy please take a look. I went in for a display port cable once, and in my time looking which was maybe 5min IK had at least 3 individuals ask if I needed help with anything.

  44. Need a 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black basket. I like to shop on my own, but if I need assistance I’ll ask for it.

  45. Customers will just take the black one then get upset they aren't getting good customer service.

  46. one time i went to best buy with my family. i had nothing to buy so i was just going around the store to look for something cool. i went to the computer section and 3 different employees asked if i needed help within a minute. like wtf.

  47. If you pick up a black basket employees should be allowed to ignore you if you try and ask a question

  48. The true marketing secret here is giving people a reason to grab a basket in the first place. Now you feel subconsciously compelled to fill it.

  49. Sometimes I’d like to shop alone until I realize I have no idea what I’m looking for though. So do I have to switch baskets?

  50. In Japan, I saw a couple furniture stores which offered big orange lapel pins that would ward off their salespeople like garlic to vampires.

  51. Anon has major anxiety problem. Makes it to store. Anon notices the sign. “AWESOME, they understand”. Realize all black hand baskets are gone. Freaks out and leaves. Anon is ugly forever.

  52. Then there's people like me who would grab black wether I need help or not because I don't want to be out there like that

  53. I can already picture someone not reading the sign, picking up a red basket, and wondering why an associate is smiling and following them around the store

  54. That literally solves every fucking problem in my life. I just wanna be left alone when I wanna be left alone.

  55. I would absolutely hate to shop in the US. In the UK you're just left alone, staff won't even look at you unless you directly speak to them or obviously need help.

  56. In most stores I’ve been to lately you could have a red one in each hand and another on your head and you still wouldn’t get any help.

  57. I hate always being watched and asked if I need help, I can look at clothes on my own, I'm capable of at least that much, I'll ask for help if I need it so please stop harassing me.

  58. I wish every store did this. I personally do not like to be bothered at the store and if I need help then I’ll ask. I once walked out of an Ulta because 4 different employees approached me to ask if I needed help all within a 10 mins time frame when I was already standing in front of what I wanted - I just was looking for the right color. It can be overbearing and I feel like I’m being watched as if I’m going to steal or something too.

  59. Lush needs to adopt something like this. Personally I don’t mind small talk or getting help from associates there but I’ve heard plenty of people that are overwhelmed by the overbearing staff at times.

  60. Dang my Local Sephora has a door greeter so always asks. He’s nice enough. Always tries to upsell me on the sheet masks though, since I’m a guy.

  61. Lol this would never work, give it a week... Only black basket's get used and sales drop.. corp would get rid of it in a couple months tops.

  62. This is one of those "solutions" to a problem that has already been solved in a much more elegant way. The button you can push that says "ASSISTANCE" that they put in like every aisle of stores like kmart and Wal mart

  63. The cool illustration of the lady with red lip stick is by Malika Favre. Her work is amazing. Good to see she’s partnered with a big brand!!!

  64. Or you go there with your blue basket and give everyone blue pills and start your own matrix.

  65. Whenever someone asks me if I need help I feel paranoid that they’ve tagged me as a possible shoplifter. I’m not, but I’m still low key terrified that people will think I am. The truth is that I act oddly in stores sometimes because I’m an awkward person.

  66. I want to see camera footage of people actually noticing what basket they chose and if they even acknowledged the sign lol.

  67. "I know I have a red basket. No I don't need assistance. This was the one only one left from the pile".

  68. I literally need NO help when I’m in the store. I know exactly what I want and I will walk in circles happily for hours searching for it. Leave me be.. I’m just there because it’s like a small vacation to me.

  69. I worked at LUSH cosmetics and I WISH we had these. I’d have so many people who would literally embarrass me in front of the whole story by yelling or saying no extra loud when all I’d do is my job and ask if they needed help. One guy (I’m a black guy he was white) even yelled “ew I don’t want him” because a new employee directed him to me for questions.

  70. This reminds me of when I was 20ish serving tables at an upscale seafood/crab house... it only took me one short period of being "in the weeds" as a server, getting so overwhelmed that I was forgetting things and ignoring tables, for me to develop my signature move as a server and it was as simple as once I delivered drinks and took your order I wasn't going to bother you unless I see an empty cup or you put the pepper shaker on the edge of your table. Baddabing. No more unnecessary awkward interruptions during your pleasant night out...enjoy each other and help me facilitate the best possible evening of dining and conversation without even knowing I'm there.

  71. I always wanted to open a gym with something like this ! "Wearing a black shirt means you want to be left alone, wearing any other colour says 'sure why not come spot me if ya want'"

  72. Or, if you are me, hold nothing and wander around looking and prices and testing colognes while my wife “decides” on the same products over and over…

  73. Its far from a new concept ... its only being implemented now because staying on top by homogenizing has run its course. Its all pockets. Their pockets. It aint no favor to us. Ever.

  74. I love that Sephora has this option. I pick the red basket and have a list of products that I need help finding. Usually I’ll ask for advice about a product as well, if this or that is better and I’ve read about both prior—just wondering which they’ve noticed has less exchanges/returns in store and why. I’m not good in stores for a long period of time it’s stressful for me. I like to call in advance ensure they have what I’m intending to purchase (in stores that don’t update inventory online).

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