The true size of Africa

  1. Pretty sure that’s not the entire United States. Someone forgot about Alaska. But Africa is still 3x the size of USA, Canada and china.

  2. I'm thankful this was there because it shows Japan is larger than I thought it was. I always think of Japan as being about the size of Florida, but according to this it's closer to being the entire East Coast of the U.S.

  3. And Greenland, considering so many people think Greenland is HUGE due to the Mercator projection distortion.

  4. Iirc basically the same size as the US, depending on how you measure it and what you include either one will be larger

  5. China is fucking enormous, and a lot of the discussion about China fails to take into consideration the huge population and geographic size

  6. I was looking for a comment saying this. Sweden, Norway and Denmark has been replaced with UK. Some of eastern europe is missing too.

  7. This comparison is classic Mercator distortion and highly inaccurate. If you want to compare sizes of continents correctly you would have to display them each in a local projection at a matching scale. But even this is tricky especially with Africa. Easiest option is to just look at a globe.

  8. Yeah but the most common map projection makes Africa look much smaller than it really is. Making this a decent exercise to help people see it's true size.

  9. It does kind of misrepresent the size of the US by not including Alaska. This makes China look bigger than it actually is by comparison.

  10. Looks like you just cut and pasted from the standard Mercator projection. Did you match northern latitudes to southern latitudes? From your rotations to fit the shapes, I assume you did not.

  11. Motherf**ker I swear, HAWAII and ALASKA are STATES. They are two of the fifty stars on the U.S. Flag. Come on people, get your shite together and include them in geographical Infographics.

  12. It seems like the proportions you used come from the distorted mercator projection so Africa is even larger than made to be on this

  13. I mean your comparing a whole continent to single countries in most cases here so it doesn't really say much other than how big some of the countries are

  14. You know african politics is by far the most interesting region to study. I took a class at my uni this quarter (it just concluded) and my professor was the Fulbright in-house scholar. He was from Malawi and only here for this quarter. It was awesome because he had worked all over the continent with something called Afrobarometer (fascinating data you all should look into). For him to be able to tell us from a very personal perspective, especially when he spoke about Malawi, was something that I really treasured. Great guy, great class, fascinating subject. I highly recommend that any of you should look into some of it.

  15. I don't see the problem. The point is not "Africa is bigger than these countries (and continent)", it's that Africa is bigger than it looks in most maps.

  16. They did, though. Nubia and Numidia were famous for their soliders and the Romans used them as prized mercenaries. Also Africa had loads of kingdoms and empires, with Ethiopia having one of the richest kings in history. People downplay African history for some reason, probably because it sucks ass today

  17. You don't need to invade other countries when you have resources already. The Europeans were jealous of our warm weather

  18. What is the point of this, you're comparing a continent to a country, it's like comparing the size of Austin to the size of Texas they are two different things, at the U.S. one

  19. Why are you comparing a continent with some countries? That’s not a good representation of how big Africa is, even tho we know it’s very big. That’s what she said. I guess everything is big in Africa.

  20. For an accurate comparison it would need to be all of Europe, the entire north American continent (if not North and South, they are bound by land).

  21. Europeans literally conquered Africa for over 100 years and was left with shitty borders and little resources. Wdym for them to “use their own stuff” anyway most migrants are from the Middle East

  22. I could not imagine a horribly long cross country road trip in Africa. It would literally take a week it looks like

  23. Canada,France,Netherland ,Belgium, maybe others, are actively and agressively stealing african resources to this day, france being the champion of thieves .

  24. Shouldn't any comparison use NORTH AMERICA or the continent the country is in when comparing it to the CONTINENT of Africa?

  25. And yet people generalize Africa as being one big bunch of exotic animals and tribes. Northern africa has about as much in common with southern africa as Kasachstan with Portugal. But somehow people dont respect that cultural difference, and always talk about africa as if it was one big unified thing

  26. Lol you’re comparing a continent to countries…? Next up, look at the size of my transport truck next to this electric scooter. Wooooow! Who knew?

  27. I mean... It's a continent. I don't know how interesting this really is. Hell, Alaska is almost 1/2 the size as the lower 48

  28. To be fair if true sizes should be shown, Africa’s size should be shown similarly and that means the northern part is much smaller in itself compared to the southern part.

  29. Looks like US, Europe, India, and China would all fit inside without changing their shape. Or, just barely altering them.

  30. At first I thought this was one of those joke ones that would have like a smaller sized Africa within the big Africa as an example

  31. This makes me excited for the map size of Africa 2. But I'm worried there's going to be too much empty space and not enough to do like the first one.

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