Illustration of the largest sacrifice of infants in history. Around 1450 AD, 227 children were sacrificed in the Peruvian Chimu culture. The theory is that this great sacrifice was made to appease the rain gods because the rain did not stop, flooding the area, ruining the crops and more.

  1. People are scary when they get too much power. They can put on whatever window dressing they see fit. The implication here that somehow if it was science-minded people who had power, things would be swell.

  2. When you don’t have technology to depend on then People depend on religion. It must have been really bad that they have to do this

  3. Agreed, i dont know where i read that, most of the written languages on south america were purged by the same reason, a command from the gods, the punishment was no sunlight for a day. Then the oracle told that it was a punishment from the gods and they must burn all written language and all the scriptures even on religious texts.

  4. What's interesting is they sacrifice children instead of old people. At least if they did it to old people they had already lived a little....but no...they are ultimately cowards who don't want to harm themselves.

  5. As if modern ideologies like Communism, and Fascism didn't murder millions more than ancient tribesmen could ever hope to kill.

  6. Sick fucks who use the wholesome award on all horrible, tragic news because they're 13 yr old children who think they're being edgy and cool. It's pathetic, however, I believe the OP or a mod can choose to not display certain awards on a post. Instead it shows a question mark icon I believe.

  7. Maybe the logic (if there was any) was that the food scarcity would cause mass starvation, and many children would starve to death anyway.

  8. Nah children eat the least amount and have high long term potential. If that was the logic, they would have sacrificed their elderly first like the Vikings.

  9. There was no logic. I’m reading a book right now titled, “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” by Julian Jaynes. He theorized that in earlier periods of human history, and most likely even still in the minds of many humans alive today, education was so minimal, and language so undeveloped, that the brains of ancient people were not aware of its own thought processes. The areas of the brain responsible for speech, and the areas of the brain responsible for listening, coordinated to produce auditory hallucinations that were misinterpreted, thanks to religion, as “god” speaking. I’ve linked the

  10. I wonder if also on some level they knew that the crops would no longer sustain such a large population, and children were the “easiest”

  11. Maybe some of this was sort of a form of mercy killing as well. Eg, parents know if they try to feed 4 kids, all will slowly starve, but 2 kids is more manageable to make it through a famine. Or maybe it’s just maybeline

  12. If I remember right, they would regularly sacrifice children to appease the Gods/spirits. Now usually we're talking about a very low number. But these children were usually selected at a very young age and then sacrificed near puberty or 16, I can't remember exactly. But either way it was seen as an honor. These kids were basically treated as demigods/monarchs until they died. This was probably a situation where they were so desperate they thought they needed to go beyond their usual practices to save their society from a disaster.

  13. Welp, do you have any other bright ideas mr. Speedy cat? We already tried praying and I'm fresh out of umbrellas.

  14. Im starting to wonder if child sacrifices had their origin rooted in population control? In this case there was too much rain and the crops were fucked so they had to reduce the number of mouths to feed.

  15. Back then, priests would have been one of the more knowledgeable people around, so sacrificing them would have been detrimental to trying to keep the human race surviving. Whereas sacrificing children wasn't as bad in comparison, I assume.

  16. Now instead of sacrificing children to make it stop raining they sacrifice the elderly, people with asthma, the obese, and people with compromised immune systems in order to increase third quarter profits.

  17. This whole sacrifice business -- can somebody tell me how it all got started. I mean, whose idea was it to kill creatures to appease the 'gods'. Killing my goat, or my firstborn to make some 'god' happy? Not a connection I would make.

  18. There's a shortage of food. Many infants die of natural causes in the best of times. It's a culling wrapped up in a different package to make it seem more palatable for the people doing it.

  19. Like in the movie Apocalypto who knew the coming of the eclipse, the Chimu king and high priests surely knew the sacrifices were useless, but it was the best way to control the less educated people.

  20. This is smart because then you also don't have to feed them, and the food is precious since rain destroyed it all. /s

  21. I am convinced that religion was a ploy created by the smart people of that time to make dumb people do things that they usually won’t , in this case , they concluded that less children meant lesser mouths to feed , sacrificing children also meant that their population would stop growing as long as the famine wasn’t over (as people would prolly stop conceiving in that climate) . That’s why the smart people told the commoners that the “rain gods” were angry at them and they needed to sacrifice their newborn babies. Pretty smart move but a brutal decision.

  22. It can be both smart people and dumb people that start religious practices. For example in hinduism diseases like plague and chicken pox are seen as a form of the great godess and people take it super seriously so the disease doens't spread but if some dumb maniac could've easily turned it around and told people to sacrifice their babies or some other shit like that.

  23. I knew Incas and their SA neighbors practiced human sacrifice, but thought they were much more chill than the Aztecs. Guess this is what famine led to back then.

  24. The symbolism of giving the thing you cherish most your child for the wellbeing of the entire community is ironic. Like why are we even a community if it isn't for the betterment of future/younger generation? it goes to show just how tough times were back then and even killing your children may seem like a good idea because they might be dead anyway if it keeps raining like that so why not have full faith in the rain gods and kill your children you'll all be dead anyway if it keeps raining. Spiders eat their mates and their young sometimes survival is predicated on some barbaric things sometimes and we are here now because of it from time to time living with its past effects echoing into our lives today in the ways we search for scapegoats to our problems as a community which resulted in so many horrific genocide's. We are no better than these people who slayed their children for their rain gods, we like to think we are but we really aren't no one is. The only similarity we share from the past to present is that all humans are capable of the most evil things and at the same time the most good things that's what makes us human the capacity for both good and bad. The more time we spend realizing that we all have capacities for good and evil the less time can be spent acting like we are better than each other just because of some poor choices.

  25. I always think that the sacrifices for rain are related to the fact they can't feed that many people because of the problem, redressed as a religious sacrifice by leaders.

  26. “Science” is our new religion. We didn’t communicate that science is a process, and now the cancel culture uses the word as a weapon.

  27. Could be they did it to avoid the children starving to death (Far more cruel and painful). It's even the opposite as people first Thought and prejudge.

  28. Brilliant, kill off the people who eat the least after the crops get ruined. Humans are so fucking stupid I honestly can't believe we evolved to where we are without outside help.

  29. Well I would say alot of animals do it if food is hard to come by they will kill or abandon their offspring. Baby's don't take much food but they do take alot of time and effort and contribute nothing in the short term, especially for humans they can't be much help for like atleast 8 years. It was very commonly practiced in Europe until Christianity forbid it and common in the middle east until Islam was founded which also forbid it. It also says during the stone age 15%-50% of children were abandoned or killed for the same reasons. Probably just changed from letting kids die from exposure to sacrifice them to appease the gods. Luckily it is very illegal in most country's and not practiced except in a few places.

  30. All these comments about they are glad to live now and how that was barbaric... lol Humans haven't changed much just look around. People bombing airports, school shootings, the spread of misinformation, people not having access to clean water even in first world country's, people blindly following political and religious ideas no matter how insane the ideas might get. Things didn't get better we just learned ignorance is bliss.

  31. I think you vastly underestimate how much better things are for billions of people than they were for almost everyone even a few centuries ago.

  32. I mean, there’s definitely senseless killing going on all the time, but atleast we’re not carving up babies cause of flooding. I mean, imagine personally killing your own child that you would otherwise raise as your own?

  33. This is so different. This is like the government asking you to donate your last born so they can plunge a knife into their chest and there's nothing you can do about it because everybody else agrees. If we got sent back in time we'd beg to be sent back to today, even 50 years back.

  34. Lol things have changed quite a lot, just sounds like your conflating all the savagery in our modern times when back then was way more “inhumane”

  35. Do you think the man doing the executions still felt guilt/remorse even though he knew/thought he was doing it for the right reason.

  36. Am I the only one who thinks that's a low number for "largest infanticide in history"? I mean I know of several cultures that did it regularly. I understand this is a mass event v. individual cases thing but still.

  37. Another example of “holy men” abusing children, as they often do. All the many different religions of the world are awful, horrible, mad-made inventions of the mind. All total bs.

  38. Do you think in 500 years they are going to look back and be like..... These were the morons that didn't take the vaccine and caused millions to die?

  39. It seems at some point every culture accepts killing the youngest improves things, the Spartans, modern abortion, etc...

  40. How y’all screaming barbaric then cheering when someone kills a human with human dna and fingernails and shit in mommas belly. Y’all are fucked up.

  41. Human sacrifice is more recent than we think.. Maybe up until last century. In some Asian cultures, when they built wooden bridges, they'd sacrifice a child so the bridge wouldn't collapse.

  42. Impressive artwork. Five stars. Anyway, there were rumors of human sacrifices performed in the 1960s after those 9.0 earthquakes in Chile.

  43. If the gods are angry, fuck them. There’s nothing that could ever compel me to sacrifice my child. If the gods have a grievance with me than can come take it up face to face.

  44. Truly horrible. In one of my theater class, the professor told us about this when covering the subject of sacrifice in tragedies, and how human sacrifice was a very real thing.

  45. I just helped my 1 year old to sleep in that same position. My eyes are all watery now. I simply cannot fathom the pain I’ll be in should this be allowed to happen to my boy. I’m so glad we live in a civilized society reinforced by science (mostly).

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