Modified 747 carrying a space shuttle on its back

  1. I can't help but imagine NASA engineers strapping the shuttle to the plane and trying to shimmy it once they're done, saying "yep, she's not going anywhere."

  2. Landing the shuttle on the plane took more courage and technical know-how than anything attemptd by NASA in the last few decades - imagine hitting a speeding bullet with a bow and arrow

  3. Usually when the shuttle 🛬landed in California, then this plane ✈️ would fly it back to Florida. Back in the 80’s this was all over the news 🗞

  4. If you go to NASA Houston as a tourist, you can walk inside of a mock shuttle orbiter and see what the dimensions really look like. (It's smaller than you think.)

  5. Still sad this monstrosity ever existed. I still remember when Raygun talked that night after the first launch. He was so proud of the damage to the environment this did.

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