Marianne Bachmeier avenged her 7-year-old daughter’s rape-murder when she opened fire in a crowded courtroom trial, killing the murderer 1981

  1. This whole thing is a wild saga. She was raised by a Nazi, had two children before she was 18, was raped while pregnant with the second and gave them both up for adoption after birth before having her daughter, Anna. She said the reason she finally decided to kill him after much consideration was because he lied about her daughter and said the reason he killed her was because she (a child) tried to seduce and extort him after he abducted her. She also knew he was a convicted sex offender and just figured he would be released again and do it to someone else’s child.

  2. Looking over the Wikipedia page for Marianne, it looks like the murderer underwent chemical castration in 1976 having been convicted of sexual assault of two little girls. He tried to reverse the chemical castration and raped and murdered Anna four years later. Marianne got six years for manslaughter and served three. It's likely that Marianne got more time in prison than the child predator.

  3. Joe Kenda was a homicide detective in Colorado for over 30 years. Amazing career, over 90% success rate and more than 350 cases solved. The day he retired, he was interrogating a grandfather who had raped his 8 year old grandson. Kenda asked him why he did it and the guy said “He came on to me”. The next thing Kenda remembers was his officers pulling him off of the guy as he was starting to turn blue and Kenda was throttling him. He said “get this man medical.” marched to his desk, typed up a retirement letter and walked out

  4. Oh wow! Poor woman went through hell, as did her kids, especially Anna. Her reasoning makes sense, I can see how that lead to her deciding to kill the guy. Protected who knows how many kids from being harmed, she’s a freaking hero.

  5. I consider Marianne a hero. No doubt in my mind that if he would’ve gotten out again he would’ve destroyed another life or even more before/if he was caught. He’s better off dead. No pity from me.

  6. Yeaa you can still find that one .. shot the guy at an airport while he had a few cops transporting him . They deserve worse imo.

  7. One of the greatest videos on the internet. Literally looked like a scene out of a movie... but real, very real.

  8. Gary Plauche was a man who just learned someone he considered a friend had kidnapped and raped his son after Gary had been letting the piece of shit around his kid for years. The best part isn't the fact he basically got let off for the murder, which he did because he was known to the community as an upstanding and good guy, so no judge wanted to lock him up for this. No, the best part is the fact his ex-wife said "I wish he told me he was going to do it... the least he could've done was let me drive him" referring to... driving him to the airport where he domed the monster who had ruined his son's life.

  9. "Before his death, Plauché gave one last interview, where he stated that he did not regret killing Doucet and would do so again."

  10. There was a guy in Arizona back in the 80s or 90s who killed his son's rapist (the kid's karate instructor). The offender was caught out of state and flown back on extradition. News crews at the airport and cops, etc while the father was just standing at a payphone, waiting for them to pass by. As they did, he shot and killed the offender.

  11. I suppose it's the law to hold people accountable for any illegal action even if it's (imo) completely justified. But she could have harmed an innocent for example which would've resulted in a whole other amount of shenanigans.

  12. It gets even more interesting/complicated/weird when you find out he claimed the seven year old child tried to seduce and extort money from him. And that he had been convicted before of the same thing and that he had been chemically castrated and underwent hormone therapy to try and reverse it. And that he strangled her. And that the mom shot him in the back 8 times and 7 rounds hit. I don't think there's really any cloudiness on this decision. She did the right thing and so did the court.

  13. In Germany Murder isn't defined as killing someone intentionally and manslaughter isn't killing someone without malice. Murder in Germany is defined as killing someone out of a lust to kill, to obtain sexual gratification, out of greed or otherwise base motives, perfidiously or cruelly or by means constituting a public danger or to facilitate or cover up another offence. Manslaughter means killing someone without it being a murder.

  14. That's pretty common in the US to negociate the sentences. Especially when you have to deal with crime where every single person in the jury has to be 100% sure the person is guilty. Maybe they wanted to condemn her but thought the jury would forgive her for the murder, or find the charges not fitting. So they dropped the worst charge, making sure she still has a punishment?

  15. I mean honestly, her daughter got raped and killed. What does she have to lose? That poor mom was probably crushed beyond belief to then only to have her Childs murderer burning into her conscious.

  16. She served only 3 years in prison for what could be argued is first degree murder. So, the jury clearly agreed that she was justified

  17. I think a lot of fathers and mothers would do this in this situation. It's just they don't often get the chance. Grief of losing your kids in such a way can make you do things you would never even think of doing before.

  18. I don’t have children but I have 4 young siblings and if anyone did any shit like this to them, they would have to put me in maximum security.

  19. She only got 6 years in a German prison. I don't know about the 80s, but these days a German prison is a hotel compared to an American prison.

  20. Lisa Kudrow could play her in the made for TV movie that will inevitably air on the Hallmark network.

  21. yeah, fuck that guy. Still, he could have been innoncent. That's why you don't let people avenge things themselves...

  22. Holy hell that was a wild ride! The sicko who sexually abused the poor child had previously been castrated and forced to have hormone treatments as well as punishment other crimes he had already comitted in his 35 years. Marianne Bachmeiser very well might have prevented other girls from being abused by this guy.

  23. As the father of a 7 and 3yo, I wouldn't hesitate to avenge them if anyone harmed them. I agree with you that in this instance the rapist got off too easy. I probably would have shot the rapists dick off, and his hands, and mutilated his face so he would be hideous and helpless for the rest of his shitty existence. Seems more fitting than a quick death.

  24. When it's time to kill, you don't go hot. You don't stomp up to their front door and kill them in front of everyone. You go cold. You get focused on the goal. You meet them when they are getting in their car in the morning or a similar situation. Then you do the job. Dispose of the weapon and retain a lawyer.

  25. I don't feel bad for the dead scumbag but I do feel bad for the dad especially when other people like this woman get off so easy when in her case she could have killed someone completely uninvolved in the courtroom that's some bullshit.

  26. She shot the guy 8 times and got 7 hits. When I see what gun she used (beretta 1934) wiki says it’s a 7 shots magazine Does this mean that she put one in the chamber and filled up the magazine again. If so, she really meant business

  27. I don’t know how any parents could survive something like that. I can’t imagine I wouldn’t be suicidal to escape the pain, at least for a while.

  28. Pulled the trigger 8 times and hit him 7 died instantly. Well shame he died right away after reading what the coward cunt did to her daughter.

  29. The gun she used only has a 7 round magazine as well. She made sure she’d have as many bullets as possible by going 7+1. She meant business.

  30. If there is ever a time I fully believe in rehabilitation it is crimes of passion when someone’s kid is raped/murdered. The circumstances required to push this lady to that point are so unlikely she could easily be reintroduced into society after some therapy because her fucking daughter was raped then murdered

  31. Why even bother sending these people to prison? So the tax payer can pay for his 3 meals a day and a bed, if they're able to do that to a 7 year old then just get them gone, they'll never be useful to society after that so what's the point on having them alive. Respect the mother she did the right thing.

  32. sentenced to 6 years for manslaughter and unlawful possession of a firearm. served 3 years. time well spent? maybe. t

  33. On the one hand, that's not exactly the right way to go about it. On the other hand, I'd do exactly the same thing.

  34. Exactly. If that were me, I would know what I did was wrong, I would accept my punishment, but I would have a VERY HARD TIME regretting my actions.

  35. I sometimes get the argument (in the context of fantasy novels and whatnot) that rape is less severe than murder. To this I argue that it’s the other way around—case in point, I don’t think many of us would disagree that this women did something morally bad by murdering her daughter’s rapist, but I don’t think anyone would argue that it’s a morally good response to rape anyone as a result of anything. If murder is considered a morally acceptable (if brutal) response to rape and a morally acceptable response to murder, but rape is never a morally acceptable response to anything, even murder or rape, then that implies that in terms of crime we as a society actually consider rape to be worse than murder.

  36. Severity ajd justification aren't the sake thing though. There are no reasons to say beat a baby, but it's still less severe than killing one.

  37. You're massively oversimplifying the term Murder. While there are no morally justifiable reasons for raping someone, Killing someone is obviously more of a contextual situation. We don't generally consider self defense murder. We don't generally consider it murder when enemy combatants are killed in action. I would argue this woman didn't murder anyone. She killed this person for morally substantial and most importantly, understandable reasons. Do you recoil from her actions the same way you recoil from the actions of the murder/rapist? No. Then why use the same word to describe them?

  38. Very flawed logic, like nothing makes sense. Just because rape isn't the answer to murder doest mean it is worse ??

  39. Interesting, but this presumes that punishment like this comes only from a vengeance and not as a matter of public safety. A dead rapist or murderer can't rape or kill again. Whereas punishing people with sexual assault ticks the 'cruel and unusual' box without making the community safer.

  40. People frequently joke about/wish prison rape on bad people though (e.g. don't drop the soap, get bunked with 'Bubba', etc), so I don't know if that holds all the way. Plus, there's the argument that murder effectively eliminates an "enemy", while rape doesn't. If the guy in the post was raped, that wouldn't stop him from potentially harming others (if he ever got out), but killing him did.

  41. This makes no sense. Rape can be of course be worse than a "justified" murder, but an unjustified murder is worse than rape. You're basically saying that because some murders can be construed as justified, it lessens the severity of all murders. That is straight stupid.

  42. I think your logic simplifies human judgment too much, (thankfully) we don't weight punishment based on pain of the crime = pain of the punishment Anymore, that's still a factor, but more importantly we want that the person who committed the crime won't be able to do it again, after all Laws exist for the safety of the members of society, not for us to play God punishing people for their immoral actions. Raping someone who committed a crime won't solve anything, it could even make the person more violent, on the other hand killing someone solves the problem completely. We also value people differently, someone who committed a crime against another human "feels" less important than someone who didn't (i know it is not supposed to be like this, and probably judges are able to ignore those primal emotion when doing their jobs, but most people can't) so the rape of a criminal won't feel equal to their crime. For those reasons you can't base your assumption based on what most people would think an appropriate response to a crime is, people are emotional, and emotion can't evaluate the best possible outcome.

  43. The case is also quite infuriating - the rapist had been convicted for child rape and as part of treatment, to be released, undergone chemical castration. He later found a doctor (urologist) he convinced this was „wrong“, who then against better judgment prescribed him hormonal treatment. Went on to rape and strangle the 7yeae old. The mother shot him after three days of hearings, she later said, so he wouldn’t smear her daughter s Memory anymore by spreading lies.

  44. This happened in West Germany in 1981. She got 6 years in prison for manslaughter and was out after 3 years. She died in 1996 at the age of 46 from pancreatic cancer. If someone like that ever came across me and I was serving on the jury. No way I find her guilty. The guy got what he deserved.

  45. I just looked up her story. At 16 she gave up a child for adoption because of her age, then at 18 she was pregnant again and suffered a rape shortly before the birth. She gave that child up as well. She got pregnant again for the third time and kept this child, Anna, and raised on her own. After Anna was born, she had a tubal ligation so having more children was off the table.

  46. There are many crimes that can be forgiven over time including murder. However Raping, harming, or killing children is something that cannot be forgiven and should just result with them getting a shallow grave. Hell I genuinely think Rape under any circumstance should ALWAYS result in the death penalty because a rape victim suffers for the rest of their life and its not uncommon for them to commit suicide.

  47. I know someone who was raped as a child. She felt ashamed and didn’t tell anyone until she was 21, it fucks you up a lot more than you think. After years of therapy she’s doing much better now than years ago. But she has a severe anxiety disorder because of having to hide to her secret for so long and feeling ashamed, it really does a number on a person

  48. If this piece of shit admitted to this crime (which he did), the judge should have handed her a gun and pointed to the guy and said have at it.

  49. That happened also in Placerville, CA. A mother named Ellie Nessler shot her son’s molester in court. 5 of the 6 shots she fired were fatal. I want to say that happened in 1990-91?

  50. This woman is a legend and what she done should have been praised even with punishment. More parents should aspire to be as dedicated to their family/children, No one should have to experience that never mind a child. Pedos and child abusers around the world get lesser sentences than what this mother got and its horrible and injust. Death penalty for the crime I say.

  51. And clearly they didn’t want to. She wasn’t convicted of murder despite opening fire in a courtroom full of witnesses with a gun she’s purchased a week prior. They convicted her of manslaughter, gave her six years, and let her out in three.

  52. Regardless of motive, she short someone 7 times in a crowded room. And that isn’t exactly conducive to a civilization. So I would probably vote to convict, but I would be very unhappy about it

  53. vigilantism sets a bad president, even more so if a court approves of it, things can get quickly out of hand

  54. I use this case to teach Ethics in school, when the topic is justice, penalty, vengeance and vigilantism. She is a very complicated character and this is quite a complicated case. Harsh critics say her actions never really were about her daughter, but about her wanting to be famous. Moreover, there was some indication or even evidence that she practiced to shoot the gun, which would make it a premeditated murder.

  55. Seems to me the lady was a distraught mother, who could not cope, or manage her feelings, or the thoughts of her 7 (seven) year old child having been molested, and strangled with a stocking. The pedophile murderer supposedly kept the child in his apt. for hours before strangling her? He was a known molester?

  56. Now to be fair, the punishment would've probably been harsher, had he been convicted. Inmates are not kind at all to child abusers; he would've probably offed himself after a year, just to escape the hell on earth he would've lived in prison.

  57. I know you’re supposed to start by saying, “I don’t condone murder, but” but nothing. I condone this murder. Fucking hell.

  58. Everyone who rapes deserves this same thing. No jail, no wasted resources trying to “rehab” them. Bullet, head, done.

  59. Honestly, I’m proud of people who make it their point to avenge their children. I can never fathom how anyone can hurt anything so precious.

  60. Unfortunately she was sentenced to 6 years. A law doesn't eqyal justice, the murderer of her child would have gotten the same amount of years. She died on the 17.09.1996. She was a brave and honorable woman.

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