"Mathematician Henry Segerman demonstrating how a linear 3rd dimensional plane is only a projection of the curved 4th dimensional space time!'

  1. A 2D plane came from a 3D object, so he's implying that if a 2D plane can be produced by a 3D object it's within the realm of possibility that the 3D plane we exist on and perceive is a projection from a 4D "object" (whatever that looks like)

  2. Basically, we live on a projected reality, atleast that's how I understood it but I ain't no mathematician

  3. OP here , guys it means that the 2d plane you see in the shadow made by the 3d object , is related to how our world ( 3d world ) is a linear 3d projection of the 4d world

  4. You drive your car around the earth. If feels like you go in a straight line but the Earth is actually curved like a ball and you will come back to where you started without "feeling" the curvature.

  5. He's demonstrating that stereographic projection on the sphere is conformal (it preserves angles of intersection) and carries circles to circles. The point where the light source is is the north pole of the sphere and gets mapped to the point at infinity, circles through it on the surface of the sphere get carried to circles through the point at infinity on the plane, which are parallel lines.... I'd debate the title but i guess it was part of a larger context in a video or something so I'll just say "close enough"

  6. Sagan did this better with his Tesseract explanation, though even that is still difficult to wrap the brain around.

  7. OP here , guys it means that the 2d plane you see in the shadow made by the 3d object , is related to how our world ( 3d world ) is a linear 3d projection of the 4d world

  8. 4th dimension is time and this kind of illustration is a waste of it. No one can picture 4 geometrical dimensions because it doesn't exist that way. Everyone can easily understand that time is a valid dimension when taking an appointment : we're setting up a place and a time, needed so that our trajectory collides someplace in the future. I'm convinced this is all there is to it, with maybe additional geometrical dimensions appearing at extremely small and large scales, but not inbetween.

  9. I have to point out that if you look carefully at the "squares" in the picture, you will find that they are not square and the ones at the bottom are bigger than the ones at the top.

  10. This demonstrates nothing of the sort inferred by the title. It may serve as a useful analogy with sufficient explanation though.

  11. Isnt it the same thing with colors? Because humans only see 3 light waves if I'm not mistaken. And our mind makes sense of it. My gf and I were talking about this stuff. It's really weird realizing that everything we see does not I. Fact look like that at all.

  12. So how does this affect the flux capacitor in Back to the Future? Are you saying Doc was wrong??? Cuz, there is plenty of evidence in the movie that it worked!

  13. Not a mathematician, nor physicist, but M-theory says it is eleven-dimensional (ten spatial dimensions, and one time dimension).

  14. Wait I’ve seen this before. Not just the video from Henry Segerman but the incorrect caption to what it is we’re looking at.

  15. No, it's not demonstrating. This is an analogy. A demonstration would require the premise to be verifiably true, and the is no way for us to know if it is. We can only infer and speculate.

  16. Check out map projections and various ways the 3D globe is put onto 2D paper/screens if this interests you. There are many types of ways to project, each coming with strengths and weaknesses for various use cases. I wonder if the 3D physical world is a projection then what type of distortions does this projection cause and can they somehow be exploited?

  17. yes! and this is why when people say the earth is flat I say you are correct the earth is indeed flat in the 2nd dimension, however it is also a sphere in the 3rd dimension...

  18. Is there any way I can get a 3D model of this to print? This is super cool and I don’t know how to use the 3D programs to actually make something like this lol

  19. So hear me out. We're a 3d snapshot of a 4d object moving through our plane. The perception of time is just us processing a 4d object in sequential 3d slices. We use time as a makeshift 4th dimension to stack the 3d slices together so that we can process as a coherent entity. Keeping with the 3d to 2d projection, in this

  20. Keppler's 3rd law of an object in orbit states that the time of travel during the large radius portion of the ellipse is equivalent... no, wait, shadow something something dimension.

  21. as soon as i hear someone mention the fourth dimension in any way besides theoretical assumptions i just tap out. isn't the fourth dimension entirely unable to be interacted with, recorded, or studied? it just seems like bullshit science fiction for mathematicians. am i dumb?

  22. I've read the comments and explanations and I am deeply disappointed it is not a lampshade from Ikea bcos it looks cool and it should be.

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