Rudy Giuliani repeatedly lost his cool during his attorney-misconduct hearing and accused the disciplinary counsel of asking 'sneaky' questions

  1. Well in Rudy's defense, if he knew what competency looked like he might not have ever gotten involved with Trump in the first place.

  2. Giuliani said he would try but reiterated that he was attempting to defend himself. He also accused Fox of asking "sneaky" questions to try and corner him.

  3. Yeah, what does this demented, addled man expect a lawyer to do? Prescreen his questions for approval before the august authority that is Rudy (Mr god to you) Giuliani?

  4. "No, you are potentially disciplined for that. The point being to determine if you know what the word 'potential' means."

  5. Giuliani then proceeded to contact Trump via hologram. Trump, in a Palpatine-like slithery drone, proceeded to chastise Darth Giuliani for losing his shit in front of the Council.

  6. This makes it sound like he doesn't know what "potential" means, like he thinks it's just a nigh-meaningless superlative smart people use for emphasis or something.

  7. Yes, there's no difference between something happening and not happening as long as whatever is happening or not happening is really large.

  8. Of all the people who destroyed their lives getting near Trump, Rudy is perhaps the saddest. He should have been able to scam a solid living on that "America's mayor" BS, but I guess he had some urge for power, so whored himself out to Trump, and BRAGGED about doing it for free.

  9. There’s nothing sad about this, this is just the beginning of what he deserves. Piece of shit made many choices that killed firefighters on 9/11. Then came out and took credit for the rescue. Absolute scum.

  10. He has chronic alcohol induced encephalopathy. Read interviews with his kids about how much he drinks. Dude has pickled his brain.

  11. As a US attorney working for the DA that sent pot smokers to prison, you coined the phrase 'perjury trap' in a gleeful interview. Welcome to it.

  12. I know it's not some epic moment (yet), but I truly love all these fuckers reaping what they sow finally. Trump's gang is having a bad 2022, and are about to have an even worse 2023 lol. Eats popcorn

  13. Serious people, doing serious jobs, trying to find their self control to prevent them from saying "Just shut the fuck up already you crazy fucking idiot?!"

  14. It seems as though Rudy has been experiencing mental decline for several years, at least. It is time he is removed from public life by his family.

  15. That an 80 yo narcissist with cognitive decline acts like a toddler when held accountable for his actions seems quintessential 21st Century Republican to me.

  16. Life long New Yorker here. He used his “I took down the ny mob” cred from his days as a government prosecutor. He was seen as a “law and order” guy in a city worried about crime.

  17. A lawyer that doesn’t think there is a distinction between potential and actual… Remove “potential”from this sentence: Every man is a “potential” r*pist/woman beater/murderer/homosexual/sociopath… No different /s

  18. Woah! You're trying to trick me into accountability! I'll be drunk and damned before I let that happen

  19. Any question posed to Rudy and his "friends" will be deemed as sneaky. That means they have no intention of answering or telling the truth. By sneaky they mean the inquisitors are on to something and Rudy is freaking. Besides what do you expect from a man who makes a big political announcement outside a landscaping business next to an adult bookstore and constantly looks like the shoe polish he dyes his hair with is melting?

  20. No. Do not forget him. He committed perjury, violated Bar rules, and convinced a lot of dumb people to overthrow a fair democratic election.

  21. He’s taking the same tack as Draymond Green, just commit so many fouls that the ref starts to only call the egregious ones.

  22. The alt-right extremists feed off each others' fanaticism until they show severe signs of paranoia. They have all become 'victims' the poor devils.

  23. Regardless of the suit he wears he's a full fledged degenerate . He's responsible for helping new york become visibly better in tourist districts but more angsty and marginalized in poorer areas.

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