How can I exchange stocks for funds

  1. Almost impossible to go 37 years in the market and still be down 10% of your portfolio while holding stocks. This makes no sense.

  2. I think it literally may be impossible to have invested over 37 years and have a net unrealized loss of $50k. Maybe it’s $50k of losses but much more in gains?

  3. You can do direct indexing, which would allow you to potentially keep stock while getting into a better diversification, ETF style, avoiding some taxes.

  4. All of the comments about capital gains are true, but you can probably transfer them to fidelity for free and then convert a lot of them annually to index funds as your tax thresholds allow. If dividends and soc sec are your only income, you might even be able to do it all at once? Someone else with more tax knowledge may confirm

  5. You only have to pay taxes on capital gains, not losses. I would look up low-cost low volatility ETFs to invest in, like tickers VIG, VTV, IWD, SPYV, or maybe even VTI. If you want something solid with a little more growth than the previously mentioned, a S&P 500 index like VOO, SPY or IVV will do. You also probably want to consider buying and selling over a scheduled amount of time to lower your risk of buying or selling at a horrible period. Most of the funds I listed have low expense ratios, which you are looking for. You would save money if you did the investing yourself instead of paying a manager.

  6. 37 years of investing and a 50k loss on a 500k portfolio and you’re suggesting this person do it by themself? I think they might need more help

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