Which is Better for me buy Amazon Or Apple?

  1. Amazon, it’s literally the exact same thing as apple, just sometimes the shipping is shorter depending on where you live. Amazon also has discounts for the iPad mini I believe.

  2. If both has the same price, and you want go to the store go to apple but if you don’t want to go to the store and if you want your iPad tomorrow Amazon… the warranty is with apple (one year)…

  3. I got a renewed 256gb 6th Gen iPad Mini with cellular for $614.99 last year from Amazon with no issues.

  4. I always buy direct from Apple. Never had an issue and I believe the customer support is better if you ever need it.

  5. You run the risk that if the item has issues the first few weeks/months you will be sent o Amazon from Apple and I have heard Amazon is difficult to work with.

  6. Amazon is difficult to work with??? I returned some products after almost 3 months since they didn't fit for my house extension. They don't give a shit, they have mind blowing customer service. Apple will absolutely fuck you over if you don't buy their apple care.

  7. Okay well i choose apple instead because its not that diffcult to work with unlike amazon because ik its going to have issues so ill stick to apple then

  8. You still have a warranty with Apple for 1 year regardless of if you buy it from Amazon or Apple. If it develops any issues you can take it to Apple.

  9. If you have an apple store by you and don't want any chance of the package being stolen, tampered with, or the chance of Amazon sending you someone bad return then yeah just go to the Apple store

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