Apple Support says iPhone 13 models don't support Noise Cancellation feature available in previous iPhones

  1. And here I was waiting patiently for a fix. Awesome. What’s the point of removing a feature that improves call quality?

  2. I’m expecting a statement on Tuesday saying this was a communication error and that it’s just a bug that’ll be fixed soon. It doesn’t make sense for this to be a hardware limitation seeing as the 13 series hasn’t lost (or even moved) any microphones compared to the 12.

  3. Is this why my wife keep telling me that I sound terrible and cut all the time since I have the 13 pro max ?

  4. Nah that’s just you phasing out of reality. The Matrix is shutting you off. Sorry you were part of a defective batch of human, version 3.14. We corrected the issue in the upgrade version 3.1415.

  5. Guys, I have a (perhaps) trivial question here. If the hardware didn't exist, does it mean our video/voice recording will be also awful in noisy environment?

  6. I don’t fully understand the reasoning behind removing functionality that people are used to. Is there some sort of component that is required that they couldn’t fit into the 13?

  7. I’ve been told multiple times I have a ton of background noise when I use speaker phone. Speaker phone is the only way I can really talk with someone while I’m driving, but now that background noise makes that awful. It started when I upgraded to the 13 pro. This is really disappointing by Apple.

  8. What a terrible step backwards by Apple. I now feel bad for recommending a 13 and 13 Pro Max to two of my close friends. Was seriously hoping this was some sort of glitch but 4 months into iOS 15 and it’s still not there…. damn

  9. There is to some degree an automatic noise cancellation on the 13PM. Was talking to my dad on the phone and had it on speaker while driving he noticed I wasn’t using it in handset mode or my AirPods pretty quick as it was picking up all the background road noise. So I would say there has to be some at minimum baked in there

  10. So that may be why the person I am calling always hears a lot of echo when I am calling from my Apple CarPlay system

  11. I don’t think so. I think when you are using carplay tjr phone’s microphone(s) are not being used. The ones built into your cars audio system are instead.

  12. What’s crazy about the CarPlay echo - if I disconnect CarPlay and just use Bluetooth (in the same car / same head unit) there is no echo.

  13. I actually had a call with apple support engineers today about it. Apparently, the iPhone 13 models do have noise cancellation and it is active. However, they removed the ability too turn it off. Why? Don’t know, but considering how well it worked before, I’m surprised we even had the option too turn it off.

  14. I thought I had this, I see a toggle for it. I see noise cancellation even as an option for 1 ear. I can even do long press on AirPods Pro and switch back and forth from hearing my background or canceling the noise in total. I’m still on update 15.1.1.. I’ve the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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