Do you use True Tone in 2022?

  1. Yeah WTH is this? I turned it on when they first introduced the feature and never turned it off.

  2. It’s really useful in night. Once you get used to it, and then if you turn it off in night, it’s like staring at the sun.

  3. Having it on makes screen look a light yellow imo and then having it off shows the light blue lol. Anyway it’s mostly off for me because of dark mode.

  4. Meanwhile my screen: 100% night shift at all times (except when I’m watching Alchemy of Souls ofc) (*don’t look at the flair, should be changed to iPhone 12 lmao)

  5. I couldn’t find the toggle on my 13, but I heard it was on the 12 and wasn’t available until the 13 got released. So I’m thinking it will be there on my phone when the 14 comes out, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

  6. Yes because warm colors are always more comfortable on the eyes for me. But I do turn it off when I watch movies and shows or do video/photo editing.

  7. Same here. I tried turning it on again after reading this post and the comments to see if anything changed. But nope, still too yellow lol

  8. I don’t use Night Shift, but do use True Tone. Is that what you’re referring to? I don’t really notice yellow shifts.

  9. Yeah, it’s either too yellow or too blue for me. Especially when it randomly decides to change from yellow to blue it hurts my eyes.

  10. I used it for a very long time, but recently I turned it off because it can slightly dim the screen. But I think I’ll turn it on again

  11. I don’t know about everyone else’s experience, but it always works great for me, when I’m in my room with my lamp on I can physically watch it change over the span of a few seconds when I move my phone around and have the light either pointed at it or not, it warms the display. At night when I’m watching my TV (doesn’t have anything but it’s standard more of a cool tone display, it’ll even out and turn to a cooler white balance on my phone screen. I love it not only cause it keeps my screen looking accurate in various lighting, but also cause when it does warm the display, it helps with eye strain. And since this is my only device I own aside from my new tv, (no computer, tablet, game console, etc) it helps with the insane amount of hours I put my phones (personal super pocket computer for every computing need I have) and keeps my eyes comfortable. Never usually need Night Shift on ever.

  12. True Tone seems to work great on LCD screens but terrible on OLED. So I have it enabled on my MacBook Pro but off on my iPhone 13 Pro.

  13. Always. It makes the user interface blend in with the environment so well. Turning it off is like looking at a photo with incorrect white balance.

  14. So strange. White is white. When I have trutone on my screen is yellow most of the time. At no point does my brain think “oh this is white because other shit is yellow around me”.

  15. i’ve got it on constantly. the blue light kinda hurts my eyes sometimes so having true tone makes it easier to see without endless night vision

  16. I have True Tone constantly switched on. I find it helps lessen the strain on my eyes. I’m going to give night shift a try and see if that helps too

  17. I used to use it but I disabled it a few years ago. Found out it didn't make the display more comfortable, just less color accurate. And I'd prefer if I saw true colors.

  18. Yes. I even turn on the Night Shift on top of that all day. My eyes can't stand the whitish/bluish tint.

  19. It’s awful. Turns my screen from beautiful to an orange mess. It’s like the screen decided to move to jersey shore and spray tan

  20. Yes. It means I don’t have to deal with the harsh blues which hurt my head over time. I’m more curious on why the average user wouldn’t use it?

  21. I love True Tone. Without it the screen feels too blue & clinical & like I’m in an office. I don’t want that at 3am mindlessly scrolling through socials (most likely tiktok)

  22. I leave it on all the time. Having the screen's colours match the lighting temperature of my surroundings makes it easier on the eyes

  23. meanwhile i’m trying to figure out away for it to stay warm like on night shift because i read a lot and the bright white background is definitely not good for my face eyes

  24. I’ve never used it. Looks too warm for my taste. True Tone’s purpose is to make your screen more “color accurate” like how a white sheet of paper looks different under different lighting. Which I understand the idea but it’s just not for me.

  25. Yes I have gotten used to it. When it trips out (goes more blue due to direct sunlight in room) is the only time I notice it.

  26. I use it on every Apple Device I have except for my MacBook cause I‘m editing a lot of Photos in Lightroom, etc. so True Tone ruins the color accuracy. Except for that, I really like it!

  27. Yes. I notice very little difference when I toggle it and I’ve never gone “okay this looks way off” so I keep it on. I suppose if I were editing photos or something on my devices it would be a problem but I don’t do that

  28. Not necessarily. Most graphic designers usually calibrate warmer to mimic certain papers for accuracy. It’s a deep rabbit hole.

  29. I leave it on and never think about it. Unless you’re in the color correction profession or similar (on an iPhone?!), that’s what you should do too.

  30. I always used it on my iPhone 11, because the colors seemed a bit more natural for my liking and not as blueish. Since i got my 13 with its OLED screen True Tone feels too yellow that's why I don't use it on my 13.

  31. I do but I never even notice it’s on until I switch it off, when I do everything just looks washed out.

  32. Always have and probably always will use it. Default can be far to bright on a night for me, and just like most of my displays I look at for long periods, I prefer them a bit warmer.

  33. I think so, I don’t recall ever disabling it at least. Night Shift is something I never ever use, though.

  34. I hate it, makes my OLED too yellow. I want the best colors always without changing all the time.

  35. I personally keep it off. When I got my fist phone with it, the feature instantly struck me as strange and I disabled it.

  36. Turned it on once to see what was it about, spent 10s and turned off never to turn it on again. Don’t like what it does with the colors.

  37. I can’t stand it. My brain seems to be always adjusting color on its own, so having the display adjust color just throws off my internal process lol. It’s why I was so tricked by the white-gold/black-blue dress - my brain adjusted for brightness, not white balance, so there was no physical way for me to see the black-blue.

  38. I refused to use it for years right up until the 13 Pro Max. Hated the yellow tint.. always have and honestly always will prefer blue light... but im tryin to be more healthy nowadays and I heard it was better for your eyes... so i left it on and finally got used to it!

  39. Stays turned off on my phone, as does night shift and the auto brightness in the accessibility section.

  40. One of the selling points of iPhone for me was True Tone. I was sick of the mega blue, glaring screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7/8.

  41. Aside from constantly looking for the ambient light and use my battery, it also makes my already yellowish screen too yellow. I prefer blueish tones on my screens.

  42. Nope. I find when reviewing photos and other visuals it doesn't turnt what they will look like on other devices.

  43. How does true tone even work from an engineering perspective? What sensor is it using to determine the color temperature of the surrounding light? Is it using the front camera? Does the ambient light sensor detect color temp as well?

  44. I hate it, makes the screen look way too yellow… And in my experience it always looked worse on OLED panels vs IPS LCD (where I already didn’t like it)

  45. I hate how yellow my screen gets when I turn it on. I just just use the scheduled night shift which is set for night. I only use true tone when it’s very dark and night shift isn’t already turned on.

  46. Oh yeah!! I’ve JUST got True Tone as I stick to my 7 for almost 6 years and it is the last iPhone without it - I got an SE2 from my company. I always thought I’d like it a lot and so I did. It’s left on 100% of the time, as well as on my iPad mini

  47. Iphone 7 user here. I thought you all are talking about Night Shift, since I didn’t find it in the display settings. Looked it up on my GF’s 12 Pro, and saw that it is enabled (I guess by default, don’t think she turned it on). I turned it off and saw the display getting back to the default relatively cold colors. Tbh if you do not point out True Tone to me, I would never notice that it is enabled on my GF’s phone. So I think it is good to have it on.

  48. Used it on my iPhone 8+ for over a year before I even recognized it existed. To be fair, that’s kind of the point of True Tone: quietly adjust color temperature so that white balance is maintained in all situations. It’s not something you’d think would help, until you turn it off for awhile and start to notice how weird the color temps get without it at times. I leave it on for my 13 mini, iPad Air, and MacBook. I think it’s nice.

  49. Love it, it’s on 24/7 and I also enabled night shift from sunset to sunrise. It looks unnatural and weird at first but you will get used to it. It’s important to take care of your eyes and natural clock

  50. I don't use it on my Macbook, as it interferes with color balancing on photos and videos if you aren't constantly eyeballing the waveforms.

  51. I avail myself of all technology both True Tone and night shift are secondary backups for me in color correction and blue blocking ( I had cataract surgery last year and both artificial implants are blue blockers ) that’s an upsell on eyeglasses I don’t have to make . Sorry capitalism !

  52. I'm coming from Android and it was turned on by default when I turned on the phone for the first time . I tried to switch it off but it looked wrong , so I'm keeping it on, I like it !

  53. I do not. I do photo and video work professionally so having it on hurts my ability to see correct white balance.

  54. Not anymore (for my iPhones at least). I quite liked it on my iPhone X when the feature was introduced in 2017. But now it looks too yellow-ish for my 13 Pro Max’s display and my previous iPhone 12.

  55. I stopped using it after hearing an expert that the blue light emitting from smart devices isn’t the problem, but it’s the brightness. The blue light we see outside will wake us up. Been testing this, and have had no difference between the lack of blue light and when I had it on. Brightness seems to be the factor.

  56. Yeah, I just can't be bothered to turn it off. I don't really notice it all that much always but I suppose that's the point.

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