You've to admit this guy performs in crucial matches

  1. 2016 T20 WC ✅✅ Saved our ass v Aus in a virtual knockout and almost saved our ass vs WI (picked up a wicket too 🥲)

  2. No that ain’t true. He’s bottled for rcb in big moments many times is well and this is someone who loves him and supports rcb. He’s still the goat of this generation with abd but he had been hit or miss in big games

  3. See for me who have been watching cricket since past 13 years yah vk 18 is the greatest of my gen. He is a king a run machine . But he performs pretty poorly in decisive international matches . But he performs pretty well in critical league matches. So what is the conclusion.

  4. I still remember the tri series with srilanka, Bangladesh and India. Dude blasted superfast which got us a bonus point for final

  5. The best thing about this guy is that he never takes credit for himself whenever he achieves something. He always respect us, the fans and his team, and he is polite in all his matches. We congratulate ourselves on this

  6. Ffs I though this was funny that's why I posted it here.. I know youtube wale comment hai tabhi changes kiye Maine thode bc

  7. He may be one of the greatest but his attitude towards other players is just unacceptable. Talk about yesterday's match - the way he was acting towards Shami and Hardik. And this is just one of the many instances.

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