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  1. There’s literally nowhere else you can go? This is a really bad time for us. Happy to have you over after the renovation is complete.

  2. Hungary has a really wide range of diplomatic relations with other countries, the Hungarian passport is the 10th strongest in the world.

  3. I don't know much about the answer. But with the current situation, I would advice you to not commit to your plan for fleeing to Iran.

  4. Also add to this that Hungary is currently “only” EU country being “neutral” towards Russia which has Iran on their side. So if extradition comes to question, Iran holds a positive relations to Hungary. This is supported by

  5. The chances that you would be extradicted from a European country for ignoring a draft letter in Hungary is literally zero.

  6. as a romanian, romania would never do that lol. if hungary ever goes to war it would be against romania, not with romania, so they would never help hungary. it's also illegal because you are a dual citizen. just renounce your hungarian citizenship and they aren't allowed to deport you in the first place.

  7. a fellow romanian brother! thank you for your answer, I have property, relatives and money over there all across the country, it was my escape plan for months, until this shit happened with this new ass law, but I'm kinda relieved

  8. yes, I am aware of the current situation over there, but it was literally the nicest country from the "no extradition agreement" list, that's why I decided to post here, I didn't mean to come across rude, or weird.

  9. That was my first idea, but it is very expensive to get there (2-2.5x the amount compared to Iran) and the economy isn't that great as far as I know, but prove me wrong

  10. The new situation and revolution aside, tehran is a great metropole to live in, you have to know the people and build connections and find a job regarding to your degree, then everything works perfectly. So if you are planning to come if the situation gets better yeah definitely. Tehran is a super choice

  11. I get a lot of notifications about many new comments, but I don’t see them all, but I want to answer them, specially the one which talks about talking to lawyers (which I will)

  12. they are making a change in the law about draft dodging, it is essentially going to be a crime from the 1st of november, and anyone can face 5-10 years of prison, if they try to dodge the draft.

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