I wonder how accurate this is

  1. Most such surveys have sample sizes of a thousand to a few thousand people, so your chances of being personally surveyed are slim.

  2. I used to be one of them. Years ago I happened to answer the house phone and there was a random survey about video games and entertainment and I was like "yeah defo, I'll do it" so it took about 15/20 minutes and was a bit of craic.

  3. It really doesn't matter who or how many. Polls always reflect the opinions of the person paying for the poll. About as accurate as fortune cookies.

  4. As a Romanian I would also fight for Ireland. Unless it's against the Poles because I'm also a fan of both our poles, specially the North one.

  5. Nobody can say for sure until it happens, but if an enemy invader was bombing your country, killing your family and friends, I think most people would get involved.

  6. I think the phrasing of the question explains the low positive response rate. "Fight for your country" is a stock phrase in English with strong connotations for most people (which makes me doubt that this question can even be asked consistently in different languages given how uniquely loaded the phrase is in English). I think a lot of people hear "fight for your country" and are immediately suspicious of the militaristic, nationalistic, and imperialist connotations. But if you asked those same people if they would defend their homes against invaders or fight to protect their fellow citizens or something along those lines, you may get a very different answer because it immediately rules out the possibility that fighting for your country amounts to the imperialist adventurism it so often has across history.

  7. Funnily enough, the only Irish person I know who's joined any army is a small-town Carlow lad who joined up with the Brits and ended up in Basra.

  8. I used to always say that I would never fight for Ireland, but now that the whole Ukrainian situation has kicked off it’s made me reevaluate my beliefs on this. The idea of getting kicked out of my house or having my house blown up or loosing family members just because some country with fucked up and false beliefs decides to invades sickens me. So I would absolutely fight for Ireland or die trying.

  9. I think the question will be interpreted different depending on where you’re living which would affect the outcome in the poll.

  10. That’s not really fighting for ireland, though, that’s fighting for your own interests, and because you are a part of ireland, you would technically be fighting for ireland.

  11. Weird wording. "Percentage of men and women combined" So....People then yeah? Just percentage of people. Or am I missing something?

  12. Same I’d love nothing more than to stand by my country but my mental health isn’t stable enough I’d only end up a hindrance

  13. Finn here. We're brought up on war stories. Every independence day movies are played of the war (Unknown Soldier being the most important). At 18 all able bodied & sound minded males are conscripted for 6-12 months of military training. And after that, depending on your assignment, you are voluntold to rehearse fighting every couple of years as a reservist. Really not surprised about the result.

  14. I am Polish and I would fight for both Poland and Ireland. I think it’s a little bit different for people in western countries, because recently they haven’t have issues on their actual soil. (I am not minimizing Irelands fight against the Brits at al) Since Eastern European countries had communism states so recent in history for example: Poland. People there remember how it is for your language, beliefs and traditions to be illegal and they would fight AGAIN to protect their rights.

  15. I would not fight for any country (fuck that, throw me in jail or shot me instead), but of course I would fight for myself - I guess almost everyone would do so when put in the corner.

  16. It is possible that willingness to fight depends on the perceived threat and/or recent history at any time point. This would also explain the geographical distribution here and should be included in multiple logistic regression for these studies.

  17. Just as most people regardless of their prior beliefs, when death comes knocking they pray to a higher power. If Ireland was invaded, I expect that many would similarly change their tune and fight.

  18. I think a lot of people see that question framed as us being the invaders under some EU or NATO army rather than being the invaded. It’s an (deliberately ?) ambiguous question.

  19. I myself would never fight for Spain. I don't owe anything to the spanish state, I don't like it at all and I don't even consider myself anymore than a reluctant spanish subject.

  20. It is a very hard situation to put ourselves in. The countries where it is high feel threatened by a neighbour (hint, it starts with "R"), or have relatively recently had revolutions. The ones where it is low are established countries without much to worry about in terms of being invaded. Switzerland is an exception, but thats likely down to conscription and a culture of armed neutrality.

  21. The question needs to be more specific, people in Eastern Europe are probably assuming "if you were invaded by russia" whereas western Europe "if we decided to invade iran" and going to be much lower

  22. As a Dutch person I wouldn't fight for any of the countries I've lived in. I'm not dying so that the dickhesd politicians can sit safely in a bunker

  23. Finland: Don't fucking think about is Russia, we still don't have enough shovels to bury all your dead from the last time.

  24. I doubt its that high for Ireland. It's also one thing saying you'd fight, it's another thing actually doing it. While over a 100 years ago,. 1916 numbers is probably a more accurate reflection of percent of people who'd fight. I'd even doubt the IDFs willingness to fight .

  25. 38% of Irish people would fight for their country? There's 6 counties in the North of Ireland calling bullshit on that number....

  26. Well it’s probably accurate in terms of who says they would. In terms of who actually would? Probably different numbers. Could be more for all I know but probably a bit different.

  27. My theory is as belief in God and an after life falls so does the chances of people dying for a cause. I'd be way more up for dying if I assumed heaven was waiting.

  28. I can see people wanting to do this if feel you're looked after well in your country and would fight to preserve it but would you fight for your country that only uses you for your economic labour and couldn't give a rats arse if you can't afford to rent or a place to call home? expensive living?

  29. I mean, few invasions have ever left the invaded countries population better off than they were before, mostly worse off so I'm not sure this is the way to go

  30. Couldn’t agree more. Until recently I had no issue putting my life on the line for my country. Now I want to leave here altogether. Never thought I’d say that

  31. I’ve played enough mobile games to know that we should attack that 15% first. What’s that those clog hippies? Then Denmark. After that France. Spain will join us in a coalition. Once that’s all settled we can finally put the queen of England on onlyfans.

  32. Now ask if they would tolerate high gas prices for a couple of months to help out another country?

  33. Is nobody else going to point out the terrible choice in colour scheme?? They've coloured it as if there are positive and negative values.

  34. I'd never fight and die for Ireland. What for? Shitty government that's fucks us over? The old ass castles. The grass and trees? Seriously for what? Lol

  35. Anyone I know who believed in the armed struggle and fought for their country in Belfast when I was younger in the 1970s, 80s and 90s are all pretty messed up with PTSD and thats the ones Who didn't commit suicide.

  36. Until the bullets start flying all you can say is what you think you will do. Personally I think I would duck an run. But I'm a coward.

  37. You know based on our history I was going to disagree but the more I think about it, we've become so pussyish that were we to be out in the position where we must fight most would probably just roll over.

  38. Well, I wonder if Ireland did get invaded. Would we do what Ukraine did and only allow women and children to leave

  39. I'm guessing with France so low, it's made up. You can't predict true patriotism till invading forces land on your shores. Whatever the true number is, it's no doubt the same for every country. We are all the same at the end of the day.

  40. Ireland had gone the way of the West - we are basically a cheap prostitute for US multinationals and we have gone the way of the woke without even debating the issues - we riot over toilet roll, we cry over pronouns and best yet is we decry and demonise everything about old school masculinity but guess what - after all that we expect these same men we hate to sacrifice themselves for for what ??

  41. Doesn’t explain France though, who’s people like to riot and strike whenever someone leaves a door ajar. We’ve just gotten very comfortable and bubbled in Western Europe.

  42. Not going to kill fellow workers from another countries so that rich people from our countries benefit.

  43. What's the context though? Because Americans "Fighting for their country" means bushwhacking farmers and kids on the other side of the world. Would I fight to defend my country? Yes, but only because my family and loved ones are there, if I had no one in Ireland, then No, I wouldn't fight to defend it, I would just go to Iceland or something. Borders and countries despite our history and as hard as it to accept, are made up, and meaningless, and anyone who has died in the name of these things (strictly because of ideology) died for nothing.

  44. Its only acceptable to kill people if they come to your country and bring violence with them. Killing an invader is a social sacrifice, killing anyone else is murder. If you are the invader then you deserve to burn.

  45. I wouldnt fight for Poland because of people mentality. As a lgbt person im often scared that someone gonna set upon me for having piercings or smth. Imagine that there are many fucked up men who beat teen girls for having colorful hair.

  46. As a Brit living in Ireland for nearly 5 years, I would gladly fight and die for this country. Unless it was fighting wars in other countries for stupid political reasons. I'll only do it to keep her free and safe.

  47. Probably accurate. Like, over 30% of 110000 truck drivers Ukrainian nationality working in Poland went back to their country to fight off aggressor.

  48. Sidenote but this is some of the worst use of colour in an info graph I've ever seen. Dark colours for both high and low percentages? And mid to high getting lighter as it increases. It's all over the place.

  49. Is it ok to use the government as target practice in the run up to the war ? I'm handy enough at clay pigeon shooting but I would like to be better at being a sniper.

  50. In Fairness, if they're asked in Russia, they probably have to worry about being dragged away to a political cell if they said no

  51. This fuckin question stinks to the high heavens imho. When a question comes with a whole garbage bag stuffed with insinuations it's called bad 'framing' and it belongs in categories of questions like "Do you think we should let America be overrun by immigrants?".

  52. I'm Irish and I can safely say its far far higher. Any1 I know would be straight in line and ready. Folks forget our population isn't whats counted on our Island. We're about 70mil+ irish let that sink in....

  53. I wonder how this question was framed. Like did the people answering think it meant fight off an invader in your country or fighting for your country in a more abstract way, like with the Americans "fighting for their country" halfway across the planet.

  54. I am always wandering how they are coming up with this statistics. Its not like they interviewed whole Europe just to find out that nonsense.

  55. As someone who is both Irish and British., yes to the former more than theatter, if I'm honest. But I guess if Putin was to invade anywhere in Western Europe (and I was 30 years younger) I'd probably take up arms as one country will always lead to another.

  56. 100% chance that recent events have rendered this obsolete. I could nearly guarantee you could double many of those numbers in Europe if you took this survey now.

  57. I think there’s a difference between “would you fight for your country” with an implication of “go join the defence forces” and “would you fight for your country” with a British Invasion in mind. I personally wouldn’t fight for Ireland if we invaded another sovereign nation. I would like to think that I’d fight should we be invaded. I bet if they phrased it differently like “if Ireland was invaded by a foreign power such as the UK, China or Russia tomorrow, would you fight in its defence?” The answers may be higher

  58. With Irak and Afghanistan in clear memory, that was "fighting for your country", I would not. On home soil? My answer would perhaps change? In a defensive war where I could make a difference? That would perhaps be a yes.

  59. Looks like Russia fucked with the wrong people! If Putin had asked the Netherlands he probably would have been given the country

  60. The low numbers in the Baltic states are due to the number of ethnic Russians there, who unfortunately are likely to be the ones fighting against the country in the first place.

  61. I would fight for Ireland if the army got upscaled but I'm not saying I want it to be upscaled as there's more important matters imo

  62. I can only imagine how scared I would be in a situation Ukraine is in now. I don't think I'd be particularly helpful but no matter what I'd fight for my country.

  63. As an Irishman living in Germany for going on a decade now, I can definitely say that the 18% for here is realistic. The Bundeswehr have such a bad reputation, it's insane, no one wants anything to do with the military at all.

  64. If we were the ones being invaded, yeah absolutely. I don't like the thought of fighting if we were looking at a situation where my friends and family were being killed by a foreign army I'd absolutely fight. If we were the ones invading, fuck no.

  65. As an American it totally depends on the circumstances. Not really interested in fighting so oil companies can get fatter wallets, but defending Ukraine on behalf of the US I could be down with

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