1. If the tempo changes have anything to do with the vinyl release, it's not to fit more on a record. If I'm not mistaken the album is like 2 minutes longer now. I saw that some people had issues with tracks skipping so I assume that was fixed but I'm not entirely sure why the tempo would effect it.

  2. honestly, maybe if he is going to restock the vinyl this is how he sees the original copies can keep their value to fans, as they would all have the OG OFFLINE mix and new ones would have this new mix? 🤷‍♂️ if this is the case I am totally ok with that. I just want that sweet sweet LP vinyl. Bootleg, 2022 mix, restocks, whatever lol.

  3. he just does that, might be perfectionism, might be george lucas type deal where he just likes editing stuff. on one hand it gives us variation and interesting changes on the other it could cause (and has caused) stuff to become lost media.

  4. anyone with the vinyl know if this version is on it? if so my guess is that he wanted to clean the album up some before getting a physical pressing

  5. Might be unpopular on this one but it sounds…worse? Idk i might just need to adjust to it lol. Although i do like that he uncensored REBOUND

  6. Seems like he has completely done a lot of the vocals on DAM DAM DAM, also swapped out a few words here and there across the album

  7. i honestly really don't care for the changes, maybe its just something i'd have to get used to but i just don't care for any of them personally. The new vocal takes/unsensoring on songs sounds really odd to my ears, like the vocals aren't mixed properly or something. Not fully sure though, will have to listen to it more for sure

  8. I have the bandcamp app and it didn’t update there, the website has the new version. Just so y’all know

  9. 808 sounds more distorted on rebound + "You bitches just fuckin' whoever" line sounds like a completely different take lol

  10. interesting how he changed the filter on some of the synths in a couple songs, a lot of noticeable white noise in a few songs

  11. I loved the high pitch version originally only because of the tempo change but now after hearing this version it seriously might be my favorite Peggy song now.

  12. I saw Peggy in St. Louis last month- I don't know what he did to the beat on REBOUND! when he performed but it sounded noticeably different. I can't describe how, it just was. I welcome subtle and not so subtle changes to his songs because they keep us on our toes and keep the dopamine flowing in the mind.

  13. wow the Ghost of ranking dread is so different from the start, the main part of the beat is done all differently, more "bubbly"

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