Less is definitely more

  1. There is no evidence that Kratom nor any component of it can prevent, treat, or reduce the transmissibility of any disease on its own.

  2. i'm upset that i only really stuck to this the last month before i quit. the last month i was doing about 2 grams per dose twice a day from doing 25+ per day and it was so euphoric and perfect. I had no idea what was waiting for me. i quit like 50 days ago and feeling great but those low doses actually suprised me.

  3. Yeah I take 3g-4g doses of this new batch I have. Usually I would take 6g-8g just to feel anything. But this new batch (I always test new batches at a dose of 2g) and to my surprise I could feel it at that low of a dose. I raised it 1.5g and it was the perfect dose! During that weekend, I wanted to see if I could get rid of my back pain fully from pulling it, from being a carpet installer as my career. At 8g I couldn’t feel any of the Kratom. I was so bummed that I wasted that dose trying to get extra pain relief, when sticking to the lowest dose is always better!

  4. After a week of experiencing ridiculous anxiety, I think I'll finally test this theory myself. Looks like a couple of grams less can make a huge difference.

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