Game Thread: Los Angeles Lakers (8-12) at Milwaukee Bucks (15-5) Dec 02 2022 4:30 PM

  1. The ultimate palate cleanser we needed from that Pacers game. This was supposed to be a scheduled loss but holy fuck they actually came out with a win... In their homefloor... With Middleton out there... With Giannis and Holiday going nuts. Game of the season for sure!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Westbrook played super good. But he should not be closing games when defense is needed. It was just Ham being political, because thing about it, he’s not good defensively, and is a poor free throw shooter. Why not Troy Brown Jr. Because it would hurt Russ ego. We are playing a championship team there should be no ego.

  3. I don't think it was that, they just need some plays and offense and they were smothering Bron and AD so, with Russ it gives them another ball handler. Look at the last 5 minutes. Bron was gassed and he would toss the ball to Russ to take the ball handling off of him giving him time to catch his breath.

  4. Bro shut the fuck up. He literally out hustled on a 50/50 ball that got us a cushion lead. I wish people like you would shut up and go somewhere else. Every post you made it shitting on WB or the team. Even a win and you’re shit talking. Miserable af

  5. Russ almost gave me a heart attack with those free throws….. ah so glad to start of the weekend with a W

  6. I think if we get bogdanovic, bey, and burks we can be contenders if bron and AD play like this. This better fucking motivate pelinka to make a trade. This team way better than last year

  7. Let’s fucking GO! AD dropped 44 points 10 rebounds & 3 Blocks while Bron dropped 28 points 8 rebounds & 11 assists in a near triple double against the #1 team in the East

  8. That play is going to be GOATED when we get a chip. Epitome of all 3 players: Westbrook hustling all out, Lebron driving and dishing and AD there for a slam. What a game GO LAKERS

  9. What a fucking game. If this doesn’t show you this team can be something special then idk to tell the doomers.

  10. Holy shit what a fucking game. AD outplayed Giannis. Please stay healthy my guy. You’re playing like a mvp and dpoy. Clutch ass 3’s

  11. I'm a Bron Stan but AD was the best player tonight and Bron/Russ been perfect second and third best with 11 assists each

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