Laker's final seeding prediction

  1. It’s too early for this bro! Let’s not jinx anything and let’s just keep putting wins together and see what happens

  2. I wanna be optimistic!! We can def be in the 4-6th seed if we have more games like last nights. We can do rlly well in the playoffs. If we beat the Nuggets and Celtics next week I can see us as definite Contenders

  3. I really want 3rd seed though. We can have advantage for first round and possibly 2nd or even conference finals if there is an upset

  4. Assuming we bring in some upgrades to the rotation, I think 4-6 isn’t unreasonable. But if we’re being honest about the health of our best players, I think we could easily end up in the play in.

  5. I was called an unrealistic crazy homer for saying we could be the 6th seed even with Russ, so my answer is 6th. If we keep Russ and make a trade for a big wing I think maybe 4-5th seed. If we trade Russ for 2-3 good role players then 2-3rd seed could be possible.

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