4-road trip and Boston @CryptoArena. What record will be?

  1. If we win that Celtics game, the Lakers need to turn off all of their phones and focus on the championship lol. There’s a championships to win.

  2. If we were to go 5-0 that would put us at 15-12 we’d be 3 games above .500. Which would also probably have us in the top 7 seed. Which also would settle AD case for MVP

  3. If we can at least split the games against the Cavs and Raptors, and take care of the Pistons the road trip will be a success IMO. I say we beat the Celtics since we usually do if it's a nationally televised home game.

  4. Funny how after the week the Lakers have had, suddenly a lot more games look winnable. I’m gonna be conservative and say 3-2.

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