Welcome Nick "LS" De Cesare | Cloud9 LCS Head Coach Announcement

  1. and the first games of the year are lock-in which is pretty raw. wouldn't be surprised if C9 comes out with some insanely spicy stuff right out of the gate.

  2. Riot saw the off-season drama and said "hey, could you keep the spice flowing during the season too ?"

  3. I remember the first time I came across LS, I was a broke college student with no direction in life sitting on my bed next to my Korean GF, and told her wow this dude is an esports coach in South Korea. I was really disappointed to find out she didn't care at all, and I should have known then she would cheat on me. Now, I make six figures, have a wonderful wife, and I'm challenger all cause I twitch primed to LS.

  4. hard disagree, we are going to see fucking nasus support into kalista, how is that not exciting??????????

  5. This is 100% the best thing Jack could've done for the LCS. Declining viewership? Not anymore! We're getting LS spicy picks tested, fudge roleswap, great teams to play against in TL/100T (and probably EG, I like the roster). I'm going to be watching at least 4-5 games of it a week now (euw here so times are a bit rough normally)

  6. Only 15 mins past and there already hundreds of comments here. Let's go so hype for support Nasus.

  7. I see it now. Malphite top into Jayce, Karma/Lulu Mid to buff Kindred jungle, Nasus Senna Sup/Bot to animate Kalista Naitilus. Proceed to go 3k down by 18 minutes, objective bounties online; slams the late game 45 minute banger against CLG.

  8. I’m telling you, LS is as cracked as he is jacked. I saw him at a 7-11 the other day buying Monster and adult diapers. I asked him what the diapers were for and he said ”they contain my full power so I don’t completely shit on these kids“ then he bhopped out the door!

  9. na already won the drama world championships, guess we winning the post match thread world championships as well not a surprise

  10. He's not wrong in that people want to see him fail but when you think about it, his different approach and read of the game could be exactly what an NA team needs in order to succeed on the international stage.

  11. Literally this. If he fails then yeah whatever, we can put this one to bed finally. But this has a potential massive upside for C9. This+the new low ping server that riot is working on or the region could be really huge for the region (and C9).

  12. I’m telling you, LS is as cracked as he is jacked. I saw him at a 7-11 the other day buying Monster and adult diapers. I asked him what the diapers were for and he said ”they contain my full power so I don’t completely shit on these kids“ then he bhopped out the door!

  13. Brent is gonna be at the basketball game tonight just watch. He is a bob stoops boy through and through.

  14. As an OU fan this hurts me man.. I mean I get it’s a business and he’s just doing what’s good for his family but losing all the recruits definitely sucks

  15. When being an Iowa State fan, football fan, and League of Legends fan cross. This is the weirder than the Timmy Turner x Jimmy Neutron crossover.

  16. As an ISU fan, fuck you for reminding me there is a high chance he is gone this off-season in a non FB subreddit lol

  17. thats crazy. never wouldve thought he'd accept. can honestly see a lot of drama in case of a lose streak or something but should be really interesting regardless

  18. There's gonna be drama no matter what, whether C9 succeeds or not. This is the dream LS team with LS as head coach and his disciples as other members of the coaching staff. Depending on the results, either LS fans or LS haters are gonna have a great time this year.

  19. LS, aka Losing Streak, is the Head Coach of esports organization Cloud9. He is most famous for going 0-9 and rage quitting after his jungler died at scuttle for the 4th time in 3 games.

  20. I'm not the biggest LS fan but I gained a lot of respect for him with this move. He is finally putting into action all the theories he had for years. And it's not like he is doing for the money, I'm sure what he is getting paid as head coach is way less than what he can get from streaming.

  21. Lets just hope they block his social media access for the season. He's gonna get so much shit no matter what.

  22. Honestly this is one of the biggest risks. A coach’s mental imploding is a really big deal, and LS’ anxiety is likely to go through the roof with all the pressure this season.

  23. Its going to be pretty interesting to see how this works. LS thinks about the game pretty differently from others, so its cool to see what happens his ideas are brought to life in an actual team environment and how it will compare to other coaches ideas of the game

  24. I'm not a huge LS fan but I'll always give him credit for people not just defaulting to building morello second anymore

  25. well people kept telling him "join a team and show everyone what you got" so now he finally did it. be sure tho that every win or loss c9 has from now on will be overanalyzed as fuck on social media

  26. Yeah and I hope LS stays away from social media as much as he can, or I hope that Jack and him are as professional to not let what a bunch of silver redditors say affect them in any way, because LS's analysis is really really good, but theory is never the same as practice, he will be a good coach and will be forever a good analyst but from there to him succeeding is a very different thing. Which is something people will never take it as it is, people will see wins or loses only.

  27. He has coached several teams though? The only one that really worked out was Supa Hot Crew though, which he got randomly kicked from one day.

  28. What do you mean finally lol, he's already coached a team but the results were waved off because [insert excuses here].

  29. People are hyping up the next LCS season because of the return of Bjerg and the TL super team. Nah fuck that, I want to see C9 Fudge slay with Cho'Gath mid and other such LS shenanigans

  30. It sounded like they're basically importing a scrim team(s?) from KR soloqueue? That's very interesting. Those inhouses will be crazy.

  31. Im grabbing popcorn for the thread at the end of spring split, whatever happens is gonna be spicy seeing people either praise the LS dogma or shit on him super hard.

  32. I think no matter how it goes his stans will claim he's a coaching savant and his haters will claim he's dogshit

  33. It's really cool how C9 commits to giving their coach full authority of the team, going so far to even ensure that all supporting pieces are in line with the coaches philosophy and I don't think there's a better person you could give this authority to than LS. Even though they're taking a lot of risks, I could see this becoming one of the best teams in NA history and I hope people realize that there will likely be some growing pains before this comes to fruition.

  34. I don't think he would have came otherwise. He's talked as nauseam about stacking the deck and getting as many like minded or people who view the game in the same way on the team is the best chance at success. This is trike about as stacked a deck as you could get.

  35. Honestly most people are excited for his ideas. What im really excited for is to see how the infrastructure for pracitce is going play out. Very exciting stuff. You can't say that there are a lot people in league that can change the way the whole infrastructure of teams is done. Ls might do it though.

  36. The change that they are making with the scrimming sounds super promising. I think that if they can show scrimming a good academy team matters, other teams will invest more in the academy scene and more NA talent will have the chance to rise.

  37. Thorin made a good video about it where there's almost no other coaches in the league scene that try to be 'original thinkers'. They're all just mindless copy-cat drones that watch soloQ and other regions to form their opinions. Which isn't a bad thing if you also augment or try to test or come up with new theories on your own.

  38. Even with all the Church followers on this team I was still doubting whether LS would really go for the head coach position. I’m not that much of a fan of LS but it’s super exciting to see his ideas executed on the biggest stage like this.

  39. He says in the video that there are a lot of people who want him to fail, but bruh, hes leaving his home in Korea, to coach for us in NA, and says hes trying to do damage to LCK and LPL. How can yall not want him to succeed.This is hella exciting, and i havent watched LCS in a long time, but now i am very interested! Lets go C9!

  40. Honestly, quality coaching was the big thing C9 was missing last year. Even Reapered was getting complacent towards the end and not pushing the team to adapt to the meta properly.

  41. happy for LS tho im not his biggest fan. really curious to see how he does, good luck c9. I'll be cheering since i like summit

  42. 2022 is really stacking up for a lot of good stories. LS leading a perfect C9 for him, Bjerg coming back to be playing for a new TL super team, 100T running back their roster after just winning the split, and EG giving their two rookies faith and a real test.

  43. As a G2/LEC fan, even Perkz joining C9 couldn't tempt me to watch the LCS. Now we've got Hans Sama, Bwipo and L.S. I can't ignore T.L. and C9 games. I'm especially interested in what L.S can do for C9.

  44. Damn thats the biggest loss of the offseason... but Im sure if C9 cant compete in a tournament we can expect streams with some live guests

  45. Church members, LS haters, C9 fans... everyone wins. No matter what this is going to be entertaining.

  46. Bro as i finished the video i was like, imagine if this c9 team with LS and the entire church actually becomes insane and takes down asian teams.

  47. I mean it was kinda obvious, cloud9 signed 3 koreans signed malice and made an offer to nemesis in 1 preseason

  48. F*** i just realized, if LS becomes head coach then he won't have a lot of time to stream content. He's one of the few streamers I watch... Sadge

  49. This is the best thing to happen to the LCS in a LONGG time, someone with different ideas to the norm being given the infrastructure and resources to realise their perspective of the game, and if this works out it will transform the way teams think about academy teams, coaching, and the game as a whole.

  50. OMFG, The roster was already exciting, but with LS in charge i just cant wait to see what this C9 can do.

  51. He might have slight champ pool issues at the start but Fudge has shown that he learns extremely quickly and him and LS basically have the same style so he should be fine in terms of lane understanding.

  52. Whether it's successful or not, it's gonna be really exciting to see how this works out. It'll certainly make me want to watch LCS more now.

  53. I'm really excited for this! LS is obviously a decisive person for quite a few so I'm sure people will hate this, flame him, the team etc. but I'm juiced for it. I want to see if he can implement some of these systems. I wish him the best and can't wait to see c9 games now!

  54. Fudge Blaber Nemesis Berserker Isles/Winsome would have been so sick in my opinion its sad that Nemesis seems to be completely done with proplay otherwise I dont see a single reason why he would decline with his dream scenario.

  55. Goddamn, do I really need to support cloud9 now? Wish him all the best as coach for C9, hope he finally shuts all the mouths of his hater. T1 really missing out

  56. As much as I dislike LS I’m gonna equally ENJOY seeing him coach. His idea are nuts but if they end up working at a pro level then we’re in for some entertainment

  57. I mean I know LS was signaling he wasn't gonna sign, but with all of Cloud 9's roster moves, did we really expect this to not happen?

  58. Malice move absolutely gave it away. No way that guy permanently says he has "no interest in playing pro" and is generally toxic/unpopular as well as overlooked, but suddenly decides on a gig with C9 Academy.

  59. Actually insane that he turned around on his position on pro coaching. Despite what all the naysayers and legitimate, unhealthily obsessed people are going to say, this is a big move and the team already had great success under Max and Veigar, which both are "students" of LS and remember when he would promote their coaching before being signed to teams. Excited to see how it all comes together and gives himself, but more importantly, the scene, a chance to see a different approach to the game at a pro level. I wish the best for him and the rest of the team; they have a really solid foundation and Fudge seems to continually improve every time we see him. Stay safe and take care!

  60. I'm sure the money was there, but with all this talk I think he probably felt it was time to put up or shut up. He's always talked about how he was so unsure with what the next step is, and coaching kind of makes the decision for him. Either he's been right all these years, or he can just go back to content and stay there.

  61. Correct me if I'm wrong but Veigar wasn't coached by LS. LS simply promoted him because he saw Veigar as a fundamentally really solid coach and recommended him to C9.

  62. No matter what happens this is positive for the LCS. Somebody with completely different and radical ideas is exactly what North America. We’ve consistently been out-micro’s and destroyed in macro. If LS can really do this it will be the closest NA will get to results.

  63. I expect never to see a b1 renekton or gnar response. And excited to see xerath and annie mid. Oh man i cant wait to see the comments when ls drafts.

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