Can LCS adopt "Fearless mode" for Lock-in?

  1. Fearless mode would be great because when it comes to draft 80% of the teams lock in shitty conservative comps week after week. I think this should honestly work this way moving forward for LCS to force people to be uncomfortable with a larger pool of picks required to succeed. This should go to worlds formats as well!

  2. I think it would add so much more depth to draft, and force a lot more creativity. It would reward teams like G2 for the very reason why we enjoy watching them so much.

  3. How about every week every team can make one pick that is banned all week. I know it is 10 champions but that should weed out anything that would be OP currently.

  4. How much power does the players association have? It sounds like the biggest obstacle to this would be the players themselves that don’t want to have to innovate and prepare more drafts

  5. Yeah this sounds like it'd cause the players to throw fit. Imagine having to actually earn your mid 6 figure paycheck.

  6. The strategy teams can implement with this is pretty fun too. Do you save some of the op champs for g2 and 3 when you really need the W? Letting x champs through early so you can hopefully ban them later? Would make drafts way more interesting in Bo3 and 5’s

  7. Ngl I would go as far as eliminating every champ used. And not restricting it only to the winner.

  8. I want a for fun tournament that does this. MSI or all starts or something. I'd love to see game 5 of a bo5 series where nobody can play the top 40 picks. D tier pocket picks.

  9. Fearless mode doesn’t only restrict it for the winner. It just restricts whatever you played the so far in that best of series. The opposing team not affected just means that if you play a champion, the enemy team can still play it in the next game but you can’t.

  10. Read it again. It doesn't restrict only the winners'. Both teams are restricted but they are only restricted by champs they pick themselves. Team A picking Xayah in Game 1 won't restrict Team B from picking her Game 2 regardless of who wins or losses.

  11. I always pondered Bo5s having a 2-use limit, where each team can either pick or ban a champion twice. You can play it twice, you can ban it twice, or you could pick once/ban once. It would open a lot of interesting avenues because if, say Team A plays Xayah the first two games, they can no longer pick it OR ban it, so Team B essentially never has to worry about it. They can pick it whenever they want and never have to use a ban on it. Or, if a team is really afraid of facing a champion, guess what, they'll HAVE to face it at some point because they can only ban it or pick it away in two games.

  12. It could be fun to watch, at least the first few games, but I don't see anyone admiting they created a useless tourney and do something for fun.

  13. I like this idea but I can already see some players complaining about it because they can no longer just pick the same 1-2 champs in their role anymore.

  14. I really don't understand the argument of "Lock in feels useless so......... make them play more champs. That'll make people want to watch!"

  15. Yall dont realize by pushing players on to champs they aren't comfortable with you don't get to see a bunch of new things. Players will just do literally nothing because they aren't comfortable enough to play the fucking game. So you'll get games where teams just either get blown the fuck out or do nothing but farm. This is the opposite of what would make league more fun to watch.

  16. Then the players with zero champ pool will get forced out and replaced by players that have flexible champ pools. The average pro player then becomes better. Even if your hypothetical is real and the upcoming pro games are shit as a result, it's not like seeing the same 15 champs every game is fun. Most pro games aren't really that high quality to begin with and do end up in long farm-fests anyway.

  17. This is just a bandaid fix to the stale-bread balance philosophy that Riot has engaged for the past 2+ years of league. It would only serve to further the divide between regions, as LCS teams would be compelled to practice a different draft format and different champions than the other regions. While essentially banning more champions is one way to increase diversity in the viewing experience, it's not really fair unless it's done by uniform change applicable to all regions.

  18. Not a great take. Some of the blame falls on the players for only practicing the same handful of champions and never branching out. Instead as champs are nerfed, they cycle through their paper, rock, scissors pond of champions which is why we often see midlane for example cycle through azir, corki, Viktor, syndra, ori with little to no deviation even though there are more viable champs.

  19. Anything to make the game more interesting at that semi professional level (excluding eg, 100t, TL, c9)

  20. From someone who is 31yo and started watching back in s2, I wish Riot would do things like these. I stopped being a hardcore fan back in 2019, but still watch some LCS matches when my favorite teams are playing hoping to one day see NA make it past quarters again. Other than that I just have no incentive to watch the LCS anymore. All my favorite players have retired and I almost exclusively only watch their streams instead of the broadcast because it’s way more fun. I just want the league to be around and be as popular and fun as it used to be so that when my newborn twins are old enough they can join me and watch NA win Worlds. Maybe.

  21. They will never do it. It would just expose the fact that a lot of pros have shitty champion pools and can't even play more than 5 on a competitive level.

  22. I think this is a fun and exciting idea for lock-in. However, I wouldn’t want anything like this outside of that kind of environment.

  23. I think should should have been doing this for bo5 for a long time, I’m sick of the same 12 champs for an entire bo5

  24. Lockin is worthless because every year we have a bunch of imports and every year those imports arent ready to play by the time the season starts. Every. Fucking. Year.

  25. Watching T1 comp with Yasuo Yone Lee Diana was such a joy. Wish teams would do more comps like this .

  26. Bro why do you want to expose NA talent's champion puddle. LCS is having a rough enough time as is without setting up a tournament to showcase just how shit we are at playing anything other than the meta that daddy korea tells us to.

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