Dignitas vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2022 Summer - Week 5 / Post-Match Discussion

  1. You have a 4-0 jinx with 4 items, do you A) play front to back and protect the jinx or B) dive a zeri and leave your jinx alone to die to a fed gnar

  2. That was one of the worst teamfights I've seen in a while. If they had no idea where Gnar was you could credit Cloud 9 with a good play but Dig knew exactly where he was. The more you watch it the more issues you see - Gamsu taking dragon damage for no reason and trapping himself in the pit, after wasting his ult. The engage not doing anything, and engaging when Gnar was at 99% bar. Poppy didn't do anything the fight including ult.

  3. I’m definitely excited to see more Spawn. Great debut game for him, even if his team didn’t win.

  4. I'm at least happy that bottom half LCS teams like C9 and Dignitas can still deliver a banger back a forth game rather than it being a stomp either way.

  5. I mean their lane matchups should always be ahead in CS except bot, which is exactly what happened and they equalized kills at that fight.

  6. 2 hypercarrys.. Let's make one jump into 5 people so he can't do damage while we just leave the other one to die so we don't have any damage in the fight.. Genius

  7. Not at all clean by C9. Fudge clearly the MVP of the game and the season so far for C9. It probably shouldn’t have happened, but him marking blue and spawn on those separate fights were p game deciding.

  8. I think this isn't even his worse play. There was this one time by mid bottom side brush, him on Corki. He just straight up right clicked once and let his champion auto-path running past enemies as they attacked him.

  9. Didn't think it was possible to fuck up an azir flash+ult with 2 people with no flash, learning something new everyday

  10. Insanity has been on the war path this year trying to get back into LCS. He was slapping amateur kids around (no reason he ever should have been in amateur) and now he’s slapping everyone in academy around, including Lider.

  11. Gamsu decides to solo ult the gnar for some damage instead of keeping the impactful ult for the fight about to happen in 10 seconds. Then they sprint it down in a botched engage.

  12. Gamsu and Blue just have to save their ults to peel for the Jinx and they win the front to back 8 times out of 10. The onus is never on DIG to initiate in that position.

  13. Not sure if it has any merit, but I liked Phreaks defense for Baron over Soul. Personally, I would have said soul, but what he is saying does make sense.

  14. Huge game from Spawn regardless of end result. Guy played his heart out - hopefully he gets a chance to play in the studio next week too.

  15. Not a fan of the udyr because like voli he makes all of your plays super telegraphed. Which will work against weaker teams but not stronger teams.

  16. Blue is one of a kind player. From the absolute worst mid laner in the LEC to the absolute worst mid laner in the LCS… My man built different

  17. River kept Blaber out of most of those smites but the one time he doesn't get his ult off on Blaber it's just a wipe for C9.

  18. Cloud9 may have won this game UT they are not looking so hot. They really need to step it up as a team really fast.

  19. As a C9 fan, I came out feeling disappointed despite the win. If they went up against a good team they never would have won in this circumstance. It feels like they’re looking worse week after week.

  20. blue has to be the worst import ever. the real reason LCS is dying is because of trash can organizations like dignitas who think using their import slot on someone who isn't even an LEC tier mid is a good decision. that their coach decided on bringing him should have gotten him fired instantly.

  21. You have a Gragas, Rakan and Poppy on your team but somehow Azir is the best choice for engaging the team fight. That must one of the most boneheaded plays I have ever seen

  22. And I thought Lec Larssens Azir ult was bad at the baron earlier today, he was just topped. Literally everyone dives in and just leaves their entire team in Jinx to die to fudge

  23. Dig had that game. The played that last fight as bad as possible. Left Spawn to die. Miss Azir Ultimate. Its late game with 2 hypercarry, they should have just play it slow and kick the jungler out and smite the elder.

  24. Both C9 games against Dig this split had me sweating. Clutched the game at the end, but that next to last team fight could have sealed the deal.

  25. I don't know how to feel. Even when C9 got the gold lead (and they never lost it), it.never felt they were in control of the game.

  26. I feel like every time I checked the broadcast Dig was winning fights and skirmishes but still lost .5-1k gold. Doomed team.

  27. I’m on the Reddit dark theme, the champion names in the match breakdown make it so it’s black on black and super hard to read. If this is a problem for multiple users using Reddit dark theme can the text color of champion names be changed?

  28. Watching NA after watching LEC is like playing Yasuo after watching Dzukill, you always think you can do as good, and you always end up dissapointing

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