1.5-2k pos4 players who climbed above 3k. How did you do it?

  1. I know this doesn’t sound that helpful. But do more things, provide more impact. A lower mmr support may say.. “I harassed the enemy safe lane a ton! Why didn’t we win the lane? Where a higher mmr support says “I harassed the enemy safelane, I picked off a courier that I knew would be coming with more regen, I pulled the hard camp at 19. I secured both ranged creeps with spells, AND I rotated mid to secure a water/power rune. That is a laning stage example. This can be true for any part of a dota game. Let’s say it’s a rosh fight. A lower mmr player might be like I used my cm ulti outside the pit and it lasted 6 sec before wk stunned me. Why didn’t we win the rosh fight? Where a higher lvl cm says “I canceled the earthshaker’s blink before rosh was about to fall with frost nova, I saved my frostbite for a fast disable on the void spirit coming in to steal ageis, I force staffed my ageis carrier after he got the ageis but was gonna die to the WK. Then I slowed the wk with my second frost nova and channeled ult behind a tree when I had already ensured the enemy didn’t have vision by warding/dewarding before the rosh fight

  2. Picking a hero that can shove waves, so heroes with consistent wave clear spells (better if hero has an escape ability or a natural blink dagger buyer). During the downtime (some, if not all sidelane T1s are pushed) both pos 1s will probably AFK farm jungle (assuming somewhat even game) you can take the farm from the dead lane (dangerous side lane since many potential gank spots) This does a few things:

  3. Like the other guy said. Pick a support that can escape/hide in the trees of the sidelane while shoving it. Play like you're a 4th core when the game calls for it, but build useful items (manta on Mirana is trash, go eul/wraith pact). Let your 5 do most of the warding but bring an OBS/detection with you whenever you're going into their side of the map. Alot of the time, your 5 is a slow immobile guy and you're a fast dude, use your courier and your escape abilities to get rid of their powerful highgroubd wards.

  4. The replies you have so far are on point. Really there are many small things that you can do in the game that completely change the outcome of whatever is happening. Laning stage, being able to harass before 1min, then blocking enemy camp, and trying to stack your pull camp at the same time in order to deny a full wave, stopping enemy from pulling, or if that’s not possible getting your pull off at the same time to keep lane equilibrium. Power runes at 6min if your mid core can help gank, I’m talking about heroes that are fast paced (spirit heroes, qop, puck.. etc) and while doing that trying to get a stack off too. Making sure your team has enough regen or defensive items.

  5. I am 6k pos 4 player. Back when I was 3k-ish I'd put a lot of emphasis on just pushing waves and farming (spamming jakiro back then which enabled that gameplay) I would often be highest level in the game. Now some noobs might be like oh you greefed your cores farm supports shouldn't farm! I was highest level not because I took a lot of farm but because my team was trash they would constantly fight and die and have no NW or sometimes just walk around the midlane along with the enemy just mexican stand offing each other in case a fight broke out. This is such a horrible habit and you see it a lot in low mmr games. If you see this happening get out on the map just save your tp in case a fight happens. If you determine the fight is bad and your team has already lost don't bother tping, sometimes you can take a t2 when they're taking t1 mid. I got out by farming and pushing but as I climbed I reallized that wasn't enough to keep climbing, there wasn't even that much farm on the map because cores actually farmed. That was when I realized the value of making plays on the map but that's another story.

  6. Pos 4 here, previously 2.4k climbed to 2.6-2.7k by playing huskar mid (at that time, huskar was broken af). After that, climbed to 3.1k by playing only earth spirit. Switched from pos 2 to pos 4 because I enjoyed thinking while playing instead of being pressured lol.

  7. Be more active, be less reactive, pick a hero that can give them problem to solve, abuse your hero and create chaos for them to solve, instead of being reactive to enemy problems and try to solve problem they caused, like if you pick shadow shaman your ult can create big problems and force them to react to your play to def and your shackle is a big problem for enemy that is off position, understand what you can abuse with certain hero and 'create' problem. Be active, less hitting creeps

  8. a lower rank player will commit too much on lane such as harassing enemy carry out of your brain, harassing is nice but dont forget the main thing about pos 4 you should have done which is rotate. Secure 3 min bounty runes and every power rune each 2 min this way enemy midlaner will be ruined and they stuck on their lane due to 0 rune he got. The most important thing that high mmr pos 4 player does before they secure the rune they will make sure his pos 3 on a safe zone you should pull big camp before you are rotating this way you can make your solo 3 having a good time farming solo exp in a safe place while ruining enemy midlaner.

  9. Years ago, during the TI where everyone chose alch, I played only alch and ancient apparition and faceless void here and there. Went from 2k to 3.5k in 2 months or so after finding a very simple guide that I followed for each hero

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