This Game is Insanely Toxic

  1. I've started applying a "In an ideal world, would someone with 10k behavior score act this way?" standard to reporting people for comms abuse. I report people every 2 or 3 games now, which is way more than I used it before. I have no idea what's happening as a result, but at least I get the false impression that I'm trying to do something about it!

  2. Man its not just behaviour score always... I mean yeah it is better having 10k bs, but the problem is our report system is flawed as fuck. Griefers and other toxic people arent punished hard enough to get some good games. And also overwatch system just sucks, 1 out of 20+ matches i get that message of someone got lp, and out of those 20 games there are griefing picks in ranked or just straight griefers that arent punished whatsoever

  3. I honestly want behavior score to go up to 100k, with average of 50k and really good scores at 80k. It shouldn't be possible to have a max behavior score unless you are the most PMA person out there.

  4. Dota is a fantastic game and you shouldn't let a handful of assholes stop you from playing. It is good that you are letting them know you are new as soon as you get in the lobby. But there are really only a couple things you can do beyond that.

  5. Think you summed it up pretty well. I definitely have a lot to learn still, especially certain roles. For context, last game I played I was forced to play hard support which I'm not as familiar with and got screamed at over voice chat for not stacking camps properly.

  6. It’s not a handful, it’s everyone. At least I’m unranked/low ranks. And you can’t say it’s just low skill players because they are all smurfs 😆

  7. It's true that every game has toxic players, but dota is on another level, even at 10k bs at all brackets it's far, far too common.

  8. half the toxicity could be prevented by regionlocking (at least ranked roles soloqueue) and actually banning smurfs/acc buyer (regionlocking being more important than the banning. I loose more games due to racist teammates than smurfs/acc buyer)

  9. Yeah I am just almost a year into playing now and this game has the most insanely toxic playerbase I've ever encountered. I come from mainly starcraft and the difference in sportsmanship is mind boggling. Such a tiny appetite for self reflection and self improvement in the lower levels of dota mmr. Most players act like hormonal stupid 13 year olds but you can see their first game was in 2013 and you just know that this is actually some 30 year old adult freaking out

  10. Comparing DotA with Starcraft is kinda flawed. One game is single player, the other is multiplayer. When people loses, they will always look for scapegoats. That's just human nature. Toxic ragers are everywhere in games like csgo, LoL, not just DotA.

  11. Just played a game as lifestealer and had: Pos5 shaman: following me trying to take last hits for 10 mins Pos4 cm: sitting in base afk Pos3 wraith king: stealing all farm on map but creating no space Pos2 sf: stealing all farm on map but creating no space

  12. Heard a streamer a few days ago (can’t remember who) saying that the game is as toxic as you let it be. Just mute the players who start flaming someone and enjoy the game.

  13. What do you mean pay 1 mil shards to avoid them? Does avoiding people cost shards? I maintain a full avoid list based on the worst people I see regularly in my games, but I've never noticed a shard cost.

  14. Unfortunately it's not game dependent, it's the generation of people that play. Their overall behavior is toxic, entitled, selfish, etc... Just easier to be a dick behind a computer screen

  15. Isn't it when in this game I can, over voice, yell racial expletives with zero repercussions when in league I'm banned after that game?

  16. The problem is that you're being put into games with people who do know how to play, which means you're ruining every game you join. There aren't enough people at your level to fill a game.

  17. The problem is no one wants to learn the game. New player mode, practice with bots options are in the game for that reason. New players just hop in games and have no clue what’s going on then complain when they get flamed. How about take some time and learn the game. And you’re going to get flamed no matter how long you’ve been playing the game. That’s just Dota

  18. Hell yeah it is when I can call people whatever I want over voice with absolutely zero repurcussion. I directly link my thick skin in real life to the fact I play this game. Whether or not that's a good thing idk but it's true lmao

  19. Maybe this is a region specific issue? I’m a new player on US East and everyone has been really helpful

  20. It’s very reciprocal for me. If you are nice to people and the game is going ok/good it’s easy for them to be nice. When the game is going bad the trolls come out.

  21. Not new, but I always queue us west whenever I can... Us east is way more toxic and sometimes the non-English players just do whatever they want from the start and not even trying to win

  22. Right here with you. But I'm brand spanking new. People are awful. Like super super awful. In foreign languages awful.

  23. Best advice i give all new players, do your best to learn the game before going into unranked and try to act not new. Your mechanics can suck, and people will accept that, but if you don't know the difference between a support and a carry you need to be playing bots and learning what the heros and items do. I mean the nicest way possible, because I hate when new players leave the game because of the toxicity, but it is frustrating to deal with people who know nothing about the game. Dota takes a lot of learning outside of play time to be even remotely decent. Watch some BSJ videos, play coop bot games, read every heros skills and maybe demo them, read all the items, and then take it to unranked. It seems harsh but that is the only way for new players to enjoy dota.

  24. Bruh the mute option exists. You already know it’s toxic, and here you are complaining. That’s like jumping into water and complaining it’s wet lmao

  25. Yes it is really bad. If it is any consolation, it doesn't have that much to do with you being bad. You could win TI and poeple would still flame you for being bad. I just have the chat turned off, there is no hope of betterment.

  26. It definitely is, and I'm sorry. Definitely not trying to make excuses for shitty behavior, but try to reach out to some folks to stack with who can be supportive and help ease you back in. What server are you on?

  27. Well you suck and you know it. Definitely good to let your team know at the beginning. After that, get thick skin and use the negativity more as a feedback gauge. Also if you want to learn a new core hero, say like slark, make it 100% clear to your team BEFORE they draft that you are playing support. I gotta say, that’s the worst, when a complete noob goes carry so I pick some support that doesn’t scale and we’re just fucked and can’t even play the game. I wish the tutorial would explain shit like this. Also, wish they had some better beginner mode. I get it that the beginner pool is so small that have to match with more experienced players, but perhaps incentivize coaching beginning players. Like, queue to coach a beginner and you get some rewards.

  28. That's why mute button exists. You can't change the fact that people take this game that seriously, coz this beautifully complex game naturally produces tryhards. Dota players don't play to have fun, they play to WIN.

  29. A lot of people saying to mute toxic teammates immediately, I agree this is definitely the way to go. Don't get me wrong I have fun playing the game so this isn't gonna stop me, but I'm still taken aback by how consistently toxic people are almost every game. Even if it's not me being flamed, someone's raging.

  30. yep, just mute, and dont wait with that, premute straight away at match start or after 1st toxic thing. Game is fun even when no comunication.

  31. Just mute everyone. I am new too and get "ranked" against herald players and you have to realize that they also don't know shit about the game, otherwise they wouldn't be matched with or against us. Their opinion is worthless and you have to treat it like that.

  32. I can't tell how much toxic person SEA server has made me. I used to play chess before Hopping onto dota 2 after 7-8 yrs of break. Never had any arguments with opponents in chess but now that I'm used to SEA server, i start to flame my opponents even if i loose/they loose.

  33. Biggest tip, the moment anyone says or pings negatively then just mute them. It makes your game much more enjoyable, and they would not teach you much.

  34. People say sea is the most toxic but man, unless you experience yourself you have no idea what toxic is. I'm an adult who have a serious job and could care less about flaming or proving myself in dota, and generally dgaf attitude to it, guess what, few month into it I basically want to just hide.

  35. I stopped playing this game like 4+ months ago and it was the best decision of my life. I enjoy life more. The toxicity really got to me and drove me crazy. I also feel like I became more toxic overall even outside of the game because of what I had to put up with all the time. If it really bothers you, then maybe you shouldn’t play. It’s worked great for me.

  36. disable any communication in the social setting of the options menu. also look into modding it so chat wheel sounds are disabled too

  37. New player here with just above 600hrs. One thing I’ve learned is making sure you don’t die in the early game. And practice one hero and their abilities. Fail 10 games that’s fine. But then when you start to win there’s nothing stopping you. Also mute toxic players. It’s easy as that.

  38. Have you found anyone you can play with, having a partner to enjoy the game with makes it heaps better. My guild is pretty chill, we play together - it’s awkwardly wholesome.

  39. I region lock myself to NA West/East, so take what I say with a grain of salt. When I picked up DOTA2 again after a couple years hiatus, I always let my teammates know I’m new during hero select. 9/10 of the times, they were willing to guide me/give me tips when I was shit. I began by playing support to learn the basics again, such as lane control, how to pull, etc.

  40. At the risk of being "that guy", Dota is nothing compared to league in terms of toxicity. Also I think it wildly depends on what server you're playing on.

  41. Agreed, dota game is stale and full of toxic assholes and hasn't attracted new players in almost 4 years so everyone who plays is very experienced. Best thing to do is play with friends or find a better game to play.

  42. Don’t play turbo. You won’t learn the game anyway from that. Stay at 10k behavior score. Mute enemy team chat. Mute guys which are toxic immediately.

  43. just tap out now, if you don't have thousands of hours already, just leave, go play something else, it's not worth it. mobas die with dota and league. go play tarkov or something

  44. theres a mute option. Also dont make boneheaded plays, think about what you need to do and at least makes some sense into your moves.

  45. You just need to play more and get more experience. At the moment you are ruining games and wast by peoples time. Mute everyone me and just play. Eventually you’ll stop making so obvious game ruining mistakes and only encounter mild toxicity.

  46. Wow so this really happens everywhere, had to stop Valorant after a week cos of too many tryhards

  47. Nah, 3, 4 or 5 man queue or honestly don't bother. Had situations where we queue as a 4 stack into unranked and the single random starts flaming from pick phase because my mid didn't take viper.

  48. I know im too late and will probably get downvoted, but all of these comments about how its too easy to maintain 10k score are totally delusional. The reality is the majority of people at 10k score are people who never use mic, never type in chat, and dont make any attempt at communicating or playing the game with their team. They play their own game in auto pilot with some music and if they lose then oh well! Definitely had nothing to do with the fact i was completely absent from the game! Like im sorry that when you were new at support, your carry player asked why you were just standing still behind him under tower as hes fighting over cs with 2 enemies and said dude can you pull instead of doing nothing? But thats not toxic. I know it hurt your feelings, but again, thats not toxic. I see the same tendency on the main reddit, but basically in the mind of most of you guys the perfect scenario would be one where no mic or typing communication of any kind would be allowed, no taunts, no tipping, pauses heres the reality for anyone who thinks the game has gotten more toxic or maybe 10k score should be harder to maintain = if someone says something to you you dont like, press the mute button! Its literally like magic! They can no longer communicate with you!

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