Purchasing a house with a gf

  1. This is definitely the easiest route. Partitioning a house after a relationship ends can be difficult. If OP moves forward, it needs to be with a written agreement as to what would happen with the house if they break up.

  2. Just know that this situation can get ugly, too, because it would require you to "evict" her if you want to break up. Also, I can't imagine any independent woman even agreeing to that kind of arrangement in the first place. I know I wouldn't, and I would probably harbor some resentment over your even suggesting it...

  3. You would want to talk to a real estate attorney. They would have ideas on how best to handle joint ownership. They would also likely have experience with similar written agreements on what to do if the relationship falls apart

  4. I tend to agree with some commenters that buying a home with a girlfriend is a terrible idea. Buy it on your own If possible and once you marry amend the ownership which is a pretty simple process later on.

  5. Other commenters are giving you the standard advice, which is good. However i think you circumstances might be a but different. You have a child together, you act in loco parentis to her other children, presumably you share finances to which you both contribute. You have long passed the time when a break up would be clean and uncomplicated.

  6. Do not buy house with girlfriend. Consult real estate attorney for lease and other options for renting to girlfriend and understanding full cycle of lease, giving notice at end of lease if required.

  7. NAL. If you do purchase a home together, make sure the mortgage is in both your names and the title is listed as "you", unmarried individual and "gf", unmarried individual as tenants in common. In TIC unlike joint tenants, you can list the percentage of the house that you each own. The percentage would go to either of your estates if one or both die.

  8. like others have said - do not buy a house with her right now. when/if you get married you can buy with her, or if you buy now and get married later, you can refinance into both your names.

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