Questions for Mark Zuckerberg - post from Lex Fridman

  1. I think if you go in for the hard questions, you're only going to get rehearsed responses. As Mark seems to be able to navigate this, I would go with a highly philosophical discussion... actually see his values and not the company punch lines. Good luck, going to be a hard one to people please!

  2. I like this approach largely because I'm curious if Zuckerberg is capable of carrying on a philosophical discussion about his own work. My hunch is that he lacks the intellect for it. But the truth is that most of us know very little about Zuckerberg really, or his capacity for reflecting honestly and perceptively about his place in history and the history of ideas. In any case, I think Lex will feel him out on this as it's his style.

  3. I think his actions won't match his philosophical thoughts, beliefs etc tbh , it can't. Maybe he should ask if they are actually capable or regulating anything

  4. I'm actually not sure this will be a hard one to people please. People on the internet seem to almost universally resent Mark, often for completely unfounded reasons.

  5. I think this is a very interesting discussion, especially the implication that marks main motivation was him being rejected by the girl at the start of the film (spoiler:

  6. I would be interested to hear his thoughts on the hate people seem to have towards billionaires, and sometimes him specifically. Is there anything he thinks these people misunderstand or wishes they knew that might re-contextualize things?

  7. I know you didn’t ask me but this is a topic I dwell on. I’m a bit of an Elon sycophant but certainly see his flaws. The haters I know have a few things in common:

  8. Ask him about the internal studies that showed social media is damaging to adolescents and why they chose to keep marketing towards them knowing it’s bad for them.

  9. Yes! I wouldn’t start this question with the Facebook intentionally marketing to kids angle. I want to hear his thoughts on social media and mental health in general. Maybe also his personal use & experience. Phrasing it like that will probably prompt a PR response.

  10. Money. What else is a plausible reason? This question will probably not get Lex into the beautiful discussions that have made is podcast so valuable.

  11. This has been addressed over and over again. First of all these studies, like most social science, are impossible to design in a fashion that does anything other than confirm the bias of the study sponsor/practitioner.

  12. After watching his last talk with Elon Musk, I highly doubt that he REALLY dares to ask difficult questions out of fear they may leave or some other reasons...

  13. To what end? Anything asked about facebook and their issues will get a PR response. No need to waste time on hearing exactly what has been stated before in press conferences. Save the time for questions that will actually get an answer.

  14. He gets publicly bullied on the internet a lot. People make memes about him being a lizard or psychotic robot. How does he deal with this? Does it get to him or is he pretty much immune to that kind of thing by now? As I understand it, he is on the autism spectrum and doesn’t have control over these idiosyncrasies that people make fun of him for.

  15. This is not responding to any one thing in particular but Lex isn't an attack dog and doesn't intentionally seek out conflict with his guests and I'm not really sure why people want him to do that. It isn't his style and he probably isn't good at putting people in uncomfortable situations. I can understand why people want him to grill high profile guests but that aggressive style simply isn't why he has become popular.

  16. I thought the same thing. It is as if people want to feel congratulated because they knew that social media "harms" teens and people in general. But it is like stating that fire can burn you. If you yourself cannot perceive how much you should utilize a certain object, the thing is on you. In the long run, you could understand how much use or not use the object. If not, you might not have collected sufficient informations in order to think about that.

  17. I really like these suggestions. I am betting that most everyone is salivating to slam him over the ethics of his decisions and products. I wouldn't mind a delve into more of the questions about who he is as a person. It's more insightful.

  18. I'd be curious to know if Mark feels that he has possibly surrounded himself with a group of people who are insulating him and could in fact be problematic in some ways, as talented as I'm sure they are.

  19. Nice thinking outside the box! I hope lrx goes for more philosophy or psychology driven questions. Everything else will be met with disappointing canned responses

  20. a big problem that has emerged in the last decade is the loss of fertility and the number of young adults(men and women) having sex, it's often attributed to the rise in smartphone addiction and that people aren't going out much and stay home to entertain themselves with a screen, as a young adult with friends in the same situation I tend to agree.

  21. I feel like this would be like watching a train wreck. You don't want to watch, but can't stop. Lex would save some of it, but one man can only do so much.

  22. Ask about his views on becoming multi-planetary? Does he thinks it’s important? What are his views on mortality? Idk if I’ve ever heard him talk about this before.

  23. Why did he choose to pivot the company to the metaverse when it seems like the metaverse requires a lot of trust from consumers to be adopted, hence many people wouldn't want a large previously untrusted corporation to play a central role in the technology.

  24. How about instead of focussing on the metaverse why not focus on love and beauty since, after all, the line between good and evil cuts through the heart of every man.

  25. What is Mark's take on the 'war' with Apple on privacy and the roll-out of Apple's privacy first policies since iOS14.5?

  26. I would like to see him just as a young man. I wonder what's on his mind. What dreams he has, what worries. If you focus on questions about Facebook, I think that he will have a pre-formulated answer to all questions. But if it’s a personal, intimate one, he’d be more authentic. If you understand his essence, you will also understand the why behind what he’s doing with Facebook.

  27. If Meta's revenue (Facebook/Instagram...) was not from adverts, but say from a subscription instead, how different would the applications be? How different would a user experience be?

  28. I just want to hear what the Zucc really thinks. Not a fan of the gotcha questions and adversarial tone the other comments in this thread are taking.

  29. Everyone hoping for an inquisition or intervention are going to be disappointed. Who would come on the show so they can be chastised and gotcha'd?

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  31. I'm curios to know how much does he care about the mental issues caused by his platforms, especially to young girls. Where is the sweet-spot between making money and better world? Election related fuckery is also a big concern and what could be done to keep elections free internationally?

  32. Do you believe that income inequality is a long term threat to political stability in the US, and if so what do you think should be done about it?

  33. Dr. Robert Epstein was recently on Joe Rogan's podcast discussing how the manipulation of online experiences can alter elections (among other things). I would be curious to know how Facebook views Google's actions in that regard. Would they ever try to softly support one party or another? Do they have policies for impartiality that clearly Google doesn't have according to Robert Epstein.

  34. Hey lex great guest! Can you possibly ask how he feels knowing that Facebook is influential in politics/elections and what actions they’ve taken as a company to look into this and make the best decisions going forward?

  35. I know you've raised some legitimate concers about how recommendation algorithms are optimized for engagement and how this cause all sorts of bad stuff. I would like to hear his view on alternative ways to increase engagement/profits.

  36. What kind of world does he foresee with the metaverse? I’d be interested to know if he’s read snowcrash, where the term originated.

  37. maybe what grounds him besides his family? if anything… Idk how someone with his perspective, power, and understanding of the tech world can’t lose their sense of reality

  38. Ask him why things that didn't use to be a problem before, for the majority of Facebook's life, seems to have become a problem now, such as moderating the platform, and so forth? Why can Facebook not work as it used to in the past, as a platform, instead of having its content be editorialized like it's being done now? And why is this a direction most big tech companies have decided to go?

  39. How much control of Meta does Mark feel like he actually has now? Early on he was central to everything happening with Facebook, but as any company grows and goes public, demand for the CEO’s attention gets shifted and layers of management get added in. I’m curious what his primary focus is on now and what parts of the company was he most reluctant to delegate control.

  40. Personal: Having been active in connecting economically disadvantaged kids in Covid, I'm wary about digital literacy -- what can Facebook do to improve awareness as to the influence of advertisements and it's own influence?

  41. Please build questions off of the concepts that came up during your Jeron Lanier interview a few months back. Particularly, novel ways to incentivize improvements in the way humans behave on social media.

  42. Hey Lex, big fan. Could you ask him about importance of education and if he would consider hiring someone from not so well know university. For example, you graduated Drexel and still succeeded in life. Interested what is Zuck’s opinion about that

  43. Hi Lex, I don't have any questions for Mark, just wanted to say thanks for making the podcast and doing such a great job, I love it! Have a great day 😊

  44. For all the people who have quit Facebook, and seen no negative effects, why should we join Meta? Why should we care about the meta verse? Why should we trust Meta?

  45. I'm zero fucks years old. What is the meta verse? Not that I'll change my life for anything digital.

  46. Fun fact if you work in places near zuck you get your dna taken, I assume it’s for future crime investigation and to have a database of anyone in contact but it’s pretty scary

  47. Not a question, but this might be Huge. A breaking point. Giving the usual longevity of Lex's podcasts, the almost intimate questions (not necessarily on a personal level but as a professional one), I am very curious on how Zuckerberg will relate to this. If he accepted the invite, it might mean he is actually down to transmit his honesty.

  48. please lex don’t let us down. You have the chance to make us all proud and ask him the difficult questions.

  49. Acktchually... Zuckerberg is gonna be so well rehearsed on these topics and will just deliver lawyer approved, canned responses. I think we will learn more by diving into who he is as a person and where he thinks tech and the future is headed. He has a unique perspective and I'd hate to miss the opportunity

  50. Should ask why he hasn't started his own space company seeing as all the "cool" billionaires are lol. How long does it take for him to get fully charged on a basic 120V wall outlet?

  51. Lex, please don't hesitate to ask difficult questions even if might be uncomfortable to him. I'm not saying just attack him. I do however think you have the opportunity to ask difficult questions. The Pfizer CEO conversation tried to do that but he provided you with numerous lies that are proven to be false. I hope that it doesn't happen with MZ.

  52. Why do you (and so many others) keep going after the first billion? ... Shouldn't billionaires retire asap. and give room for others to make their fortune?

  53. Have we thought deeply enough about what "Bringing the world closer together" means? On the surface level, this seems like a generally positive idea, but perhaps it isn't - and I think "Bringing the world closer together" has had some clearly negative effects on society - depleted mental health (particularly amongst young adults), seamless ability for virtually anybody to spread misinformation to highly targeted audiences, digital privacy and security issues, etc.

  54. Love the show Lex! Please ask him how he can help solve the global pollution catastrophe asap! The ocean is warming, rising and becoming inundated with man-made poisons.

  55. What emotions did you feel seeing CNNs pop up in 2012 after ImageNet? We’re you hesitant implementing face recognition in Facebook or did it seem like the next best thing?

  56. I would like to know his opinion about human content moderators. In the US and Europe they are usually hired by third-party companies to review gore content and hate speech on a daily basis and under unsafe work conditions, prone to develop PTSD and other mental illnesses, as already acknowledged by the company. How are they committed to providing support to those already affected and how are they planning to create safer work conditions? Will the further development of AI help? How is the future of content moderation looking like regarding the detection of misinformation and deep fakes?

  57. Could you ask him on his thoughts on the two permanent UAP research offices that the United States is establishing in 6 months?

  58. Meta has bought 19 tech companies in the last 3 years. Does he view the company as a monopoly/oligopoly? In order to combine technologies, are their too many limitations in partnerships between companies where it is easier to just buy? Or is the main goal of buying just to generate more revenue?

  59. There are many groups in Facebook created or controlled by foreign troll farms. The purpose is to create conflict between citizens in the United States. What are you doing to combat this?

  60. Will the metaverse work with VR and AR to visit real places and make location specific transactions? Not sure if this has been discussed in depth yet…

  61. Ask him whether if he truly reflects on it, would he rather contribute positively to this world but not be perceived as doing so, or be perceived as contributing positively to this world while in fact not doing so?

  62. Is he happy, it's relation to wealth and with what he has accomplished? What does he see himself doing next, does he see himself become more altruistic?

  63. Ask him about the dominance that WhatsApp has achieved on basically every other country besides the united states and about that outage that happened a few months ago.

  64. What are his thoughts on the debate surrounding facebooks and platforms like it regulating speech. Should we have a new classification for what constitutes a town square that takes social media into account?

  65. I want to know his thoughts on crypto currencies and how the SEC rejected his idea of Libra and if he still wants to pursue that idea in the future.

  66. There is a lot of disappointment and confusion about the current state of Virtual Reality. How do you see Facebook overcoming this confusion and presenting virtual reality as truly a new technology, solutions to real problems, and not just some gimmick?

  67. Does connecting people and giving them access to more information lead to collectivism? I’d also love to hear what his thoughts are on data collection and the future of personal data in tech.

  68. Ask him how he protects his kids from social media. And slip in few Voight-Kampff test questions while you are at it.

  69. Is VR "technology push" vs. "market pull"? What factors inform his confidence that this will eventually become a widespread thing? Is the goal to convert everyone or capture the next generation?

  70. What is the technology he is most excited/still passionate about and why? Curious with such a large company and so many initiatives, what a technologist turned ceo still gets interested in.

  71. Hi Lex! Besides all the serious, importante and though questions posted in here. It also will be fun to asking some silly questions like:

  72. What's the best advice would he retroactively provide to his product consumers pre-2016, now knowing what we all know about how the tracking and heard influencing algorithms that were being used?

  73. Ask him if he learned anything from Nick Saban when they met at Saban’s office in Tuscaloosa. Was any part of him awestruck? Any part of him a little jealous of how much he is loved by his fans and respected by most everyone

  74. Does he agree that Facebook has progressed beyond the point where it is a company product to a place where it is a digital utility.

  75. the reason i came to FB in 2008 was because i found old classmates that i hadn't seen or heard from for decades. how does FB plan to stay relevant now that i don't wanna talk to any of them?

  76. As a user of vr im interested in where he wants to take Ar . I think this would be of great benefit to training in the type of farming industry i work in. I can imagine being able to see data on individual tanks and ponds in real time.

  77. I’d be interested to know more about his perspectives on the future of AI. I remember a few years ago Elon Musk disagreed with him on AI. I think he can comment on a topic like this more sincerely without getting uncomfortable because this kind of question is not an personal attack on him I guess

  78. Hi Lex. Great that he’s going to be on with you. He always seems so void of emotion to me - it will be interesting to see if you can draw out some actual feelings. It’s a little disconcerting to think that he has no emotional core as he changes the direction of humanity….no ethical sense of right and wrong- just what’s interesting to him…perhaps he’s a different guy in person. 😊

  79. How does free speech survive in a world where the town square is completely privatized and a handful of profit driven enterprises are allowed to manage content? I'm sure Zuck trusts himself, does he trust Agrawal? Pichai? Shou Zin Chew? The next generation of gatekeepers?

  80. He started a bookclub at one point 6-7 years ago and recommended the book "The End of Power" - what power structures will weaken/strengthen as technology improves while the environment continues to degrade?

  81. I have noticed Mark's unquenchable need for more has not lessened, even during the pandemic when he and his billionaire buddy's wealth doubled. As a bleeding heart I empathize with Mark's anguish in not being able to acquire everything.

  82. Stick with your usual big questions - themes of love and family, consciousness, AI. Ask him about his thoughts on existential problems that face humanity - depopulation, climate change, geopolitical change over the next 20 years.

  83. Not be afraid to ask him difficult questions. Mark has a huge responsibility, and with huge responsibilities comes great risk. He’s not running a company out of a garage anymore.

  84. Please can you ask: What is the difference between neurosurgery and altering human behaviour in a tight feedback loop over a long-term time frame using powerful ai? You could say if you switch off the computer, some of the effects would be reversed, but if you never switch it off, how is it any less permanent or severe? If it quacks like a duck, and that quack is lasting unrestricted neuro-behavioural modification without the informed understanding and consent of the participant, how is that not a medical crime?

  85. Ask him what he thinks of Instagram being the biggest dating platform in the world. The fact that 90% of women are dating the top 10% of men and the consequences of a deregulated sexual market place

  86. Ask a technical question on regulation. Can they actually identify fake news? It's possible Meta lies about being able to do so to please investors and make the public more secure. How would it even be technically possible to identify thousands of fake news every day ....

  87. Ask him if he thinks people will regret the time and attention spent on Facebook throughout their lives?

  88. Why does he find the idea of replacing our reality with a virtual one so appealing? As apposed to the promised virtual utopia of limitless connection and intensively immersive experiences, is it not possible that we end up with significant portion of the population completely disconnected from the real world? We have multiple flavors of that now: Social Media Addicts, Video game addicts, Netflix addicts ... etc. Given our collective tendencies, isn't it dangerous to toy around with the possibility of 'virtual reality addiction'?

  89. I’m late, but if you could ask him one hard question: Why didn’t FB address and fix the data/privacy issues when they changed their name to Meta? Why did they try to cover up with personal data-chugging VR?

  90. Ask him how his mind works and as a follow up, what was going throughhis head during Congress hearing , and the famous “congressman we sell ads”

  91. Ask Mark about inequality in California. California is a very liberal state that also has the highest poverty rate in the nation. San Francisco and Palo Alto have extremely high rents driven in part by the flood of high paid techies into the area to work for places like Meta. Mark and Priscilla also attempted to finance an attack in 2020 on California's Proposition 13. I would request that you ask him about that; I think it would produce an interesting conversation.

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