The year is 2022, on linux I can: browse the internet, open steam, discord etc. as native clients, adjust my room ambient lightning, play a current AAA title with a 1 click-tweak, edit a YT vector thumbnail and record & edit a video. Never would have dreamt leaving windows would be this comfy.

  1. Its a great feeling. Its like freedom. I have put Linux of some form on ALL my devices. I can't really live without it at this point. I get really annoyed when dealing with Windows or other such systems of control (Microsoft/Apple). I want to do whatever the hell I want with my property thank you very much.

  2. I literally have to stay on Windows and Mac because my school requires these two OSes to check my processes to ensure no cheating, before I can get a test unlocked (online protctoring via Zoom). Lol it literally them asking me to open Task Manager/Activity Monitor and check that nothing else is opened.

  3. Being a linux user since 2002... I feel ya, When I was able to play diablo II using wine was amazing... now with steam and lutris, I play what I need.

  4. Ah yes, back then I was using Mandrake... Switched to Slackware in 2004. I would never had imagined how far the OS would come, and how fast.

  5. Yes, I am also very happy now ... only with the epic games launcher via Lutris I always find the corrupted NBA2K saves. Have you ever had similar problems?

  6. You got me beat by a few years. I started around 2007 and seeing Minecraft and Factorio launch with Linux support was great. I was completely floored by Steam supporting Linux in 2013, and then Proton in 2018.

  7. Omg, you have some nerve for posting this on PCMR lol. I was banned for posting some Linux news. People there are extremely biased.

  8. I never got banned but I got downvoted to hell. For all the speak about PC having more freedom and being better than console I'm surprised how much they hate Linux

  9. I'd love to make a complete transition to Manjaro and I mostly have, I run 100% of my non-game programs there and about 90% of my games. The 10% I still boot up Windows for are graphically demanding and there's still a slight performance penalty in Proton. For example Elden Ring runs at 60 fps very stable in Windows and about 50-55 fps with Proton (or Trackmania stable 120 fps Windows, 90-100 fps Proton, or Quake Champions that just runs like complete s**t in Proton).

  10. I'm on full AMD setup (ryzen 7, 6600xt) and actually I'm playing elden ring at almost constant 60fps. Experiencing just little stuttering sometimes but it depends 100% on the game. I don't know if it's an Nvidia issue but I'm pretty sure that you can reach the same just by tweaking a little bit your setup (activating gamemode, etc).

  11. I’m on a full amd system, r5 3600X and 5700xt. I can confirm Elden Ring runs really better than windows (11).

  12. I am full AMD as well, and had some performance issues with Steam initially. Manjaro installs Mesa 21.x by default - going to 22.x from AUR made a huge difference. Also, if you have not done so, grab the Proton Community Updater. It was the easy way to the latest Glorious Eggroll release. 7.14 did not work for many games, unfortunately. I now get a pretty consistent 45 fps in Elden Ring on a 6500 XT running at an odd 3k resolution. I am pretty sure I could do 60 fps at 1080p, but honestly, I favor the detail.

  13. I don't even notice I'm on Linux. Everything literally just works. I mainly play Rocket League, no issues at all. Recently I started playing Sacred Gold again, not a single issue on a 20 year old game either. No tweaking, no launch parameters, just clicking install and chilling.

  14. As a new user, I am getting issues left and right. Either you're sugarcoating or you're under the guard of Torvalds himself.

  15. Damn, sounds like you've been getting extremely lucky with Linux lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you; being able to use Linux without ever having to do troubleshooting for anything would indeed be a dream come true. However, unfortunately, that definitely hasn't been the case for me.

  16. Linux is so close for me. I daily drive it but I keep a Windows partition for a handful of games. There are little things that still don’t work for me. Discord rich presence with Steam doesn’t work, but maybe it is a flatpak issue(?). I am able to play the vast majority of my Steam games, control my Sonos speaker, play music through my DAC/AMP, and just use my desktop as I normally would but with my preferred platform. I haven’t had to tinker in a long time and it feels good.

  17. Yeh i asked a friend how was the Linux gaming scene going and he said better than ever... I didn't ask for details, just went straight to try a distro i wasn curious about, my only problem during the transition was the distros video driver not recognizing the rtx 3050, but after a few tries I managed to fix that... Now my only problem is fractional scaling for the steam window and stremios window but other then that i'd never imagine I would be playing games on linux so easily

  18. God I wish I could fully switch to Linux. The only thing holding me back is some of the games. Especially the ones with fucking battle eye.

  19. Nothing has changed in the last year, except like 10 multiplayer game developers enabling proton support. Everything was available a year ago, or two

  20. Software-wise, you may be right. But as an image, Linux has changed many companies' perspectives and interests. And this is a good thing, as Linux software was always good enough and what it actually needed was the correct publicity.

  21. it's not just 10 and it's not just games that have improved their linux support, but ill just touch on that. I've seen countless posts in the past year about how the only thing making someone keep their dual boot is X game that has anticheat that doesn't support linux, most notably apex. now all those people can switch over more seamlessly, and with a game with as large a player base as apex, that's a pretty big deal.

  22. You're mistaken. Among other things, simply "enabling proton support" didn't make nearly as many things just work as it did a year ago. Which isn't to say that the feeling wasn't there a year ago -- there's been a huge amount of progress made in the last year, and also that statement was true a year ago, and also the year before that. Because the progress over the last few years has been fast and steady. Which is great.

  23. I switched to Manjaro recently and I’m loving it too. Managed to wipe my windows partition by accident but I’m not looking back

  24. The only thing stopping me from leaving windows is all my icue rgb hardware. Is there an alternative to icue in Linux?

  25. I don't know what sort of hardware you're talking about, but ckb-next works just fine with my Corsair mouse and keyboard. Better, in fact - the more recent icue software made a lot of the LEDs in my K70 MK2 flicker and it looked awful.

  26. And some "journalists" get amazed that you can edit a file using Linux, I remember the guy from IGN saying that he managed to write a script using Linux, sadly is difficult for people to give a chance for something "different", they would see how amazing Linux really is, I use it since 2015, and the only way I've missed Windows was for gaming, but not anymore.

  27. As much as I would love to use linux, games just don't give me that much fps compared to windows :(. Yesterday I installed deathloop, the overall fps was like 10fps low on avg and in 2nd chapter it halved

  28. My problem too. Strangely the only game I have that's very comparable is RDR2. But for the others I tested (GOW, Chernobylite, Ghost Recon Wildlands) I got sometimes 20fps less and a whole bunch more stutter. I am running Nvidia though. A lot of people that are playing lower end games wouldn't notice as they are already pushing so many FPS, but when you are completely GPU limited there seems to be a pretty noticeable difference on Linux vs Windows

  29. And I would have low latency audio that works seamlessly with the rest of my system without installing any drivers for my old interface :)

  30. I daily drive pop. Love it. You probably didn't use them to make it clearer what's going on when switching workspaces, but the keyboard shortcuts are great. I can't go back to Windows or stock gnome anymore after using pop shell for a few years now.

  31. I tried to refrain from using only keyboard shortcuts for the demonstration just so I can drive in the point you can still us the mouse if you want to. Some still managed to sneak in though...

  32. Very niche software is more or less hit or miss. I'm a neurologist and I got lucky that there is something that can open MRI/CT scan files similar to windows but you always need to check first.

  33. Linux has come quite far in the past oh... 5-ish years in terms of average-user ease-of-use and accessibility.

  34. No. I disagree. Linux is good and I like it allot. I use it as a daily driver. But not every game works. There are lots in my steam library that just don't work in Linux like my Mega Man X Collections I can't get working through proton.

  35. For what it's worth, I actually wrote a script to extract the underlying SNES roms in Mega Man X Legacy Collection. You can then use the roms in a Linux compatible SNES emulator of your choice.

  36. At this point DaVinci Resolve for Linux basically only exists to sell Blackmagic Design cameras tho. It can't even open H.264/AVC videos or AAC audio (the defacto standard of most cellphone cameras and consumer cameras).

  37. Damn. PopOS is looking so nice lately. I may have to switch from my Sway minimalist setup and partake of that bling.

  38. Amazing, isn't it? When I started using Linux, you had to use "su" to mount a cdrom and wifi connections were an utter nightmare... Now Linux is often more user-friendly than windows. Truly a massive achievement for the community.

  39. Yes, Riot should get off their ass. The game runs fine, games aren't special... it's the in-house anti-cheat solution they haven't ported over yet.

  40. You might be surprised but I'm not downvoting you and I don't recommended anyone else do that. You comment has value and it is the experience of some people. I never intended this to be a linux convertion thread, I was just really happy with the previous ~1 month of usage and I thought I should give back to the community.

  41. As much as I would love to use linux, games just don't give me that much fps compared to windows :(. Yesterday I installed deathloop, the overall fps was like 10fps low on avg and in 2nd chapter it halved

  42. What do you use to select the audio source? On pop os I can't automatically select an alternative source and keep it as default.

  43. What spec is your system? I've been trial running Manjaro (have also tried Ubuntu, Pop OS and Fedora). When I use (or try to use) multiple worktops, the system gets clunky and unresponsive. Thing is, I haven't even been gaming on it, just internet browsing and trialling day to day stuff.

  44. Part of the blame is NVIDIA, and if you use KDE then only X11 that is currently usable (at least in my case Wayland is more buggy than X11 and yes I'm using NVIDIA too) but that's the thing, X11 is heavy, and because NVIDIA I have to tweak something like configuring the kernel module/dkms and something like that (I can't really remember) and my experience is at least better than just install the proprietary driver, and yes I also use Manjaro.

  45. A few gnome extensions, it's on night mode, different wallpaper and an icon pack which don't appear in the video. Which part are you specifically interested in?

  46. There are a bunch of extensions there, but for the most part, just disable the built in cosmic extensions. The behaviour is stock gnome.

  47. I can even confidently use Unity (the engine) on Linux, the only annoyances is some pop-ups or floating plane is always open on the wrong monitor, other than that, developing app for Linux, Web or Android is practically the same

  48. Same right here, it feels really nice to not loose anything by switching to linux. Like for real, gaming is great, programming is freaking awesome and everyday tools are on point nowadays. Thanks developers, love you all

  49. It makes me so happy knowing that a lot of people are willing to inform themself and learn something out of their comfort zone to search for a better OS and to pursue a better and more free electronic world. I am really happy of that tread, no hate or anything, only pure curiosity. Good job OP for the post, you reached those who believed that gnu/linux is only "coding" and terminal work; showing that normal tasks work perfectly fine on linux is what they needed.

  50. I agree my switch to Linux was also mostly painless after the wine learning curve and getting everything working it was mostly fine. Gaming etc all works fine started on manjaro but am now on mainline arch with Bspwm. I am just so used to my setup that it is a step down when I have to use windows at work .

  51. I f*cking love Linux. I daily ran Pop!_Os on my surface laptop 3 and I loved it. Most of the software I use is open source and/or readily available on linux but Unfortunately I had to switch back to windows because I had to use proprietary software in certain college classes which I couldn't get running on Wine. Gaming on Linux was fairly good also with proton and lutrix. I say fairly because there was a slight loss in frames and having a 4K monitor means that the difference in frames will either be just at or lower than 60fps.

  52. What distro are you using? I was using POP last year and loved it but I play a lot of HUNT Showdown and it doesn’t place nice with Linux. I’m missing it a lot though so might go back to dual booting.

  53. Yeah using linux now days is pretty easy but i'm still having problem playing FGO and some others android games.

  54. People like you, that gatekeep Linux, is why many people are afraid to switch. Please consider changing your mindset, you're free to not use proprietary software and stay with fos ones. The freedom of choosing which is what makes Linux amazing.

  55. Call of Duty still won't work on Linux. Someone ping me when that is fixed. I keep Linux on most PC's, but my gaming PC has to be Windows.

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