Was your car stolen in coastal cities like New York or London in the past 5 years?

  1. You’re an hour from 10 shipyards and a small island nation. You also have easy access to the channel via the Thames. Perfect for stealing cars.

  2. Ok both. Practically one of them is also working on murder. So consider that when they don’t give a shit about your beamer lol

  3. First, always call the police, because even if they can’t find it you will need the crime reference number to complete insurance claims. Probably the most important reason to call the police.

  4. You have lots of good points about things that can be improved and then end with “meh, never mind” Its such a disappointing attitude to have but I understand your pragmatism is rather popular in places like London.

  5. London is where it is because of its convenient access to international waters and trade routes. And it does happen in Europe. As the title reads “coastal cities like” which would include coastal cities in Europe.

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