1. I think most people feel connection with people around their age. I'm 24, I've tried to talk to early teenagers , like 13, 14, 15, and it feels really weird for me

  2. Hey OP, I think it helps to find someone that is better able to talk to you or connect in a way you understand. There can be quite a gap in communication or the flow of conversation sometimes when there’s a big age gap. Not always, just in my experience that tends to happen a bit more. Anyways, I hope that helped some. Have a good one OP!

  3. While not always the case, it's easier for many people to relate to people within a certain age range of themselves. I'm in my late 30s, so it also wouldn't be appropriate for me to be talking to teens, and well I'm cool talking to people in their 20s, but as I'm not up to date on the memes and pop culture that are relevant to the generation it just kind of makes me look old or uninteresting.

  4. Dunno, I get that people have an age range when it comes to dating, but idgaf when it comes to friends. 18 or 99, who cares.

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