What a society we live in

  1. And this is the only reason the contemporary American prison system exists. Slave labor. No 'reform', just exploiting people forced into slavery.

  2. Came to say this.. gotta get the slaves from somewhere and nowadays it’s supposed to be illegal to enslave people based on the amount of melanin in their skin. Hence, the next scapegoat in line has always been the poors.

  3. When everything in the country is used to make money, of course they would use freedom to extract value. It's one of the most valuable things a person can have. Hell I'm surprised Merril Lynch hasn't bought all the freedom and sold it back to us yet.

  4. Or kids that are raised by the state and have no clue the world actually works. Living in NZ where we have a decent welfare system and we often blame kids living in state care as being trouble some... untill you learn about Lake Alice. And soon realise alot of these adults in prison are just traumatized children.

  5. Good old foster care to prison pipeline. Treat kids like dirt their whole lives and be surprised when they have a disdainful hate for authority and were taught zero life skills.

  6. I'm not familiar with Lake Alice being a Yankee and all, but I have the sneaking suspicion it probably relates back to the Stolen Generation in Australia or the parochial schools in Canada

  7. That’s cuz in the former the blue collar criminal is stealing from the corporations. In the latter they’re stealing from the people. It’s okay to rob and hurt the people as long as you’re rich.

  8. It's obviously not news in these circles, but there are whole demographics who don't understand this. All they understand is "bad people go to jail" and lack the context for nuance. Doesn't help that it's reinforced by popular crime fiction. If some random testimony or pointless study teaches one of those people, it's not a wasted effort.

  9. We incarcerate an unconscionably gargantuan number of people, but it only adds up to a small percentage of the US population. That means the vast majority of Americans will never go to prison and never expect to. Since we live in a culture that prioritizes only the self, they don't care about anything bad that's not going to happen to them.

  10. What people also don’t understand is jail is different than prison lol. Jail is where you go as you are waiting for court or if it a lesser offense and just have to do a month or so. All the major crimes they go to prison.

  11. That's because our society treats non-violent crimes just as taboo as a violent crime. As far as the legal system is concerned tho, a misdemeanor is basically innocent; they want you to plead out. Gotta keep the prison system well lubricated tho or all the government subsidized, privatized prisons go bye bye. We can't let that happen because otherwise we wouldn't be able to use neo-slavery to make prisoners work back-breaking jobs at a fraction of the pay.

  12. Citizens are cattle to be farmed and fleeced. Your purpose is to generate profit for corporations and billionaires, and society is structured to ensure that you do. You can do it one of two ways: voluntarily or involuntarily. But if you're not in one lane, be assured you're in the other.

  13. I work in a title 1 school that channels the most students in the state of Texas to the criminal justice system. It's horrific. These children are raising children while everyone works 2 or 3 jobs and still have to go to school. They are too poor to go to school. Therefore they literally do not know the law! I probably spend as much time explaining law as I do teaching science. First thing I tell them is WE CANNOT CALL ICE ON YOU; dont let anyone in the school bully you or your parents.

  14. All that potential creativity and great minds....basically gone, left to rot in jail. All because their parents were poor, right?

  15. Sadly, the literacy rates are low in incarcerated populations. Kids who fall behind reading by grade 3 are way more likely to end up behind bars as adults. If you can’t read, it’s really hard to get a job etc so it makes sense.

  16. When wealthy people are caught doing drugs they go to rehab to get better, because they made a itty bitty mistake 🥺👉👈

  17. I noticed this bizarre disconnect when I was only a kid. Rod Stewart was splashed across some magazine going on about his cocaine abuse, and I innocently asked my mum “why is he not in prison?” She just laughed.

  18. In many places, it's effectively illegal to be homeless. What was it..."if you're homeless, you're a burden, if you're incarcerated, you're an asset."

  19. Worked in corrections as an officer on graveyard shift and was asked to read depositions and court documents for one of my janitorial staff while he worked because his dad said something wasn't right with his attorney. I read some testimony from his coworker before his conviction that he didn't know about and his attorney didn't bring up. He got a mistrial but I never found out if he was exonerated.

  20. A while back my son was arrested. He didn't do what he was accused of. I'm not just saying this because I'm his father, I'm saying it because I was there and witnessed the event. Without going into too much detail, apparently where I live if a person claims that someone else assaulted them and they say that it caused them physical pain, the accused gets arrested. That's what one of the responding officers told me anyway.

  21. Well I’m happy year Sunday to go to jail but being poor doesn’t make you a rapist a pedophile . No I can’t understand certain types of murder because if you have to sell jugs to make money for your family and somebody’s trying to get into your territory and then they end up killing each other .

  22. Ditto... my brief experience as jail doctor was distressing. Prisoners would be lined up for sick-call and taunted by the guards. My impression was the county jail probably did more harm than good as far as returning people to society.

  23. Had a law class recently where the textbook was titled “the rich get richer and the poor get prison.” Sums it up pretty well

  24. Being poor resulting in you having to do things that get you sent to a place where slavery is technically legal according to the Bill of Rights? Go figure

  25. I used to work in juvenile detention. Half of those kids had better character, morals, priorities, and work ethic than most people on the outside.

  26. That is very accurate. It’s the same in healthcare if you dont have money or great insurance, your access to stuff can be very limited. This keeps poor people in worse health. It’s even worse since Covid. I had a kidney stone two days ago while I’m visiting my parents, hospital did not like my CT state insurance and treated me completely differently after. The place was dead empty, plenty of nurses on their phones as I was wailing in pain pleading for help, and instead of a nurse coming to talk to me or get me at least into triage, they radioed for two more police officers. My mom heard them talking and they were saying that if I didn’t quiet down they were going to forcibly remove me….

  27. also, crimes like selling drugs are good business sense for poor people. think about it, you can't be outcompeted by a fortune 500 company if what you sell is illegal. if you have no real opportunities, crime can pay better than your minimum wage job

  28. and a lot of times, it's generational poverty. take the GI bill for example. that's one of the most important pieces of legislation when it comes to creating the middle class after ww2. vetarans got education and housing, which they were able to pass the latter down to their children. it's not hard to assume that the people who benefited from this had a leg up vs people who didn't. guess which group of people got approved the least?

  29. Poor and addicted. Then we kick them while their down by incarcerating them, giving them a record, with no rehabilitation, and no prospects for a better future. At this point I really believe it’s a conspiracy. Why? Because nothing ever changes or gets any better.

  30. Don’t you guys know that it’s illegal to be poor? have you tried just being born into wealth? Fucking amateur’s.

  31. There are plenty of very poor people who don't starve to death. Doesn't mean food security isn't a systematic and harmful issue

  32. all the old people I know will sometimes brag about getting away with crimes like drunk driving they did in their youth

  33. My father was a piece of shit and the world is a better place without him, but the best piece of advice he ever gave me was to always have a good lawyer on retainer.

  34. There are plenty of ways I've suggested for years but people think I'm insane for saying that both people with hereditary disorders and diseases should be fostering instead of procreating and artificial insemination should be banned. I also wish the state would stop making aspiring foster parents jump through so many hoops to adopt. If the kids are in foster care to begin with their biological parents shouldn't have any fucking rights to their child. End of story. The kids always get caught in a roller coster and end up worse for it.

  35. Everything is free if you’re rich. One thing I hope my fellow common people will understand that is they were brainwashed into believing people are poor because they are stupid.

  36. sad that it took 20 years- but I guess you’re coming in with a carceral mindset when you take a job at a prison.

  37. Welcome to the system, everyone's a victim. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it hates you all. Here inside the system, violence is a symptom. Fighting for what’s right, but somehow everyone is wrong.

  38. This is also a symptom of poverty. Kids who made to work instead of go to school. Kids from poverty in schools with text books 20 years behind. Even the ones who want to learn go home and are abused, have to babysit all the other kids while single parent is working or whatever. It’s all part of the poverty. Plus, probably, the drugs they get into because of the depression of the poverty they can’t get out of.

  39. I think they stay there because they are poor, they go there because they are addicts or have mental health issues.

  40. Yes, this is why I got out of “behavioral health services” and into law. Most of the people being “treated” just needed more money and opportunity, and were instead told there was something essentially wrong with them or their brains.

  41. That's why I quit being a prosecutor in Jackson County, Oregon. It was so easy to convict stupid, angry young men with public defenders, and comparatively difficult to convict sneaky old bastards with good lawyers.

  42. Our they're there for committing crimes. But don't worry, liberal bail reform will make sure they'll never spend another night in jail, free to roam the streets and do as they please

  43. Welp....I'm on the verge of being poor because fascists ruined our booming economy....I might as well go straight to jail.

  44. https://www.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/comments/vbigo5/stop_and_search_turns_into_attempt_murder/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  45. Of course it’s because they are poor. They probably had the public defender who is besties with the prosecutor. They were probably told to take the plea deal which benefits the public defender because s/he can show how effective s/he is at moving cases through. The prosecutor gets to brag about numbers of cases successfully prosecuted (convictions). It’s win win for them. It’s just the people who loose.

  46. IDC what thy do. Your statement is nonsense. It's as if someone were saying they're criminals because they're black. Sorry.. not all blacks are criminals, and not all blacks are poor. Some do come from poverty and rise above it. Basically criminals are just that.. criminals. There is no social economical barrier, just a lack of imagination and a will to do better.

  47. Also being poor does it make you a rapist and a pedophile those are people who are sick in the brain so the whole I’m poor and that’s why did the crime is silly for those examples

  48. Unpaid child support. Courts always rule in favor of the mother, and the father has no say in considering abortion. Judge throws him in jail for being unable to pay, interest grows, gets out, cant find work and he goes right back in. Meanwhile, some of the ones have their money squandered. Here in California, it's worse than your stereotypical mother spending $100 on her kid and $700 on herself. If the child support recipient is on public assistance, he/she will only see $50 per month, regardless of what the other parent is paying. We tried to fix that law, made it all the way to Governor Asschin's desk and he vetoed it. If there's one thing California's politicians love, it's free money and taxes.

  49. They are LITERALLY there because they committed crimes. People don’t get sent to prison for being poor, debtors prisons were abolished before the US even existed

  50. When ppl have enough you find the number of crimes they commit goes way down. Most ppl commit crimes because they rightly see it as the best way to avoid complete immiseration

  51. A lot of crimes are committed bc people are poor and desperate for money. Did you think all crimes are committed for shits and giggles?

  52. No.. they're incarcerated because they're criminals. Plenty of poor people in the world that aren't criminals.

  53. What a silly thing to say. Obviously there are some poor people not in prison yet. You wouldn't have an economy if all poor people were in prison.

  54. No they are there because they made a shitty decision. Speaks volumes when you blame money for shit behavior. Plenty of un-incarcerated poor and good people.

  55. They are their because of their choices nothing more nothing less. Using poor is just a way to excuse them. It is just their choices and decisions in life they make. All walks of life are in prison from their choices and decisions.

  56. Not true. Rich men are not given prison sentences because they would “not do well in prison”. Men who have done hundreds of millions in fraud are given NO prison sentence but a man who stole some baby formula can get a 7 year prison sentence. You can Google stories like this and they are too many to count. The man deciding to defraud hundreds of people and multi millions of dollars of pure greed is a better decision than the man just trying to feed his child? Start reading the discrepancy between rich mens sentences and poor men and while you are at it, the difference race makes in sentences as well. It’s mind boggling and disgusting.

  57. Jails have been around for basically as long as civilizations have been around. Yeah it sure is nice to go around and preach about slavery and slaves and rabble rouse about the system, but quite simply put, there are people in prison that you really don't want getting out. Though small county jails are a little different.

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