Got a threatening letter...

  1. Long ago had 2 accounts, went on a long vacation and for a variety of reasons didn't use my one bank account for over 6 months. Just sitting there with 6 grand in it. The bank started charging me an inaction fee of $9 a month. Went to the local branch and closed the account, walked out with it all in cash. Its an asset on their books they can make money on but no they had to try and get all the money.

  2. For many years I had exactly £5.17 in a bank account. I needed at least £5 in there so I wouldn't get charged for having too little money. Any money I did get, from work or gifts, went into an account at a different bank.

  3. In the US, dispute the charge, then require the debt collector to provide proof of the debt, then pay with multiple, small denomination personal checks. Speak with your dollar.

  4. Years ago I cancelled a cell phone plan for a Nextel I had used for work. About a month or so later, I received a bill. Somehow in closing it out, I still ended up 11 cents in the red. 11 cents. So I called them up:

  5. It’s all automated for better or worse and many times people working there don’t even have the authority or know-how to access the proper people or tools to change something like that. Might seem simple, but the guy might have spent all day trying to get that done for you and still not be able to lol.

  6. The theory is, if everyone knew they won't persue under a set amount, everyone would leave their account owing that much and it would cost them more. So by persuing you at a loss overall they are saving money by stopping others doing it.

  7. It probably cost them more to send that letter. They should just auto close any like that, but they are dying to hit you with $90 worth of fees.

  8. But they can keep increasing and increasing...making it grow like ivy. I had a bank that I never used...somehow ended owing thousands, with about a $500per week increase in debt till it was paid off. This was about 25-30 years ago, I was barely 18...fuck them. I know they had legal trouble but not after fucking my life and future up..... Cross-country Bank was name of predator.

  9. I had a master card that I cleared and closed. Shortly after I moved. A couple of years later I get a letter saying my card is long overdue - they processed a pre authorized payment that only came out every two years despite the card being cancelled. So I pay and arrange for the vendor to switch to my new card. Between the notice I received and the payment i made, the bank added like 3 cents in interest. So I pay that, next month there is a single cent added and owing. Went on for years. Eventually I overpaid by a penny then called and demanded that the card be permanently closed. They said there’s a penny here so we will zero that out. I asked how. They said they’d just zero it out. I said, can you send me a cheque for the balance?

  10. I had a bank that drove the balance more than $400 negative because they kept adding on penalties over and over and over and over to their own detriment. I just ignored all the letters and eventually they must have written it off because the letters stopped, it never went to collections, and there was never anything on my credit report about it.

  11. I think you’re based in the US (sorry for checking post history) so it’s not relevant anymore but I was like “in what country is this?” and saw your username, proceeded to laugh because I totally see this happening here in Turkey lmao

  12. Yeah seem like they shouldnt care until tou realize they probably sent out 2 million of those letters, made 5million from people just paying it back, then sold the other million accounts to collections for another 2.5 million, easy ass banking money.

  13. I once had 1 cent for to collections when I was in my early twenties and there was a miscommunication. So dumb

  14. My credit scored dropped like 100 points 5-6 years ago because of an unpaid 25 cent credit card bill on a card I literally never use and had no idea had a balance. I could not even figure out where the 25 cent charge came from, wtf can you even buy for a quarter these days where a credit card would even be accepted? Gumball machines don't take credit as far as I know. Shits fucking stupid

  15. I had a county funded therpay center threaten to send debt collectors after me for a $20 charge they fraudulently made up... reported them to the county and the FTC... havent heard a word from them since

  16. My previous bank charged me 20€ for sending these precious letters and consequently 16 something€ as an overdraft penalty regularly, it can get out of hand so fast

  17. I had a bank account with a bank that rhymes with Bells Cargo that, after I resolved and closed my account, tried to bang me for $50. Never paid them and they never reported or tried to collect. I did, however, receive a cheque in the amount of $1.98 from a class action settlement from their shenanigans for opening accounts fraudulently. Cashed that sucker.

  18. I had a huge fight with a bank for taking $5 a month for not using my account. I had $25 in there and just never put more in. They took $5 for 5 months until it was $0 balance. They didn’t take beyond that. I lost my shit though. They refused to put the money back but did close the account and send me a $25 target gift card. Fuckers

  19. I used to live in the UK and have around £2,000 in unsettled payday loan debt still. I moved abroad 6 years ago though and the UK isn’t even part of the European Union anymore, making it pretty much impossible for those companies to collect their debt.

  20. You have to actually close bank accounts that are not in use, not just leave them open and dangling like an old email account. If there is a zero balance in an account you get hit with fees. Read the find print when you open accounts. that's standard to every bank.

  21. Tell the bank to suck your dick. They'll get offended and then they won't want to talk to you anymore. "Oh my god how inappropriate..."

  22. it happened to me too last year. i owed them 10 cents... the worst thing is that the price of the stamp of the registered letter they sent me was more expensive than my 'debt'

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