[Partially Lost][Name:]The Electric Company "Spidey Super Stories" segments (1974-1977)

  1. Tbh the The electric company as a whole should be search for, just like with sesame Street, some episodes are missing. And while we’re at it me to find a lost Sesame Street/electric company Special, out to lunch, as well

  2. Unfortunately, given what has come to light about Bill Cosby in recent years, I doubt any official release from his time on The Electric Company (1971-1973) would happen anytime soon.

  3. Apparently #7 "Spidey Meets Dr. Fright" (1974 or 1975) has been found. This is from Noggin's rerun of "The Electric Company", so luckily this clip was recorded by someone on Betamax, VHS, or Laserdisc between 1999-2002.

  4. Hello i was looking through my old files of old shows and i uploaded rn episode 28 but i sadly couldnt find the other lost episodes :

  5. Thank you Atanas20150 for finding "Spidey Meets the Sack" (Spidey Super Stories #28). Of course, if anyone finds other ones I've mentioned as potentially lost (#3, 5-6, 8, 11-12, 18-19, 21-24, and 26-27) please reply with links. Thank you.

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