Should I flirt if I’m ugly?

  1. Ugly or not be 100% confident. Pretty privilege is a sad reality dude. I used to tell girls I like them and they would just say Eww , I would even try to slide in their DMs and they would say he’s so creepy. But when my attractive Friends did that, they would get really happy. It hurt but I was always confident.

  2. What makes you think that you're ugly? You're still young and seems like you don't have confidence in yourself. Have you tried things to make you feel better about your appearance like dressing well and getting a haircut that suits you? Things like that can go a long way in giving you confidence to maybe approach a girl that you're attracted to.

  3. Well here’s the thing. I actually think I look kinda alright in the mirror but I see pictures of myself from a different angle and I think it makes me look ugly. Also I’m kinda overweight

  4. as a girl, no one is ever ugly. i would fall for a personality way quicker than a look ☺️ i've had crushes on many not according to society pretty people, because they were all funny and we clicked immediately. that makes you beautiful in my eyes!

  5. I’m asexual so I don’t really look for that type of thing in life. I’ve never dated anyone before and I’m going to be 24 at my next birthday. I personally don’t think I’m attractive in the least but that’s my own problem 😅.

  6. There are 7,75,000,000 people in the world. Even if 99.9% of people find you ugly there are still 77,500 that find you attractive. You are not ugly, you need to get over that hump and realize you are hot and sexy to someone. Remember not even the sexiest man/woman alive are found attractive by everyone. Keep that head up. You got this.

  7. Personally I never enjoyed being hit on by strangers regardless of what they look like! But a great friend who I have a lot in common with and some chemistry can seem attractive regardless of physical appearance.

  8. I'm F. When I was single, I flirted all the time. Younger me was a solid, cute, 7 or 8. No worries. Fast forward, to life changes and add some lbs. I am still confident. But now I'm not as cute. I stillllll flirted and got shot down. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Eventually I met my future husband and we're 15 years strong. He's definitely the better looking one of us. Find your strengths and highlight them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. Keep a great smile at all times, will definitely help with your confidence. And be very confident of your body.

  10. ima keep it real, a lot of ppl care about conventional attraction. subconsciously or not doesn’t really matter. Your best bet is being confident, or at least exuding confidence, but not cocky. the way you carry/represent yourself is part of physical attraction. to some people personality isn’t everything, and even if it is you still need your partner to like ur appearance. Also think about the girls you’re going for. are they vain (no shame in that), like really into their looks? they probably care a lot about what their partner looks like too, possibly are judgmental. don’t lower your expectations, but be sus out a girls priorities before making a move. otherwise they will probably write you off as creepy. try to see if anyone less flashy(?) and also seems genuine catches your eye. idk if flashy is the right word, it mostly applies to aesthetics. if you’re pursuing a really fit girl she may want a guy who shares the gym lifestyle. if she’s goth she may want a skinny emo guy. not always the case but going for someone with similar fashion sense and interests as you might have better results.

  11. TLDR it’s more nuanced than personality or looks. appearance/aesthetics can imply a compatible lifestyle

  12. Yes. I don't know what your definition of ugly is, but I know a girl who's appearance literally scares me, and she flirts all the time. She might scare me on some level,but I have a lot of respect for her because she doesn't give a F. If she can do it anyone can

  13. It’s all about confidence. I’ve met some very “ugly” guys who had the confidence and idgaf attitude and women would drop at these guys feet.

  14. Firstly, girls not “showing interest” could mean they think you’re too attractive for them or they are playing hard to get🤷‍♀️😅 secondly, no one is ever ugly! As long as you’re confident in yourself and you work on yourself, the right girl will come along and adore you!

  15. I don’t know if it helps but totally do it! If you are fun, sweet and have a good attitude that’s better than how you look honestly. I’m fairly good looking (I don’t like bragging as I’m not a model but I’m def in the hot scale somewhere). So story short I always liked what people call “ugly guys” and my friends always made jokes about it. Truth is I have trust issues and being with a good looking man just doesn’t click for me, I know this is just me having a wrong perspective of good looking people but that’s the way it was for me. I suffered abuse when I was a kid if that helps explaining why I think this way. So yes, there are girls that will want to be with you even if you think of yourself as ugly. Just a tip because this was important for me: take care of how you smell and how you dress so that you look clean and tidy, it doesn’t have to be expensive clothing but looking tidy and smelling good can get you more than you think, physically speaking

  16. You aren’t ugly. Learn to love yourself first, that sense of ease that you nurture will become apparent to those around you, and it’s attractive. Look at people who aren’t ‘traditionally’ attractive yet have charisma.

  17. What does it even mean to be "ugly" There's always that girl who will like it, 100% chance of it existing.. you just gotta find her and that takes time and commitment. But give it a go.. one of them will surely be the right

  18. Honestly I’ve often been very attracted to men that were conventional unattractive and it was always because they had great personalities.

  19. most women are not your mother! most women dont preferre only yout face or your body. your behaviour is usually more preferred... maybeyour politeness, or some humore or something like tha, will make it easier... never will be your face alone!

  20. If you flirt correctly have a good body good hair and money you’ll be getting solid 6s probs. You need to flirt well no weird shit

  21. Pretty privilege is real. When someone is inherently attractive, it makes people want to trust them more. Hence why conventionally genetically lucky people get away with more appalling behavior than average people.

  22. Dude you got it all wrong i feel sp bad for you!! They think you are out of their league, thats the real reason! Just be yourself and go for it

  23. Looks matter obviously, but you can fill in the proverbial gap, by improving yourself ; dress better, practise hygiene, manners, workout, have good work ethics, etc

  24. Nah bro your good. I didn’t grow into my face until 20-21. Working out helped a TON in getting leaner and more confident. I was a virgin until 19 and thought I was ugly as hell. Fast forward to 21 and through working out/confidence I slept with almost any girl I wanted!

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