Best daily Mac for $40 (Mid-09 A1181)

  1. For 40 bucks it is a steal! I liked this MacBook a lot, but glossy parts used to scratch too easily, and the rubber bottom used to get dirty af.

  2. oh this one isn’t the A1342 with the rubber bottom haha. It’s actually plastic and still has a removable battery. Mine came a bit dirty (and had black marks) but that wiped off after some cleaning. Overall after a cheap SSD install, it’s pretty usable and I enjoy it a lot + the battery still has 95% health. Serves me well for the past 5 months and it became my favorite laptop tbh

  3. Some people think they have a lower value than what they actually are, and yeah. I had got mine (same model as well) for £50 with some signs of wear on it.

  4. A seller reselling used laptops imported from Scandinavia. This was actually the cheapest non-Chromebook laptop they had at that time haha.

  5. Its likely to support USB2.0 only just like my 2010 Mini so even fast internal SSD will run at 220 MBytes/s - slow but sufficient for Web surfing and not much else

  6. the SSD peaks at 280MB read, due to SATA2 speeds, not really related to USB 3 (which this Mac also doesn’t have but that’s expected)

  7. I also recently acquired one (original Core Duo) in black with extras (SSD and clear black Apple pro mouse) for $50. I installed Linux Mint on mine and was surprised how usable it still is.

  8. I have that exact Mac!! Love it! I had Catalina I. It and it ran preaty good. I think you can run up to Big Sur but prob gona be a lot slower. Btw it’s with Dos dud one patcher and for Big Sur you can use open core legacy patcher.

  9. I love these, especially the black one. I got the white version for about $40 USD after currency conversion, but the battery’s gone.

  10. Anything above El Capitan hasn’t got proper trackpad support on the MacBook5,2. I do rely on tap to click since the touchpad button while works, seems to click very loudly (damaged mechanism?)

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