Mad Men fans, what are your other favorite shows? I love Mad Men so much, and have watched the series 3 or 4 times through. I wish I could find another series I love as much as Mad Men. Curious what others have in their top 3.

  1. Boardwalk Empire is another great period drama with complex plot and characters... like mad men in the beginning you have to pay attention to figure out who everyone is and how they relate to each other but it's very well done!

  2. Black Sails, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey- top 3 of a similar style, all amazing quality, great characters, beautiful scenes and fashion, satisfying stories

  3. i remember there being a youtube video essay of someone drawing all the parallels between BH and mad men, and how don/bojack are very similar. great video

  4. Loved The Deuce - it did remind me of Mad Men in the way it did such a brilliant job capturing a very specific time/place/population.

  5. Lol I was watching Gilmore girls and Mad Men at the same time and was surprised to see a lot of the same actors. Jon hamm is even in Gilmore girls for a second.

  6. The Wire, Succession, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Bloodline, Black Mirror, True Detective, Unorthodox, Show Me A Hero, ZeroZeroZero, Band of Brothers, Freaks and Geeks, High Maintenance, Love, Dead To Me

  7. Breaking Bad, Derry Girls, Schitt's Creek, and most documentaries—specifically about history, war, crime, business, or sports.

  8. Wow, never even heard about House MD, that many same actors is super bizarre and definitely a reason to watch

  9. For acting/script/production: Severance, Homecoming, Maniac are top three. Quick follows are Pachinko, House of Cards, Red Oaks, The Sinner, Succession.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of foreign shows on Netflix. Dark, Hotel Beau Sejour, Babylon Berlin..The Rain.

  11. Agree with many of the suggestions on here, so I'll make one I haven't seen posted. The Knick is on hbo max and is incredible. 2 seasons, about 20 episodes and you're out. Also a period piece, and a very cool setting around the birth of modern medicine in the early 1900s. Created/directed by the legend Steven Soderburgh. Clive Owen is an equally charismatic lead as Jon hamm. And the series ending is just incredible.

  12. Besides all those that have been said… HIGHLY recommend Station Eleven on HBO. Best written show I’ve seen since Mad Men.

  13. Nothing compares to Mad Men for me. That said, I also enjoyed The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy (initial seasons), House of Cards, The Crown. As for comedies, I love Modern Family and Seinfeld.

  14. Depends on what you’re looking for: Bojack Horseman hits the exact same themes of depression and lack of meaning in the face of success, but the tones of both shows are pretty different.

  15. if you love the office, you should give "abbott elementary" a try. it's a done a little bit in the same style, randall einhorn and jen celotta direct (those were in the office crew as well). it's quick, it's witty and has a great set of characters.

  16. The Wire, Terror (season 1), 30 Rock. I generally don’t like shows with guns and think the Sopranos is mostly overrated.

  17. Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman. If you like period dramas I can vouch for Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire, The Deuce (underrated af), Lovecraft Country, and Narcos

  18. The 5 that I have binged watched MULTIPLE times each are Mad Men, The Tudors, Malcolm in the Middle, Sex and the City, and The Office

  19. West Wing. It's an office based, busy environment. Very different tone wise to MM but if you can get past some now dated jingoistic, patriotic nonsense's top notch TV with a great series ending.

  20. I'm terrible at naming favorites, but I think my desert island shows include Quantum Leap, Hey Arnold!, and Frasier.

  21. Completely different in plot thematics, but eerily similar vein in terms of MCM time period and design, as well as brilliantly well-written and filmed: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

  22. Not only is Mrs. Maisel filmed during nearly the same time period. It also takes place (for the most part) in the same city in some of the same areas. It's a bit more whimsical in nature but the era is dead on as you mention.

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