[DISC] Field Guide to the Crazed Murderers Reincarnated as Animals - Part 1 (by @inknoshimi)

  1. lets be honest, panda's are not competent enough to kill you. sure they are strong enough in theory to rip you limb from limb but they are functionally as dangerous as a housefly

  2. Suprised the shoebill doesn't have a gun though. Imagine the combination of the weird bang noise it can make and mix in random bullets.

  3. They freak me out so bad. Giant birds are just scary all the way around. When I lived in Florida I would sit in my car at work if any were around and call security to come get me with the golf cart. Just scary!!

  4. Ironically despite everything wbout them being seemingly engineered to be nightmare fuel they're weirdly super friendly to people. Your milage may vary in that making them even scarier.

  5. ok, i wanna see an avengers style team up of serial killers turned into animals as they try to save the world

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