MoM Question: How did the Illuminati defeat Thanos? Why don't they have visible battle damage? Did the Book of Vishanti magically gave them what they want to defeat Thanos that easily?

  1. I still believe that had tony gone with a bladed weapon instead of a blunt force punch, he would have either sliced Thanos' face off or stabbed through his skull. Instead he just busted his cheek a bit.

  2. His hubris beat him. Thanos didn’t think a sword to the chest would be a big deal but he didn’t have all the stone yet.

  3. This was a pure 1 v 1 between Thanos and this Strange as seen by the blood on Strange's face but not a scratch on the others. This was to show the strength of a wielder of the book of Vishanti and the damage it can cause when used for "good". I am assuming Black Bolt teleported them there with Inhuman tech.

  4. Wouldn’t Professor X be able to subdue Thanos all by himself? Even Mantis was able to keep him under control for a while and compared to her, X is an Omega level mutant telepath.

  5. Not if Thanos had the mind stone. Assuming he never sent it to Earth with Loki. Or the soul stone, whatever it does. It only rarely gets used in Infinity War, I think to fight Dr Strange's magic.

  6. I'd like to know how they got Charles there in the first place. You've got this massive Thanos army charging, these superheroes giving everything and then some dude sat in a wheelchair just chillin'

  7. Yeah Illuminati looks like they're a lot more stacked to take out Thanos then the Avengers/Guardians were. Imagine Strange and Marvel alone would be a threat.

  8. Ok ok ok i see this all the time but Star-Lord wasn't the end all be all screw up ..... Gamora was the only one to know the stone was on Vormir, yet she went straight to Thanos where he captured her.

  9. “Thanos, you can’t win. Destroying half of the universe is mad. Tell him, Black Bolt. Explain to him how to be a real king.”

  10. Seeing as how Thanos' corpse still exists, I don't think Black Bolt did much. That said, they definitely had a stronger team. As we saw in End Game, having Captain Marvel could have changed everything.

  11. Imagine if 838 Reed Richards starts every conflict by telling the villain what Black Bolt can do 😂

  12. I don't think Star-Lord messed anything up - Thanos had enough stones by then to control reality and was just toying with them. Strange is barely making any effort to help them - he could have portaled the hand and glove anywhere. He has seen thousands of versions of this battle play out and in none of them do they get the glove away from Thanos.

  13. 838 Strange looked pretty beat up when Black Bolt was ready to execute him. Maybe he took the brunt of Thanos’ attacks during the fight.

  14. I think you're onto something. Strange was likely the only one on the team who could actually use the book of Vishanti. Strange probably lead the attack with the others running support.

  15. My head canon: They didn’t, they just think they did. Franklin Richards beat Thanos. He’s also why the Illuminati are still alive not long after the events of MoM.

  16. I can see Blackbolt just pins Thanos down while RR acts as the indestructible Cloak to completely disabled the gauntlet

  17. "Mr Fantastic body is nigh indestructible" maybe in the comics. This MoM portrayal doesn't seem to suggest so.

  18. The Eternals did? Just like in 616. It has not been elaborated on whether everything is different. We only see these characters.

  19. I think people really don’t understand the possibilities of infinite realities. Literally anything and everything is possible. The Charles Xavier we saw in MoM was not the same one we saw in any of the X-Men movies (they all died anyway). The Eternals we saw in that particular film may not be the same or have the same motivations. Branch out, guys.

  20. Would Tiamut exist in multiple realities? I could see something like a celestial only existing in one. Seems weird to have multiple versions of a celestial in the multiverse.

  21. The whole team is just Powerhouses. The smartest man alive, The most powerful telepath, A powerful Inhuman, A battle hardened Super Soldier, Captain Marvel and The Sorcerer Supreme.

  22. My guess is even though Thanos lost this battle, he pulled no punches and was fighting like he was in endgame except also equipped with 4 infinity stones.

  23. Seeing as how he is impaled with his own weapon, maybe the book gave Xavier a power boost to override the gauntlet and whatever infinity stones Thanos had, and basically do a very violent, telepathic version of “stop hitting yourself”.

  24. I guess I misinterpreted this scene but I thought Dr Strange of this universe solo’d Thanos with the Darkhold to kill him, and the Illuminati showed up after the fact to pass judgement on him for using the Darkhold?

  25. Yeah, the Illuminati specifically state that Strange didn’t find anything by dreamwalking to help against Thanos. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t still very powerful.

  26. The fight with Thanos was fought by people who were friends as opposed to a few different groups meeting for the first time. That gives the Illuminati an advantage when coming up with a plan. You can probably come up with a better plan when you know everything your team is capable of.

  27. Did the book that gives people “anything they need to defeat their enemies” give some people what they needed to defeat their enemy?

  28. Looks like Thanos was impaled by his own sword. Black Bolt, Professor X, and Caption Marvel probably led a frontal attack which gave Captain Carter the chance to disarm and stab him

  29. I think something missing, likely due to real world filming constraints, is the implied use of that world having the X-men and F4 involved possibly with some ultron bots. My own interpretation is that they had a full force to do it, but the movie only showed the Illuminati present.

  30. Strong members aside, something I’m wondering is how many stones were on Earth? 616 Thanos had an idea of who he was going up against since 2 of them were on Earth for a while along with a 3rd one briefly. At least with the Time stone, I don’t think 838 Strange is ever seen wearing the Eye of Agamotto, so the Sorcs may not even have had it, and the Space could have been on Earth but we can’t say that for certain. I mention this though because Thanos may not have had any run-ins with the Illuminati and thus would have not been able to assess their strength.

  31. The two stones on earth at the start of IW were time and mind. All the other stones are in space (space is with the asgardians, power on nova home planet, reality in knowwhere, soul on vormir). Maw taking Strange to Titan leads to the battle there.

  32. This was a pure 1 v 1 between Thanos and this Strange as seen by the blood on Strange's face but not a scratch on the others. This was to show the strength of a wielder of the book of Vishanti and the damage it can cause when used for "good". I am assuming Black Bolt teleported them there with Inhuman tech.

  33. Thematically, Infinity War Thanos was all about sacrifice. Our heroes' defeats and Thanos collecting stones are tied to a refusal to sacrifice. eg. Loki-Thor (space), Starlord-Gamora (reality), Gamora-Nebula (soul), Strange-Tony (time), Avengers & Wanda-Vision (mind)

  34. No, it was because they deemed Scarlet Witch to be no more of a threat than their Doctor Strange. They probably properly put together a strategy to fight Thanos because they deemed him a massive threat. At the end of the day, extreme arrogance was their undoing.

  35. They knew what Thanos was capable of doing but not Wanda, they tought that this Wanda was just "send red blasts and go brrr", not someone who can warp reallity at will, drain powers/energy and send demons all trought the multiverse. Also Wanda pre-WV was already powerful enough to solo Thanos. Remember "We could handle your little witch..." the Illuminati doomed themselves with their hubris...

  36. Doctor Strange used the Darkhold to find a way to win, the rest of the team used the Book of Vishanti and they defeated Thanos themselves and as we know the book gives a way to defeat your opponent. How they exactly did it is unknown.

  37. I'm wondering more about why Thanos doesn't look more beat up. Is his body and armor able to withstand Black Bolt? Was Thanos just so easy to beat that they didn't even get to the Black Bolt part of the plan that didn't involve dealing with Dr. Strange?

  38. I would like to know how they killed him because it couldn’t have been the chest stabbing because Thor did that in “our” universe. And it looks like Thanos still has most of the stones there too.

  39. Thanos had all the stones at that point though, so he was far more powered up. I do think this scene would have been cooler if instead of being stabbed through the chest, it showed Thanos' headless body and his head on the ground. (always go for the head)

  40. Strange went at it alone with the Darkhold then caused the incursion then he revealed what he had done and they all used the book is vishanti together

  41. He used the Darkhold to find for ways to kill Thanos, ultimately causing an incursion and corrupting himself in the process.

  42. I’m the movie it explicitly states that he didn’t find anything to help against Thanos but kept looking anyway.

  43. Sometimes I go use the bathroom during marvel movies and while I’m away I’m imagining something sweet like Reed making his whole self into a slingshot while everyone covers their ears and Mr Boltagon voices Thanos’ better-than-vibranium-double-sword into his own chest. And the camera pans out so you see a mysteriously linked Deadpool and Cable who are body-sliding by two in the distance, looking on, as Wade breaks the wall with “cheer up! Those could be your dead Grimace purple nutsack chins!”

  44. Seeing how worthless they all were against Wanda, the only logical explanation is Thanos was way weaker in this reality

  45. They were capable of more. The issue is that they didn't see her as a credible threat because they were arrogant and refused to listen to Dr. Strange.

  46. Maybe because they saw strange use the darkhold and didn't expect how powerful 616 wanda is plus they wouldn't be killing 616 Wanda but 838 Wanda who is innocent from all what is happening and is being controlled by her multiversal counterpart

  47. I don’t know if we watched the same fight but Wanda could’ve easily beaten thanos on her own. Thanos is the one that called in backup for that fight(I’m talking EG with this one). He literally sacrificed his troops because it was the only way for him to escape Wanda.

  48. That's not a plot hole? Wanda in IW didn't know she was the Scarlet Witch and didn't have all the knowledge she learned from the Darkhold.

  49. Wanda didn’t realize her true powers until Agatha showed her how she took control of Westview and she absorbed Agatha’s powers which made her the fully formed Scarlet Witch.

  50. This Reed Richards and a more powerfully Doctor Strange. They could have found the Ultimate Nullifier. When Reed was going to use it in the 616 universes. He could have destroyed the negative zone or at less destroy the Annihilus and the annihilation wave.

  51. maybe i missed it or forgot but, i had to rewatch it again but why do people assumed this happened right away? they can wash themselves, prep for this, remember they are illuminati, so they may have had a meeting like how dr strange of 616 went through before going to this scene. Even if one of them said right after the battle, it can still be also done after a couple of minutes or an hour and anyone can still stay right after the battle.

  52. Didn't they say strange defeated thanos with the darkhold but destroyed an entire universe in the process so they executed him for it

  53. I don't think so. He was looking at alternate futures originating from the moment he started using the Time stone on Titan. This is a whole alternate universe instead of a branching timeline. Too bad he thought the Book of Vishanti was just a myth.

  54. It's said in the movie that that universes Dr. Strange found and used the Darkhold against Thanos and became corrupted by it like Wanda. However unlike Wanda, Strange realized before it was too late and decided to allow the rest of the Illuminati kill him before he became too in powerful. The concept throughout the movie was Strange, by nature, was just as likely to be corrupted by the Darkhold as Wanda but our MCU 616 version breaks the mold and goes against his nature

  55. I assumed Strange did most of the work because of the darkhold and book of vishanti, tho It's not like the others lack power. But yeah my assumption was that it was mostly due to Strange while the others helped.

  56. Charles subdues thanos with his powers like mantis did, then Carter stabs thanos in the chest with his sword. Meanwhile strange is like “well shit, that didn’t work” and we know what happens to him next.

  57. As always, Stephen went alone, 1v1'd Thanos, and since The Book is a cheat code, it probably just picked up The Thanos Blade and stabbed him, I'm guessing The Illumanti were hanging out or got there after the battle.

  58. I’m imagining this universes Thanos is simply much stronger and actually has his Cosmic Powers from the comics. That’s the only bullshit way I can see them requiring the damn book to beat Thanos when they got BlackBolt, Charles Xavier, and Cap. Marvel. That or Thanos had the Stones already prior which evened the battle.

  59. This is the first time that I even notice Thanos in the pic! Every time I saw it, I focused on the left side of the screen

  60. Considering how powerless thanos was against 616 Captain marvel I imagine they managed to defeat him easily with 838 captain marvel on titan. If you look at both captain marvels portrayals of ability they are quite similar and equally as skilled with them.

  61. Not sure if I missed something, but in Avengers: Infinity War, doesn’t Strange look through all the realities and find they only beat thanos one way, with Tony dying using the stones against him?

  62. My theory is that Thanos killed himself because he was mindblown by the fact that Marvel got Xavier, Black Bolt and Reed Richards all in one scene. They got the rights back B!

  63. I was just about to ask this question. 838-Strange causes the destruction of entire universe in order to learn how to stop Thanos. And the final battle has Thanos just stabbed in the chest with his own sword? Apart from 838-Strange, none of the Illuminati look like they were even in the fight.

  64. They had a more experienced Strange, an Inhuman capable of destroying planets, a Captain Marvel, the smartest man in the world and the most powerful telepath.

  65. Avengers lost in infinity war because they were divided. Cap was at earth and Tony and co were fighting him on Titan that's why they lost. Meanwhile all members of illuminati were united. Hence they won.

  66. If they managed to take Thanos out before the snap, what does that mean for the events of the Eternals in their universe? Is Earth done for?

  67. This team is much more powerful and smarter than the titan team in the mcu. It’s def believable that they could take on Thanos

  68. I've seen the movie 3 times and this is the first moment I realized Thanos dead body was in the shot. How did I never see that before?

  69. I think if we were to have marvel hero’s who would you be and which off the over bearing greed tappast or illuminate would toy start with as minions. They just seem to grow

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