If Jane Foster became her own version of Thor when lifting the hammer, why didn't Steve become a Thor in Endgame?

  1. His back is Thor, his shoulders are Thor, his calves are definitely Thor, you could say, he's Thor all over.

  2. I assumed because Thor told Mjolnir to look after her and that beautiful hammer took that as let’s make her Thor. Steve was just deemed worthy by the hammer without any direction

  3. This would be the canon explanation that makes sense. The biggest reason is it would be weird if cap got Thor armor, and lame if Jane got no armor.

  4. Yeah he just changed apart of the enchantment as All-Father to make Jane an exception. Btw I loved that because it shows the first sign of Odinforce

  5. To add to this, Steve was already wearing armor but Jane wasn’t. The hammer needed to protect her so I gave her armor but that wasn’t necessary in Steve’s case

  6. another reason could be that steve didn't want any armor because he had his suit but if he wanted the armor then, he would've appeared in a thor like armor with mjolnir. remember thor sometimes appears in a armor without any sleeves which means he can switch to sleeves on or off whenever he wants.

  7. I think Steve just didn’t think or care to upgrade his outfit upon receiving the power up. Jane was very aware of Thor’s ability to change clothes using his powers and was very concerned about how she appeared as a hero and even wanted to find the perfect catch phrase so changing clothes would be a high priority for her I feel.

  8. The version of the hammer in End Game was prior to the enchantment is my assumption. Especially since its the hammer from Thor: The Dark World

  9. also, he totally wielded the powers of Thor, even if his physical appearance didn't change. He still managed to cast lightning bolt!

  10. That moment where Steve dramatically posed with the hammer, that was actually him having a mental conversation with Mjolnir.

  11. How come when Thor picks it up his clothes never change until he wants them to? Questions like these are usually the simplest answer.

  12. I think this hits upon the right answer. The costume is optional. Cap probably could have gotten a new outfit from it if he'd wanted to, but he would have had other things on his mind at the moment.

  13. And also the most unnecessary. These are the kinds of answers to turn to wikis for. Besides, I don't think that there's nothing stating that Jane *isn't* controlling to have an immediate costume switch. I'd want to change asap if I was here too.

  14. On that topic, I've said it before and i'll say it again, my ONE wish to be added to Endgame was Cap asking for "a little help" from the allfathers and lightning hitting him and giving him a super old fashioned scaled armor cap uniform with the big wings on the helmet. Just felt like such a missed opportunity!

  15. Plus jane's literally a scientist, she definitely experimented a bit. She'd not been mighty thor long and she could do that little mjolnir splitting up trick. I don't remember if in the movie we see her suited up in a "when I first picked up the hammer" moment?

  16. Yeah this is what I figured. One of Thor’s abilities is instant wardrobe changes. I’m sure if Cap wanted to look like Thor he could have.

  17. I think it might have something to do with the promise Thor swore Mjolnir too - that the hammer would do anything to protect Jane. Allowing Jane to physically become Thor gave her a healthier appearance while in costume - even if ultimately, the powers ended up harming her. With Cap, all he needed from the hammer was something to lob at Thanos - to save Thor.

  18. Technically if Mjolnir was following Thor’s instructions to protect Jane, it wouldn’t have activated at all and exposed her to its radiation or whatever was accelerating the cancer.

  19. He was a thor. “Whosoever holds this hammer, If he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor” then cap uses the lightning. It’s captain America why would he change out of his Stars and Stripes mid fight just to “look” like a Thor.

  20. He does kind of change his appearance though- his uniform/suit has scales after the hammer scene. His original is more flat leather.

  21. I’d argue that Jane only knew the Hammer as a source of Thor so it kind of adapted to her thoughts and desires. Meanwhile Captain America wasn’t seeking to be Thor

  22. There's no indication that Vision actually received any powers from it, though. He may have gotten the elevator exception to allow picking it up, and just used it as a handy nearly-indestructible weapon to bludgeon Ultron.

  23. He did, he called the lightning! The hammer just knew he already looked badass and didn’t need to look like a viking.

  24. I think anyone offering other explanations has to be joking or kidding themselves. This is the real reason right here. All that other stuff is just people's head canon.

  25. Steve was using what he felt he needed. Does he strike you as the kind of guy who worries about his clothes in the middle of watching someone try and impale his friend?

  26. Steve picked up the hammer and became captain America wielding a hammer. Jane picked up the hammer and became the mighty thor. Simple as that

  27. I imagine it's because being able to lift the hammer wasn't enough to empower Jane. She was going through chemo and Steve was a super soldier. She needed to be empowered for her to be able to be Thor.

  28. You can summon the outfit if you wish to. Cap never liked capes nd ol. As he said in first Avengers "There's only one God, ma'am. And I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that." He never liked such outfits.

  29. I'm sure he could've if he wanted. Thor used it plenty of times without putting the suit on. Picking it up doesn't mean lightning and clothes are going to start shooting out of the hammer uncontrollably.

  30. Im pretty sure cap could’ve done that if he wanted to, he just chose to stick with his standard uniform

  31. Because Thor tells Mjolnir in part 2 to take care of Jane, and when she gets near the hammer, it s recognise her and makes the best choice ever . It s transforming her in Thor lady.

  32. Because the entire Thor love and thunder script was just slapped together without one second of thought

  33. Cause mjolnir had different commands for Jane. Thor asked to protect her and save her so she had to be a Thor to be powerful and stuff. Steve just got the power of Thor

  34. I have a simple answer for you: retconning and bad writing. Odin did specify that “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” So technically Steve should have had the power of Thor, cape and Armour included. We do see him summon lightening in Endgame but he is no where near as OP as Jane's Mighty Thor or regular Thor.

  35. Because the plot for Thor LT was ASS. No thought for the plot continuity of the MCU when writing the script. That shit BURIES FRANCHISES

  36. I deny the scene where Thor gives the hammer any instructions regarding Jane and have decided that it was Korg making assumptions or filling in the story as he saw fit and Steve didn't become Thor because Steve is enough. He didn't extra strength, because he has it. He didn't need a suit, he had one. He just needed the power of the hammer and he got that.

  37. I mean it's not based on MCU laws but Wonder Woman did get the asgardian treatment once she got a hold of it. I say Steve should've too but they felt his classic look was more marketable

  38. The only real problem is that a thunder clapping Spider-Man or and thunder punching hulk would of help in a large way to fight off Thanos. So I guess it is hard for him to share his powers maybe?

  39. What's funny is even in the comics when people pick up the hammer 90% get a thor costume there is a very small group that doesn't Cap is one of those.

  40. That’s also the Mjolnir that Thor brought back from his time travel back to the middle of “Thor: The Dark World”. The Jane enchantment happened after the events of the movie, so Jane gets a costume from a later Mjolnir. Different instructions or measures of worthiness maybe?

  41. Steve lifted it because of Odin’s worthiness enchantment. Jane lifted it because Thor enchanted the hammer to specifically protect Jane. Completely different spells at play.

  42. He was already wearing scaly armor and he already had blonde hair. Mjolnir looked at it and said alright he's good.

  43. Jane didn't pick it up because she's worthy, she picked it up because it was ordered to look after her. The kids at the end didn't become Thor either.

  44. i’ve been wondering this exactly, but i assume it symbolizes that Steve’s Captain America is on a level equal to Thor to begin with. vision didnt become thor when he lifted mjolnir, and jane was a mere human before mjolnir. both vision and cap were potentially on Thor’s level when they lifted mjolnir. one can hypothetically be more worthy than Thor himself as well.

  45. Mjolnir gives the wielder the power of Thor. In addition to the typical powers of gods, i.e. super strength, thunder, etc., Thor has the power to dress however he feels, whenever he feels like it. He can magically put his outfit on and off as he pleases.

  46. I think it's all about manifestation. Thor have changed this attire however he wants it. So if Steve wanted it he could have done just chose to stay himself rather.

  47. Because writing across the MCU isn't always consistent. They break their own rules all the time. It's best not to take it all so seriously, because at the end of the day the answer is almost always human error.

  48. Jane was basing her look specifically on Thor due to her love for him and wanting to be a superhero herself, so she copied his look.

  49. The hammer trust Steve to let it used but it does mean it chose him to become a Thor in game’s multiple heros try to lift the hammer not even the hulk could lift the hammer only Thor or someone who can trust like Steve roger but it’s not mean Steve is worthy

  50. The Hammer wraps the wielder in what they envision as a heroic outfit. Thor's vision of a heroic outfit was formed by his Asgardian upbringing. Jane's vision of a heroic outfit was formed through her time with Thor. Steve Rogers vision of a heroic outfit was what he was wearing at the time.

  51. In Love and Thunder, Thor invokes the Odin-force or whatever when speaking to his hammer. He asks Mjolnir to always protect Jane and afterwards a rune is engraved on it's surface.

  52. Did… did you watch the movie? Thor enchants Mjolnir to protect Jane. That’s why she becomes Mighty Thor, and Vision and Steve Rogers don’t.

  53. He kinda did tho didnt he. I mean he pulled the lightning from the sky and used it he just chose to stay fresh in his captain americas suit because it made his ass look good.

  54. I would say Steve was worthy, Jane was technically not. She used the hammer because it was granted to her by Thor so it compensated by giving her the armor.

  55. If you remember, that hammer is from the Thor Dark World period which was before Thor put an enchantment on it to protect Jane. It's the same hammer as in Thor 1 when Odin enchants it, with giving the power of Thor.

  56. Mjolnir has an emergency loophole in the enchantment allowing heroes, not entirely worthy, use of the hammer and it's powers. No transformation required. Superman used it and cap's shield in a crossover and didn't transform because of this loophole.

  57. Bruh did you not watch the movie??? There was a whole scene where he put a protection like seal on Mjolnir for Jane

  58. Steve ultimately I've always felt found himself worthy in Endgame more then the hammer finding him worthy. Also in L&T it very much seems like a conscious decision by Jane vs it just happening.

  59. I think cause she was dying so the new bod was a necessity, as for cap.. my boy got that serum flowing lmao

  60. Because the hammer Cap had was Thor’s from the Dark World still, before Thor had enchanted it to specifically protect anyone else. Cap’s hammer only had Odin’s enchantment on it at this point.

  61. Because Cap already has a cool costume, and Mjolnir respects it? Total missed opportunity to add the classic wing motifs to his helmet, though.

  62. Didn't he though? He got the power of Thor. To Steve that is the only difference between them. The rest is a costume. To Jane there is a great deal of significance to that costume, enough that she wouldn't feel like a Thor without it.

  63. It was explained somewhere or I dreamed this one but I remember something about Asgard needing a Guard holding Thor's power, so Mjolnir chose closest person to him to give them power of Thor to protect New Asgard

  64. Thor has the power to create an outfit on command, that’s what Jane did. Cap likely couldve done the same, and simply chose not to.

  65. I'm surprised no one mentioned that Hammer is not from their timeline. So maybe that has something to do with it...or cause Cap with the powers of Thor would wreck Thanos.

  66. Would’ve been funny if fat Thor, while getting his ass handed to him by Thanos, suddenly became naked and Capt. becomes Thor. Just a naked, fat Thor, there, like WTF

  67. After getting his ass kicked by Thanos for awhile, you can bet Cap was definitely feeling pretty Thor

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