Only the best

  1. In me1 garrus or tali will be in 90 percent of my missions In me 2 Miranda grunt and garrus are the best In me 3 I swear garrus is a part of every single mission I do

  2. I always choose garrus and tali since they're the only one whose with you throughout the whole trilogy.

  3. Love this duo in ME1 but unfortunately Tali is pretty garbage against anything other than Geth for ME2 and 3 (at least when playing hardcore and insanity)

  4. Which class do you play? I almost always go Adept, sometimes Vanguard. Miranda was a must have all through ME2, usually paired with Thane or Grunt, sometimes swapped out for Mordin. ME3 was almost exclusively Liara and EDI. I was so surprised to see how disliked EDI is as a squadmate! ME was Wrex plus Tali or Garrus.

  5. I always feel bad for the crew members who aren’t on my varsity squad. They just have to stand around all day with their tablets and pretend to look busy during work hours, all the while secretly hoping to get chosen for a mission, a day that will never come.

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