A schizophrenic person trying to stop the voice in his head

  1. Implying mods do anything here. I remember a mod literally reposting one of the top posts of the sub. Same title and all.

  2. I was about to comment the same. It would be difficult to do it on someone's skull (I suppose). It would be even more difficult to do it to your own.

  3. Yeah, stick your hand out above your head, it's barely 45cm away. You have 10cm of space to build up speed and force to penetrate, with that awkward angle in your elbow. No shot.

  4. This is supposed to be a sub for real medical cases, not poorly photoshopped fake images. Especially gross to bring a very real and painful mental illness into it just for some karma.

  5. This sub will be banned for being unmoderated sooner or later. This is why, subs without moderation become bot harvests for spammers to create accounts with "organic looking histories" to sell to advertisers and astroturfers later. They love subs like this because they get no resistance.

  6. Medical here. He would definitely be intubated paralyzed and sedated with an injury like this. Especially for diagnostic imagine. Note there is no tube or airway on the X-ray. Lots of things

  7. Adding to this comment: knife is missing the pins that hold on a handle, and there’s no shadow of a handle at all, so I’m guessing that is also missing, making it damned hard to hold on to. Naw, this is just a Halloween poster.

  8. Does not surprise me at all. I was helping someone with academic research a while back and the number of journal articles about how to stop patients pulling out their own eyes and cutting out their tongues under the influence of command hallucinations was horrifying.

  9. I don’t have hallucinations but I definitely have intrusive thoughts and a consistent one I have is anytime something on my body hurts my mind is always like “cut it out”

  10. I haven't had command hallucinations but as an amphetamine addict I used to hallucinate bugs under my skin and I've inflicted some gnarly injuries on myself. Nothing like this X-ray, however I skinned most of my left hand and pretty big patches of my body, and went digging in my abdomen past the subcutaneous fat. Psychosis is some scary fucking shit and I'm incredibly grateful to be clean.

  11. When overdosing on 25I-NBOMe I tried very hard to unhinge my jaw to press a hidden button behind the joint that would wake me up from the simulation; all the while not feeling pain.

  12. It's not sad because it isn't real. It's literally a Halloween prop and OP is a scumbag who uses mental illness to farm Reddit karma.

  13. It’s impossible for someone to put a knife through someones skull much less their own i mean maybe if you have superhuman strength

  14. Medizzy is currently on a steady derail away from gnarly medical science and towards just edgy, gnarly gore stuff.

  15. this post is fake but I did find a PubMed article about a woman who shoved a rag down her throat and subsequently choked to death bc the voices were coming from there.

  16. Hello moderation? Obvious fake post. $100 to anybody who has enough strength to actually do this... because you can't. I used to be a chef, it's not that easy to penetrate bone, even with a sharp/pointy chef knife. You don't have this strength in your elbow joint to awkwardly plunge into your own forehead. The angles are all kinds of stupid.

  17. The thing about medical subreddits is that they can only be moderated by hobbyists since hours are crazy for workers

  18. When I was growing up there was a guy in our neighborhood who was schizophrenic and did this exact thing. He lived but lost his vision. Poor guy. I remember him wearing a suit, cummerbund and tie to walk his dog. He didn’t do that after the “accident” but he was happier afterwards. At least that’s what his mom said 🤷‍♀️.

  19. Unless they removed the handle the rivets would be radiopaque and show up on this image. Also the trajectory is a little too... what is word... photogenic. Only doctoring going here is the image

  20. Person also has an impacted lower wisdom tooth , also at what point as a medical professional do you give up on treatment for a patient like this?

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