1. That I am aware of, I have not yet had it. And the amount of exposure I've had to it, is fucking insane. I've been thinking "any day now" for 2 years.

  2. Same. Ive been out with friends, and they would get it, and I wouldnt. At this point im treating it like a game, see how long I could go without getting it haha.

  3. I only ever get ear infections. Never got COVID. Haven't had a cold in years, haven't had the flu in a damn decade. No idea why, maybe it's because I was always sick as a kid.

  4. Been 23 years since I had the flu. My dad didn’t get sick either from time he was 30 till they shamed him into getting flu shots and now he gets the flu once or twice a year like most other people. He did not get Covid though and refused the flu shots last couple years and has been healthy just turned 88.

  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one that knows the truth... nicee😅, but same I’ve never gotten it but it’s all abt keeping your immune system up bc it’s the flu, and according to Joe COVID has been over so I’m glad too😭

  6. I'm extraverted and worked an "essential job". Until this summer I was a close contact every week, got tested from daily to weekly in the end. Nothing. Yet. I'm pretty sure I'll get it when it's all forgotten.

  7. Stop trying to make me feel better about myself. I can’t be seen or in a building with more than 5 strangers without having a full body itch and hot flashes. It’s honestly surprising that I haven’t attacked someone like a monke.

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