1. They are so full of preservatives you could probably keep them on the car dashboard in the tropics and they wouldn’t rot

  2. It's not "preservatives" it's just fuck loads of salt. The preservative is salt. Not some evil nazi experimental science lab chemical. Salt. How do you think beef jerky is made?

  3. Yeah, food poisoning is the least of their worries. What ever money they save of delivery fees will be paid tenfold in healthcare bills from eating that much fast food

  4. McDonald's food has enough sodium that it barely rots. I think that shit would be OK if you left that burger on the dashboard of your car in July For a week and Stull be okay.

  5. The FDA says cooked meat will last 4 days, but they also tell you to cook poultry to 165. The advice in both cases is oversimplified. Poultry pasteurizes in just a minute at 155. No need to take it too well done.

  6. if we are talking about McDonalds, it wont go bad even if it is in the fridge for 2 weeks. The bread gets soggy, but it can be avoided if you put them in ziploc bags.

  7. Theres low moisture and high preservatives. Of you ate all the burgers in a week timespan and they were frozen as soon as you got home, there is little extra risk from food poisoning.

  8. Nope. If they prepared it improperly such that you should get food poisoning, the first round would likely be the most dangerous. Then it's up to you to refrigerate it and reheat it to safe temperatures. If it's reheated to above 165° for more than 15 seconds you'd kill off 90% of anything that could have been dangerous, the quality will just suffer the longer it sits around. Depending on what was growing in the food you might get trace poisonous remains, but most rotten food isn't dangerous if cooked, it just tastes bad.

  9. I cannot imagine how people eat like that every day. Don’t you start feeling bloated and sick after a certain point?

  10. hey man when youre so short on money that youre trying to save on delivery, disgusting no longer plays a factor. - sincerely, every uni student

  11. hi, i know you probably didn’t mean it maliciously, but your comment is pretty ignorant. have you taken into account people who can’t afford consistent, proper, or healthy meals? or those those with limited safe foods?

  12. Does he not understand how refrigeration works? They won’t be at their best after a few days, but food poising even after 5-7 is unlikely. Now I can’t say eating 20 burgers a week is advisable from a health perspective, but who knows. Some people with the right genes can do this shit their whole lives and live to be 100.

  13. Honestly, if you eat 20 McDonald's burgers a week you have bigger health concerns than eating them after a few days

  14. I mean, from a nutritional prospective. The hamburger is one of the most nutritionally complete items on the menu. Add French fries and a sugar drink to the equation and now it’s unhealthy.

  15. An Army buddy of mine had a soldier under his command in the mid 1980s who couldn't budget his money. He had to take an advance every month so he could feed his wife and kid so my buddy budgeted for him and gave him 200 dollars for food for the month. The guy went to Burger King and bought a month's worth of hamburgers and fries and froze them to feed his family.

  16. Bro could’ve gotten so much ground beef/buns/frozen fries or potatoes for that $200 especially back in the 80’s. Dude was still being an idiot

  17. I am bothered that he met married and reproduced with another person who also didn’t understand what a grocery store was.

  18. Not seeing a great risk. Burgers are fully cooked already and as long as they're refrigerated properly they should be fine for couple of days.

  19. Taste aside, 20 cheeseburgers in a week? 7 days, 3 meals a day is only 21 meals. Maybe reheat them while in a hospital cafeteria, cuz you're gonna need medical treatment soon enough.

  20. to get food posioning you'd have to have consumed food. If a mcdonald's burger can sit in a glass jar and not even go mouldy after 10 years, you're safe.

  21. Why would food poisoning be an issue? The burgers would be just fine in the fridge for 5 days. Even at 7 they should still be ok, just a little dry.

  22. What's really shocking here is that someone actually eats 20 cheeseburgers per week. They must look like a fuel tanker viewed from behind!

  23. Worst food poising I ever had was from Wendy’s. Hour after eating I was shitting and then came simultaneous violent shitting and projectile vomiting. Next week was just feeling terrible. Nothing to do with door dash just thought you all would like the story.

  24. 20 cheeseburgers Randy, you ate 20 cheeseburgers. You promised me this would never happen again.

  25. These burgers are full of preservatives and what not. I don't think they can even go bad that fast. Once I had a burger from McDonalds and like 2 days later, it was still edible and even tasted the exact same. It was just dry that's all

  26. When I did my military service (I'm from a country with conscription), a guy brought seven McD cheeseburgers to a seven-day field exercise. He ate one each day, and was perfectly fine after.

  27. One of my teachers had a tale of how she dormed for 4 years straight in college in the same place. In her first year someone left a Big Mac somewhere and when they moved out she found it and while it didn't look great, it wasn't spoiled either...

  28. In elementary school, I had a classmates who ran an experiment on how long burgers last from different fast food chains. McDonalds was on the list. After 108 days the burger and fries looked almost identical to day 1. A little shriveled but didn’t look rotten or anything

  29. He won’t get food poisoning assuming he’s properly refrigerating them. Will it be good? No. But you won’t get food poisoning from it.

  30. Also to his credit, it a McDonald's cheeseburger, basically artificial and full of preservatives, those things will past week's in a hot car and still be fine to eat

  31. Yeah i Think I’ve seen a video of a McDonald’s hamburger that she stored for I think 15 or 20 years and there weren’t even mold on it

  32. They'd get dry but not make you sick unless they were bad in the first place. I've gotten sick off "fresh" McDonald's before as is

  33. My brother in law use to keep McDonald’s sausage biscuits under the seat of his car for breakfast for a few days. Never got sick lol.

  34. I saw a video of an old lady that kept McDonald’s food locked away for 20 or 40 years and it hadn’t decomposed at all, it only looked stale

  35. It is properly cooked through and stored in the fridge. Also it dries up which preserves it even more. Before reheating add a bit of water to "steam" it. Should be safe to eat.

  36. I had an employee once who bought five McDonald’s hamburgers each weekend and brought them for her lunches throughout the week. She was in her 70s, that was several years ago, and she’s still kicking around just fine.

  37. Former biologist here. The only way to do this is to immediately freeze them and reheat to 165 degrees before eating then. Frozen they should be good for about a month.. Refrigerator 1 to 2 days, assuming a through reheat

  38. back in the early 2000s McDonalds had this thing where their regular generic "cheese burger" was like 34 cents. and i think a hamburger was even less.

  39. My grandma bought Big Macs on sale and froze them for later. She died following complications after a cancerous mass was removed from her colon. Probably totally unrelated..

  40. My SO thinks that you can just cook spoiled food and it’ll “kill all the bad stuff”. I do most of the cooking now

  41. I remember a guy from high school who ate cheeseburger that sat for a week in a locker. That didn’t kill him but he didn’t make it out of his 20’s

  42. Wasn't there that one person who kept a McDonald's burger in their closet and multiple decades later the burger was still completely fine?

  43. I feel like you could rub a McDonald’s burger on food that would poison you and the chemicals in the burger would kill the germs

  44. When I was a kid McDonald’s would do 4 cheeseburgers for a dollar. Everytime we would go spend a weekend at my uncles house he would go buy $10 worth of cheeseburgers and fill a drawer on the refrigerator. We never got sick and he didn’t have to listen to 4 kids bothering him because they wanted a snack.

  45. With the preservatives he's probably fine. I worked there and the cheese is borderline plastic with it never molding despite supposedly being cheese. Lol. The issue is eating that much McDonalds in a week probably isn't particularly good.

  46. I relate there was a time roughly full years ago or more that I used to do the same thing but that was mostly because I was poor as f***. In fact I'm probably even full and with all the inflation this is why I no longer even get to do that.

  47. My brother was feeding me quite often when we were younger and on Tues and Thur it was .29 cent and .39 cent burgers that we’d eat for a few days.

  48. If I’m going on a solo road trip and I know I’m gonna be on the road for a few days, I’ll buy an extra large pizza and just eat it as I drive lol usually lasts a couple days and saves money and time

  49. Where is the burger encased in epoxy resin that was being posted on reddit? Just remembered that the updates was helping me keep track of the passing time for a bit.

  50. Dude I use to do that for the work week. I would order like 20 burgers. Set it one on the dash when I got to the job site had a warm yummy burger at lunch time.

  51. back in the mid 90s, while living for a bit in Moscow, I used to buy McDonald's cheese burgers in batches. I'd take them home, separate the buns from the patties, then freeze them. It was way cheaper than buying frozen burgers (and western food items) at Stockmann.

  52. My sister in law once ate a burger that was at the bottom of her purse for God knows how long that she forgot about until one day she cleaned out her purse....

  53. I found one under the seat of a used car I bought once. Not sure how long it was there. It looked like it was basically fresh except it was hard as a rock. I don’t think they are actual food tbh 😂

  54. He makes me feel good about my diet, and I basically eat sandwiches and sweets since she left me My breakfast today was apple licor and a cigarette

  55. … does this guy think that the original poster just keeps the food out on the table the entire time? Like dude there’s this handy new invention called a refrigerator

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