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  1. Kate Winslet took her son to see an anniversary showing of the Titanic and had forgotten about her nude scene.

  2. Me too lol. My girlfriend and I had a conversation not too long ago about how it would be so weird being an actor and being forced to have a romantic scene with a s/o already

  3. My ex gf once told me when she started an art college: “you do realise I’ll be sculpting dicks of real people soon?”

  4. As a former theater kid, it’s all professional and no one makes it weird, it’s just part of the job. And especially since lots of actors are married to other actors they wouldn’t even think twice about it

  5. It certainly takes a high level of comfortability as it’s definitely not the societal norm. There’s pornstars with significant others and I truly can’t imagine that type of relationship lifestyle. But hey if you can accept that person for who they are and not mind them getting absolutely throated and gangbanged while you’re at home cutting the grass and marinating chicken then more power to you I guess?

  6. Slight tangent— It’s always seemed weird to me that you could marry someone but then essentially let someone else pay you to dry hump a random actor.

  7. sex scenes are edited. That's why most sex scenes are very close shot, it's not to not show their genitals, it's to not show that they are not actually doing anything, they're just doing the gestures and movements, but no penetration actually happens. Unless we're talking about porn of course, then it's just their partner really not giving a fuck at all, which honestly, is some big dick energy.

  8. Funny Lord of the Rings story. At the end of Retutn of the King, Sam gets married to a hobbit named Rosie. Sean Astin, who played Sam, was super uncomfortable because his wife hated when he shot kissing scenes. He was having a hard time smiling at the camera for the shot where the newlyweds are being all happy and stuff. So, to get him to smile, Viggo Mortensen took Billy Boid behind the camera and kissed him full on the mouth. I love Viggo Mortensen.

  9. literally i thought this was just a joke like one of those fake 'and he was filming the whole time' bits but holy fucking shit its actually true what the fuck

  10. Idk how they do it lol. It makes me uncomfortable knowing someone will be making out with my partner. Even if it's their job.

  11. Tbh they get paid millions of dollars. I’m sure all that millions of dollars help them sleep better at night lol.

  12. i'd only be comfortable doing it in two conditions: if i already had my first kiss with my hypothetical SO by the time of my role and if my hypothetical SO would be completely ok with it. Good thing is i'll never experience it, cause acting is only for the rich where i live and i'll only get an SO when i'm in my 50's lol

  13. I do theatre (as a hobby) and, while I've never had to kiss someone for a show and none of my partners have either, I don't think that I would be uncomfortable. It's called acting because they have to act like they have something there.

  14. Why though? If you trust your partner and know them well enough to know that it's completely meaningless to them, why should it effect you at all? I just truly can't understand that level of jealousy.

  15. You should see the interview of John Krasinski meeting Matt Damon right after filming a kissing scene with Emily Blunt for The Adjustment Bureau, hilarious insight into this topic

  16. There was also a scene in Revolutionary Road where Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet are doing it. Kate Winslet’s now ex-husband but back then he was her husband who was the director and he had to leave and he couldn’t even watch the scene. And then Kate Winslet won best actress in the Golden Globe Awards? For that movie and I remember thinking how she thanked her husband and how she thanked Leo and it was so weird. It sounded like she loved Leo more and she just thanked her husband coz she kinda had to.

  17. You know they got Chris Hemsworth's wife to fill in for Jane Foster for the scene where she kisses Thor. Lots of respect there.

  18. IIRC they stacked up 5 different women for Chris to choose from to kiss for a kissing scene because Natalie was absent. But he said something along the lines of "But hey I've got my wife here. Why can't I just kiss her instead?"

  19. This is nothing to the partners of pornstars. This is what I really don't understand, like imagine the husband/wife telling their partner to have a good fucking session and come back safely after fucking another person other than me.

  20. My late husband and I were very active in the local community theatre scene, and a few years ago we did a show together and he had to watch me kiss another man in stage all through a 4 week rehearsal period and then the three weekends the show ran.

  21. Yep... this is also a major reason that pornstars usually date within the industry, to the rest of the population sex is something intimate and personal, but to them, when the camera is rolling it's just a job and it can be only others in the industry who understand that.

  22. Sex can still be intimate for pornstars, not just the rest of the population. It's true that they have sex for a living, and that it isn't intimate. That doesn't mean that they can't have intimate sex with an actual partner. As you said, when the camera is rolling it's a job, that doesn't mean that they have the same view of sex when they're actually at home having sex with someone they care about. Then it's no longer a job after all.

  23. Fun fact: Jennifer Lawrence insisted on getting drunk before her sex scene with Chris Pratt in the movie ‘Passengers’ because she did not want to be conscious during the action as she felt bad for Chris Pratt’s wife

  24. My parents were actors, and apparently the first time me and my brother (we were around 6/8 years old) saw dad kissing someone on stage we immediately both looked at our mother, absolutely scandalised and shocked.

  25. “She just doesn’t kiss the same since she got married.” - Bill Cosby speaking about Phylicia Rashad while filming The Cosby Show

  26. Tbh, I loved the horror movie, "A Quiet Place" partly because the main two characters are married irl. The romance feels a lot more real and suits their roles better.

  27. Kirk Cameron always has his wife be the body double to his on-screen partner in kissing scenes. He's the real hero.

  28. Also, in the comics right now, Wolverine is bisexual, he lives with Scott and Jean in their new home with their son who time traveled from the future, there are no doors with Jean, Scott, and Wolverine’s entrances being connected, and Jean enjoys sleeping with both of them. Kinky threesomes. Poor Cyclops is the only one struggling a tiny tad bit while the other two enjoy it fully.

  29. It’s more likely that constant exposure to stardom makes actors much more arrogant and disconnected from real relationships.

  30. I mean, what you don't see in movies is the huge team of camera men, sound engineers, prop team, etc, that are surrounding the actors. The kisses/sex scenes are not the least bit real or sexy to the actors.

  31. I have a friend who is has been in a fair bit of stuff in Australia. Never really broke out in the US. It is has def been a stress on some of her previous relationships, even ruined a few. She’s now married to one of the most chill, content fellas I know. Doesn’t faze him in the slightest. They are married with kids now

  32. Remember in Always Sunny when Charlie makes out with Alexandria Daddario in front of the Waitress? Being Charlie Day must be ROUGH but someone had to make the sacrifice.

  33. I've done a little acting. There's nothing there. You're focused on making it look good at the right angle that you may as well be kissing their wrist.

  34. i always think of blake lively and penn badgely who dated on their show and off their show. in real life when they broke up, their characters got back together and eventually married. like imagine having to do that

  35. As a famous Hollywood actress in my nightly daydreamings, I can tell you that my acting career is the sole instigator of most of my imaginary failed marriages.

  36. I am convinced that if their partners are not actors too they are okay with it because of the few millions of dollars per movie.

  37. Eh. I’ve done acting classes and shows with people that I’ve dated or had big crushes on before, and honestly if they’re doing a romantic scene with another person it doesn’t bother me at all. Most of us know how to separate acting and reality and we’re all just paying attention to the work someone is putting into it.

  38. So this was something I was genuinely curious about at one point. Even though they’re actors do they talk to their spouse about it?

  39. It can be worse because in Monster’s Ball, Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton have real sex on camera.

  40. I think it’d be similar to how porn actors and actresses can have perfectly stable relationships. Just because you’re making out with someone or having sex with them doesn’t mean you love them.

  41. Well Hollywood is filled with the worst degenerates on earth so this shouldn’t bother them too much

  42. For anyone wondering how they cope with this, most of these situations are one-upped by unknown infidelity that the actors and their spouses commit, and also cocaine.

  43. this is why a lot of actors prefer to be in relationships with other actors because they understand the field and what comes with it. i remember seeing two broadway actors that were dating and in an interview they agreed that it’s way better to be in that same industry cuz they understand it comes with the turf and they both gotta do it sometimes.

  44. This is why a quiet place is one step ahead, the father and mother are married irl (and the father is the director to so that’s cool) so they can kiss and it isn’t weird

  45. I gripped on an extremely low budget slasher movie and the handsome victim character brought his real life gf to set. We needed an extra hand so she ended up holding the boom mic while he made out with the actress playing his character’s gf. Didn’t go well at all, lots of tears and an extremely awkward vibe.

  46. Fun fact: Lin Manuel Miranda's wife would boo at the kissing scene in helpless earning her weird looks in the theater

  47. Unless they just marry another Actor, as is the case at least 99% of the time and they just fucking get it.

  48. Partners of actors does not need to see the movie right? Also money Is a huge factor, i believe they dont mind if their partner gets a few millions out of a movie.

  49. Anyone ever notice how many beautiful actresses Adam Sandler has kissed in his career? I.E. Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and others? Apparently his wife Jackie is very critical of his romantic scenes and will actually scold him if she feels he didn't do a good job of it. He and Drew actually mentioned this during an interview with Ellen.

  50. Being an actor in those roles must give some of them a true kick. “I can be in a relationship AND BASICALLY CHEAT AND LIKE IT!”

  51. Any Judd Apatow movie comes to mind.. his wife (Leslie Mann?) Had a whole Masturbation scene in 40yo virgin, kisses paul rudd THROUGHOUT knocked up.. and on and on and on

  52. I wonder if that one actress in "9 songs" was married/had boyfriend at the time. If that was the case... Oh boy!

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